How to Program a Trail Camera | A Complete Guide

I searched for a punch line before starting this gizmo; suddenly, two wild turkeys. The photograph plugged my eyes, and then clicked on that photograph’s source link.

When landed on the homepage, I awe to know that- A wild turkey hunter took that picture with his trail camera before hunting them.

Pretty good pictures!! I must say. But my question is how to program a trail camera for capturing such a piece of stunning photographs.

How to Program a Trail Camera | Helpful Informational & Beginners Guide

Since I have a bit of an idea about the camera but not much about programming, I put that inquiry into Mr jack’s post, including my mail address.

Then, he offered to meet with him after the next morning session cause he loves to meet new people, also fond of sharing knowledge. And this way, we started our conversations the next day: The next day, when I welcomed Mr. Jack, he replied to that greeting by saying, “Good question.” Meanwhile, let me introduce you to Jack.

Because I will share his trail camera experience and guideline for newbies like me, in the rest of this do-jigger.

Therefore, Jack is a professional wildlife photographer, also a seasonal hunter, and he has been doing this for 10 years above. Very experienced, you know!

So I offered him to teach the way of programming a trail camera for a Pabst blue ribbon. Bit of a surprise to know that it was his favorite beer brand.

Whatever, he started to reveal the programming procedure, in the light of aforesaid Wild turkey capturing session. So here it is:

Procedures for programming a trail camera:

When articulating about trail camera programming procedures, Jack mentioned that he used to explore various devices as a photographer.

And one day discovered a camera that works very uniquely and has the power to bloom nature. Then he computed foremost on learning the trail camera working procedure. So at first:

How the trail camera works:

Basically, the trail camera does the toughest job that a photographer or a hunter cannot do, monitoring the movement of animals and capturing photos and videos continuously without any pause.

That is the basic concept of working a trail camera. Now, how was the basic idea of a trail camera developed? I questioned jack; he replied that, in some cases, it is hard to reach in a critical situation or place.

Even a person cannot stand by for 24 hours for the best wildlife photograph. To recover that situation, the idea of a trail camera was.

Then I requested to tell him more in-depth to comprehend the working procedure; thereafter, he responded with some features that a trail camera possesses.

Feature of trail camera:

Area exposure system: this camera actives when an object enters its measurement. And the measurement depends on the quality of the camera. Forms of flash: it has three types of flash: Low and no glow, white flash.

Low glow is best for night shoots because infrared light captures the best picture. On the other hand, no glowing light produces a night picture without any glow or extra light, next to the white flash; it captures photos like a normal DSLR.

The agility of trigger:

The pace of grabbing pictures helps to get on-time delivery. For instance, if a turkey steps inside the camera range, it activates at that moment and starts to take photos or record videos.

And the process of taking photos and videos must have a balance with the object movement.

Then you can able to get proper photographs. Otherwise, there are huge chances of a blank picture or half picture of that object.

Wireless and battery options:

The wireless option is another thrilling option for users, which renders photos or videos to the owner’s tab or phone instantly.

For that option, a craftsperson of trail camera placed sim card privilege to provide the output through mobile data.

Next is the battery life of the camera. Jack said, “with 8 lithium batteries, one can capture 25 thousand pictures. So choosing a proper battery is essential” “Am I able to clear the concept through the feature?

Cause you need to learn before doing perfect programming,” Jack asked before sipping the last drop of beer. Answered him by noting with a giggle.

Then he took me to his library for showing the procedure practically in some steps. So here is the portion:

Programming a trail camera:

  • First, you need to check all the accessories which will come with the package.
  • Then select the place where you want to fix the camera. Since it’s the mid-end of spring, hunting wild turkey is the best time now. So select a proper berth if you want immediate hunting or photography.
  • Equip the camera with an SD card and Battery.
  • After that, place your camera in a suitable area, for the producer is providing strong placing, strap, and other equipment types.
  • Finally, run tentative broadcasting to understand if everything is running well.

He completed the practical session within 56 seconds and unfolded his laptop for replying to some user questions, without asking me anything.

Maybe he could measure my wonder at that time, that’s why gave me a couple of minutes and asked me: If I have any questions further. I retorted, “Yes.” So here is the question I asked.


Is there any protection bar to avoid theft?

Yes, the provider sends that protection bar.

Who invented the trail camera?

George Shiras, a photography specialist, in late 1880

What is the work of infrared light?

To make an invisible object visible.


After my queries, Mr jack adieus me very warmly and thanked me for spending quality time with him. When I was moving back after a sweet farewell, jumped in the air.

Because I finally have found the punch line to start my writing, and now you have already read what I wanted to write finally.

What do you think about this exceptional interview? Let me know through the comment section or share the content to let others know about the trail camera.

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