Who Has the Best Cellular Trail Camera Plans?

Game cameras are one of the handiest gear to capture wildlife photos in remote areas. Places where it is tough to be capturing photos and videos physically. Cellular trail cameras are a lifesaver for many wildlife enthusiasts. 

These gadgets come with data plans, and the cost depends on the manufacturer. So who has the best cellular trail camera plans? In this article, we will be discussing some of the top brands, their data plans, and their expenses to ensure you enjoy the best deal. 

Best Cellular Trail Camera Plans

Numerous brands manufacture trail cameras. Some offer good rates, and some can be very costly. To make things easier and to save time, we have named some of the top brands and their data plans for you. Please read through.

Bushnell Trail Camera Plans

When it comes to hunting cameras, Bushnell stands out as one of the best brands. Their cameras are top-notch, and their data plans are mapped out in such a way that it is price competitive compared to other brands. Check out Bushnell’s cellular package.

  • Economy Plan: 1500 thumbnails ( 10 high res and 5 video downloads) at $9.99 per month
  • Basic Plan: 3000 images at $19.99 per month 
  • Deluxe Plan: 7000 photos at $29.99
  • Elite: 15000 thumbnails at $59.99

Stealth Cam Plans

The stealth cam is another well-rounded camera manufacturer when it comes to game cameras. Their data costing is also commendable in recent times. You can choose either a monthly payment or an annual payment option.

  • 600 images (50MB) for $5 per month 
  • 2000 photos (100MB) for $10/month
  • Unlimited image transfer for $20/month
  • Bundle Pro lets you transfer a whooping 36000 images at $30/month

SpyPoint Game Camera Plans

Another leading camera maker is SpyPoint. They have a wide variety of cellular cams and are renowned for high-quality gear and flexible data plans. Spypoint has introduced 4 different schemes for its users.

  • Free: 100 photos completely free on a subscription
  • Basic: $5 monthly and $4 annually for 250 photos per month
  • Standard: 1000 photos for $10 (month to month) and $7 annually
  • Premium: Unlimited images at $15 each month and $10 annually

Browning Trail Camera Plans

Starting in 2020, Browning introduced the ‘Defender’ which is their first known trail camera. Since then, they have never looked back and are a forerunner in the game camera industry. Their plan might seem a bit pricey for some users, but in reality, it will give you a bang for the buck.

  • Scout Plan: 1200 photos at $9.99. This plan is for a single camera.
  • Scout Plus: 2400 images (10 Hd) at $12.99. It supports 2 cameras simultaneously.
  • Hunter Plan: 3000 photos (50 Hd) at $19.99. Supports 3 different cameras
  • Hunter Plus: 6000 images (300 Hd) at $29.99. It can work with 4 game cameras
  • Guide Pro: 12000 photos (400 Hd) at $49.99. Workable with 6 cameras.

Final Verdict

Who has the best cellular trail camera plans? You already know the answer to it. In this write-up, we pointed out some of the leading camera makers and their feasible data plans. Schemes that have been acknowledged by professionals around the world. 

Why wait any further? If you are serious about the game, just get on with the products we mentioned above. Pick anything that suits your bill. Don’t look back, it’s time to capture some adventurous wildlife images. 

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