How to Set Up Wildgame Innovations Camera

You may think it’s a tough job to set up as it is quite different from the normal camera. Don’t be scared, it’s not complicated. All you need to know is the exact features and shooting mode of Wildgame Innovations Camera. Thus, you will be able to operate your camera accordingly. We will help you to get the job done easily. Let’s see how to set up a trail camera from Wildgame Innovations –

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Step 1– Take all the Items out of the box and to avoid losing any parts of the camera put all of them on a clean surface. Check out the instruction book if something is missing from the box. Trail cameras of Wildgame Innovations come with an instruction book and cord. You have to collect all the things you need if there is no cord and screw with the camera to hang it.

Step 2- Already you have chosen your desired place and decided what you want to shoot. Now, decide where you want to place the camera to get your desired photos.

Selecting the area according to the range of your camera will allow you to get the perfect images and videos. So, check out the instruction book to know the range of the gadget. We suggest you look at the location whether it will serve your purpose or not before placing it. For better images and videos, it should be faced in the direction of the trail.

Step 3- Put batteries in the camera to start its program. Open up the bottom cap of the camera and there is a battery compartment. You need 8 batteries for 4 sections (2 in each section). Put the flat side of the battery down in the first and last sections for batteries. And the rest two sections are vice versa. Close the battery compartment. In the case of rechargeable batteries, charge them fully. Insert the SD card in the slot properly.

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Step 4- Push the power button and start programming. Set the date/ time, flash settings, trigger frequency, trigger speed, and timer by pressing the buttons of your camera.

If you want to use your trail camera for hunting, then you have to aim for the animals from far away by following the animal. Using time-lapse mode and trail mode will allow you to get a better image automatically when it is programmed.

Trail mode allows the camera to activate automatically when it notices any movement in its detection zone. To take sample images, you can set the interval mode periodically.

Step 5- Now find a high and secure place to mount the camera preferably a tree. Some models come with a strap to affix the camera. If your model doesn’t have that, then you have to buy some micro screws and wires which you will get in any hardware shop.

Ready-made stages are also available for trail cameras. Fasten a leash strap all over your camera and the tree. Online video tutorials are great to mount your camera.

It should be fastened securely, so it won’t move and can take clear images. Professionals suggest mounting the camera facing either north or south to avoid the glare of the sun. Direct heat from the sun affects the image quality, even you can get blank images.

Overheating can also shut your camera off. Using a case will secure the camera, otherwise, hide it with some leaves. Don’t cover the lens. Though most of the cameras are camouflage type to keep them hidden. Take protection from thieves and animals.

Step 6- Next step is testing the camera. To get your desired photos, testing the camera with various settings is very important. Take random pictures day and night and check them to get perfect settings.

Troubleshooting the camera

Display Troubleshooting

You will face the most common problem of the trail camera with the LCD. When you are pushing the power button, nothing happens on the camera screen, or its display doesn’t get light. Although it turns on, the image looks dull.

If you are new to this problem, don’t be scared that your camera is gone. Relax, it can be fixed with these simple steps-

  • Just removing the memory card and putting that back in the camera is an easy solution for the black display. Formatting the SD card and resetting the camera can also be a quick solution to your LCD problem. Sometimes SD/memory cards lock the whole camera.
  • Another cause of black or blurry displays is the camera’s battery. Check the batteries whether it has sufficient charge or not. Replace or charge the batteries, if it’s outdated or out of charge.

The problem with Saving Photo

You happily set your trail camera to capture your desired photos and roam around. Several hours later when you check your camera and see that there are no pictures, it’s all empty. You may feel ruined or want to break everything down. No, let’s check out the quick fix for the issue.

  • Full SD card- In this case, you are fortunate. Solve this problem by deleting some photos and videos to make space or formatting the memory card. Few models of Wildgame Innovations cameras don’t show the indication of memory full status. When the memory is full, it stops taking/ saving photos and videos.
  • Inappropriate SD card- It’s a little difficult to understand this problem because you have used an inappropriate memory card. Because it would take as well as save photos but as a corrupted or invalid file. Perhaps, your SD card is compatible with DLSR /SLR cameras. It’s wise to use a memory card that comes with trail cameras.
  • Last but not least, make sure that the memory card is placed according to the slot. Photos won’t be stored if the SD card isn’t attached in the right place.
  • I hope your problem has been solved now. If not, then try again by formatting the card.

Battery Problems

It occurs when you are using a rechargeable battery. In a few days, the charge of each battery varies.

After long use, the variation of the charge affects the performance of the camera. The existing alkaline level is another reason for reduced battery performance.

These are two common reasons for the low battery as well as camera performance. Charging and replacing the batteries are two easy solutions to this problem.

Detection problem

When the camera can’t detect anything, it won’t capture photos. Resetting the motion detector is a quick fix for this issue. Otherwise, you have to take it to a professional.


The default setting of the trail camera is quite good. Thus, resetting the gadget will back you to the factory version but frequently doing this isn’t a good idea. In this case, you have to troubleshoot the device by following the above-mentioned steps.

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