How Do I Reset My Wildgame Innovations Camera?

Wildgame Innovations trail cameras are not the fanciest-looking cameras in the category. Yet, they are robust and classy enough to give their best outcome.

But sometimes, a thing or two may need fixing. And if you are here to ask, “How do I reset my Wildgame Innovations camera?”, you’re in luck! In this article, I am going to answer this question in detail!

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How To Reset Wildgame Innovations Camera?

Just like most electronic devices, Wildgame Innovations trail cameras will often go through specific issues. In that case, you will have to fix them.

However, if the issues are not fixable, the only option is to reset the camera. If you are wondering how to reset the Wildgame Innovations Camera, the answer lies right in your camera manual.

But if you missed that or can’t find it at the moment, you can find the answer right here. To reset your Wildgame Innovations camera-

  • Locate the Reset button next to the battery compartment
  • Push the button
  • Now the camera will go back to factory setting mode

Wildgame Innovations Camera Troubleshooting Tips

Resetting your camera will take the settings back to how they were when you purchased the camera. That means all the other settings you have customized will go away.

But if you can detect any trail camera issues before they worsen, you can avoid resetting them. That’s why you need to learn how to troubleshoot your Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera.

SD Card Error

There’s nothing more frustrating and panicky than finding no photos or videos saved on the SD card. If that’s what happens, here is the solution for it:

  • Check if the SD card is attached correctly to its slot.
  • Check if the SD card has enough space left. Without enough storage, it cannot save photos.
  • If the storage is full, delete the pictures that seem unnecessary to you.
  • Make sure the SD card you are using is compatible with your trail camera.
  • Do not use the same SD card on multiple cameras.

SD Card Stuck In USB Mode

This issue has the simplest solution. If your SD card gets stuck in USB mode, it can be because you are using the wrong SD card.

This issue happens when you use a card that doesn’t compete with your camera. So the solution is to buy a new SD card.

LCD Keeps Going Out

The LCD problem is nothing new either. Sometimes it tends to go blurry, won’t light up, or would go off. If these issues show up, you can troubleshoot them in the following way:

  • Check if the batteries still have enough charge. LCD shutting off because of dead batteries is the most common cause. So, you would need to be sure that the batteries are always charged.
  • Sometimes it happens when the memory card locks the entire system. If so, the only solution is to reset the camera and format the SD card. Set everything back as you did at the beginning, and it will be back to normal.

Blinking LED

Having a blinking LED is irritating both for your eyes and for the camera. Besides, if you are a person with anxiety as I am, good luck trying to have a good night’s sleep knowing that your camera LED is acting weird.

So, you have to make it stop as fast as possible, which is not difficult. The solution is to take out the SD card, format it, and put it back in the camera. If the problem still keeps happening, it is time a buy a new SD card.

Photos Are Too Dark or Too Bright

Have you ever noticed that the photos are looking too bright during the day? Or maybe too dark at night? Do they have color blobs showing up around the images?

Most of the time, these problems are the result of the wrong placement of cameras. If such problems show up, this is how you can solve them.

  • First of all, you need to check the exposure level. It has positive and negative sides, and you can adjust the level following the marker on the scale.
  • The marker should be at the middle of the scale or a little on the positive side. That will keep the exposure in balance. Making it high will ruin the photos with too much brightness.
  • Exposure can also happen when you set the camera directly under the sun. It will either make the photo too bright or blast it completely. The best way to position a camera is to place it facing north or south.
  • As for getting too dark pictures at night, make sure you have installed the camera within the game range. If the camera is too far, it will hardly pick up motions and click photos correctly.
  • The flash can also be responsible for the issue. Low-glow flashes will not provide enough light for proper visibility. Also, make sure the batteries have enough charge. Otherwise, the flashlight will turn dim.

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Are You Still Having Problems?

The chances of the problems remaining even after all the troubleshooting are pretty slim. Unfortunately, you can never predict an electronic device. So, if your camera is still being a drama queen, try these:

  • Does the camera have a warranty? Then it’s time for a visit to the service center. Find your nearest Wildgame Innovations trail camera service center, and they will fix the issues.
  • What about not having a warranty? Well, in this case, it will cost you some bucks. But, it’s better to have a camera without issues than with them.
  • Always make sure you know how much it will cost you to repair the camera before you hand it over for servicing. If it seems too much or almost as much as a new camera, you should choose the second option.

Final Words

I believe you no longer need to ask, “How do I reset my Wildgame Innovations camera?” Now you know how to do that, along with more information regarding troubleshooting this camera.

You can see how easy these solutions are, and you can fix them in a short time. Moreover, learning them will help you save some money. So, pay more attention to your camera so that you can handle any unexpected outcome.

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