How to Set Up a Trail Camera | Perfect Guidelines for Beginners

Trail cameras are a worthy treasure for people who love hunting, parenting deer, or wish to have a look at the animals and people passing by their property. At present, a trail camera is undoubtedly the most popular documenting tool in the market.

This guideline on setting up a trail camera will come in handy for beginners with invaluable tips for setting up trail cameras without much fuss. We have tried to cover all the famous and available models out in the market, so the users won’t have to look for their specific models somewhere else.

How To Set Up A Trail Camera (Tips & Guide)

How to Set up Simmons Trail Camera?

Simmons Trail Camera

Simmons is formerly famous for its easy installation of trail cameras. The process follows

1. It would help if you chose a place where there are no obstacles, such as trees and branches in front of the camera. Moreover, don’t place the camera facing east or west to avoid sunlight. Furthermore, the camera needs to be mounted about 4-5 feet in height from the ground.

At first, insert the straps in the rear housing and then wrap it around the mounting surface. Lastly, secure the camera by tightening the buckles.

2. Now press the ‘On’ switch, and the camera will start. The PIR sensor will immediately be useful to locate any moving objects and capture those photos and videos. If the camera isn’t responding, check for the batteries and memory card whether they are in good shape.

3. As the camera is ready and PIR sensors are working correctly, it’s a good idea to check the coverage area. You might move the camera angle slightly to adjust the coverage area. A Simmons trail camera is capable of using its sensors up to 13m approximately.

4. Finally, insert a professional theft lock to deprive the probable thieves and secure your camera.

How to Setup Tasco Trail Camera?

Tasco Trail Camera

We congratulate you on buying probably one of the best trail cameras. Now, let’s check on how to install it-

1. Place the power switch in the ‘AIM’ position and wait until the display turns on. Sometimes, it may show ‘Status Led,’ but there’s nothing to worry about since it is normal.

2. Now, press the switch for the second time and allow the display to flash. Use the ‘up’ and ‘down’ keys to change the default setup according to your choice.

3. Before leaving the process, don’t forget to save the changes. To save changes, press the ‘ok’ button once.

4. Similarly, using the up and down button and shifting to a different menu, you can set up the date, time, photo mode, number of photos taken, etc.

5. As you finish the settings, mount the camera in a convenient place. Lastly, check the sensors, distance, and shooting angle to get the best view of animal trails.

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How to Setup Bushnell Trail Camera?

Bushnell Trail Camera

Bushnell trail cameras take digital photos and videos of moving animals with their high-definition camera to provide precise documentation.

1. At first, open the camera from the bag by releasing the latches. Then install the battery and memory card.

2. Now enter the default password ‘0000’ by pressing the ‘enter’ button four times as you switch on the camera display.

3. After waiting for a while, press the ‘enter’ button again to change the different factory setups according to your liking.

4. To mount the camera, use the straps to thread it in a secured place such as a tree. Now tighten the buckles so that it aims right in the direction you want.

5. Now switch on the camera and move fast from its sensors if you don’t want to capture Bushnell’s 1st capture. You will get 60 seconds to walk away.

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How to Setup a Moultrie Trail Camera?

Moultrie Trail Camera

If you wish to get accurate readings, the camera setup must be in order.

1. Survey the camera location and mount the camera in a secure place away from thieves and animals.

2. Insert a memory card and batteries by opening the battery place. To do so, you will have to remove the screws to open the battery door.

3. Once you install the card and battery, tighten the camera with a tree, preferably using Velcro or stable strapping.

4. Adjust the camera angle to capture the animal trail and make sure the sunlight doesn’t kiss the display directly.

5. Lastly, turn on the camera and keep pressing the ‘automatic’ button until the display turns on. It is the default setting for a computer screen.

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How to Setup a Wireless Trail Camera?

Wireless Trail Camera

Wireless trail cameras are of great use since you can monitor them sitting in the cozy corner of your home through the internet. The installation of a wireless trail camera is nothing different from a standard trail camera setup.

