Why Is My Wildgame Innovations Camera Not Working?

The other day I received a question that says, “Why is my Wildgame Innovations camera not working?” The question got me confused. Did the user mean a specific feature isn’t working? Or something else?

Nevertheless, I went through my old Wildgame Innovations trail camera and a few more to see what could be going on. It’s not as if I never had issues with my trail camera. But certainly, not all of us face the same problems.

So, after researching some more and gathering information, including my experience, I’ve come up with this article. I’ve tried my best to cover all the possible reasons why your Wildgame Innovations camera isn’t working. And then, I’ve got the solutions as well.

Why Is My Wildgame Innovations Camera Not Working?

It is difficult to point out the exact issue without seeing it. But, your Wildgame Innovations trail camera may not work for several reasons. Check these following possible Wildgame Innovations trail camera issues and their solutions.

Reason 1: Display Problem

Is the display not lighting up, or does it look like it’s entirely off? It happens when the memory card locks itself accidentally or the charge is low. If this problem occurs, try the following solution.

  • Remove the memory card, connect it to your computer, and format it.
  • If the battery charge is low, that can cause a problem. So if the charge shows low, replace all the batteries.

Reason 2: Photo Does Not Save

Saving images on the SD card only to find later that they weren’t saved is frustrating and infuriating. Most of the time, it happens because of storage issues. The solution is-

  • Check if the camera’s SD card had enough space left. If not, take out the camera and connect it to your computer. Then either delete the unnecessary pictures or format the SD card.
  • Pictures may not also save if the SD card is not compatible with your camera. Make sure to use an SD card that Wildgame Innovations recommend.

Reason 3: Camera Does Not Turn On

Now, this is a serious and complicated issue. If the camera does not turn on, it could either be a part that is broken or does not have enough charge left. If it doesn’t turn on, try these-

  • Format the SD card. Wiping off the previous data and caches often helps to turn on the camera.
  • Keep track of the battery power. So if the battery charge is the issue, replace all the batteries.

Trail Camera Placement And Photography Tips

Often you end up getting poor-quality photos or photos from the wrong angles if the camera is set up in the wrong way. Also, the camera may not work if you have messed up the settings. So, here are a bunch of tips that will help you avoid and overcome such problems.

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Avoid Direct Sunlight

You’ll be surprised to know how many people think setting the camera directly under the sun will give them better and brighter images. But that’s just one of the many mistakes they end up making.

The first rule for placing a trail camera is to avoid direct sunlight. Setting the camera will blast the pictures with the light. For the best result, set it up facing either north or south.

The same suggestion applies to setting the solar panel. Solar panels are designed to power up the camera with daylight. But that doesn’t mean you have to place it under the sun.

Doing that will make the sunlight reflect in the pictures, thus ruining them. You only need to set the panel in a way to gets enough daylight. That will do the job.

Set It At Right Height

You must not set the camera too high or too low. The height should not be less than three feet or more than 12 feet. Experts always suggest setting it at least three feet from the ground to get a perfect, wide shot.

But setting it low increases the risk of trail camera theft. That’s why the second option is to install it ten to twelve feet above the ground. In that case, angle the camera down towards the game trail.

Maintain Distance

No, I’m not talking about social distancing during this Covid pandemic. You need to set your camera to maintain a specific distance from the food source or game trail. The camera needs to be 20-30 feet away to take a clear and wide shot.

Set The Camera Near the Food Source

The best way to attract animals toward your camera area is to set food beds nearby. You can purchase mineral licks which are highly effective to attract deer.

Other than this, you can set your camera near food sources such as water, open fields, etc. Doing these will allow you to get the best shots.

Use No-Glow Cameras

People often miss shots or get messy ones because their camera flash probably scared off the animals. It is the same as being present at the location while taking pictures or observing games. One wrong move and you alert the animals.

To prevent this from happening, you can use a no-glow or black flash trail camera. The flashlight will be close to invisible and will not give away the camera being there.

Theft-Proof The Camera

It isn’t surprising when users would come and want to know how to find a trail camera in the woods or track a lost trail camera. Losing your trail camera is painful, especially when you have paid a lot for it.

So, to prevent someone from stealing it, you can theft-proof the camera. To do that, you can try using a lockbox, cable lock, or Python lock. Some trail cameras come with password protection systems.

Though it may not stop someone from stealing the camera, it will prevent them from accessing the data. Moreover, you can install a GPS tracker on your camera to find it faster.

Reason To Buy A Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera

Wildgame Innovations trail cameras are not the ones that go beyond your expectations. However, they do what they are supposed to do best. While some customers share negative experiences with this brand, others were satisfied with the cameras’ performance.

So, what you get eventually relates to what you expect from it. That’s why I advise you not to get your hopes up. But, you can get a Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera for the following reasons:

  • Wildgame Innovations cameras are beginner-friendly. Even if you don’t know much about handling a trail camera, you will certainly understand how this camera works.
  • If you want to track animals for hunting or capture photographs, this camera is a perfect choice.
  • Wildgame Innovations cameras are suitable for any weather condition. Nothing can stop it from doing its job.
  • You will receive live photos and videos with details. It will help you keep track of the animals without much trouble.
  • If you are looking for a quality trail camera at a budget price, this trail camera is your thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions regarding Wildgame Innovations’ trail camera.

The most effective height to mount a trail camera is 3 feet from the ground. It is around the same height as deer and helps the camera get a better angle of everything.

However, if you want to hide the camera from intruders, you should mount it 10-12 feet higher. But you must not set it too high. The sensors will fail to pick up movements if the camera is set too high.

Q. Will My Camera Work On Any Weather Conditions?

Yes, it will. Trail cameras are designed to deal with any weather condition. These cameras will still provide you with uninterrupted photos on sunny hot days with dust and endless rain to snowfall.

But, it would be best if you observed the camera’s activities when the temperature goes down. The freezing weather can interrupt the sensors and trigger.

Q. Can I Use My Wildgame Innovations Camera For Security Purposes?

Wildgame Innovations cameras are excellent for home and office security. While usual surveillance cameras will only give you recorded footage while you are away, this trail camera will send you real-time photos or footage.

Thus, no matter where you are, you can immediately react if something unexpected takes place. That’s why many people use this camera for surveillance purposes.

Q. Why Am I Getting Black Photos?

It can happen if the lens is blocked by something or set too close to the food source. While placing the camera, install it at least 20-30 feet away from the game trail or food source.

Make sure the view from the camera is obstacle-free. There should not be any branches or tall grass to block the view.

Final Words

That was everything regarding “why is my Wildgame Innovations camera not working?” I know how frustrating it can be when the camera stops working out of nowhere.

Learning all about how the camera works and possible issues help you solve problems quickly. But if you think you may end up making things worse, it is better to seek an expert’s help. Lastly, check on your trail cameras from time to time so that they can last a long time.

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