At first, you will have to insert and install the battery and memory card. Normally switch on display just like any other camera and if you wish to change the factory settings to your liking. Since it doesn’t use any wire, you won’t have to think about hiding the wire. How fantabulous!

How to Set Up A Cellular Trail Camera?

Cellular Trail Camera

A cellular trail camera is the latest edition in the market and has been enjoying great hype. However, the hype isn’t wrong since this camera allows us to watch the animals and nature live. The setup also doesn’t vary from the standard trail camera installation. So, it is a great advantage.

Normally unwrap the camera from the bag, and install the battery and memory card. Now before mounting it in a secured place, connect it to the internet to register it online. Once you are done with the registration process, fit it in a tree with a good viewing-angle, and fasten it with a belt or Velcro.

That’s it. Now you can enjoy the camera captures from wherever you want.

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How to Set Up a Tasco 8mp Trail Camera?

Tasco 8mp trail camera successfully holds the record of being the most affordable game camera in the market. Despite being a low-budget camera, it captures great photos and videos to help gamers understand the animal trail.

The setup follows the standard Tasco trail camera (Tasco game camera) setup, so you won’t need to bother about it. The easiest way to structure an 8mp game camera is to carefully read the user manual and then follow the steps stated.

You will have to mount, secure as well as set up the display options manually. Reading and following the guidebook will do great help.

How to Set Up A Stealth Cam?

Stealth camera boasts of having one of the best image sensors for detecting and capturing moving objects. Thus, most gamers love stealth cameras, especially their g42ng version. If you want to know the in-depth installation process on how to set up Stealth cam g42ng, we recommend you follow the below steps-

1. At first, set up the batteries correctly. It requires 8 AA cell functioning batteries.

2. Now install the memory card by inserting it into the slot.

3. Turn the power button on.

4. Enter the settings menu in the LCD to adjust the time and date.

5. Press the ‘up’ and ‘down’ keys repeatedly to adjust the timing.

6. Repeat the process for fixing minutes, hours, dates, and years.

7. Don’t forget to save the changes by pressing the ‘ok’ button on display. Otherwise, all of your progress will be lost.

8. When you are done with all the settings, the word is written ‘deal’ will pop up on the screen. It confirms that all of your previous changes have been saved successfully, and now the device is ready for formatting the memory card.

9. As you delete the previous images from the memory card through formatting, keep pressing the ‘ok’ button repeatedly so that the ‘ft’ pops up on the screen. It will blink severely on the screen.

10. Lastly, press the ok button once again to confirm all your changes while returning to the PIR.

11. Before you exit, press the ‘menu button. It will allow the camera to take photographs on Preset A, aka factory settings.

Now g42ng stealth camera is all ready to find animals’ trails to increase your enjoyment during hunting.

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How to Set Up Bushnell Trophy Cam?

Bushnell Trophy cam comes with the HD recording facility of any moving objects making it a popular recorder. It comes with six keys for different setups. However, to change the default setup, you will require to press the ‘setup’ button first without pressing the ‘menu button.

1. When a user switches on the ‘setup’ mode, he will find four different keys for shortcuts to use during the setup.

2. Pressing the ‘up’ key will allow the camera to capture videos of the games such as deer.

3. Pressing the ‘down’ key will enable the Trophy Cam to take still photos.

4. If you want to trigger the shutter speed, keep pressing the ‘right’ key button repeatedly until you get your desired shutter speed.

Similarly, you can use the menu and setup options to change the default functions. Reading the guideline will be a great help in this case.

How to Set up Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera? 

Wildgame Innovations trail camera has been the apple of every gamer’s eye since it first hit the market with a bang. It has been serving gamers and wildlife lovers significantly from the very first day. Apart from its versatility in the field, the setup is incredibly easy.

1. The first thing comes first. Unbox the camera from the bag and get ready to install and mount it in a secured place.

2. Make sure the batteries are fully charged and then install them in the camera.

3. Then, install the memory card in the slot.

4. Switch on the camera and go to the ‘setup’ menu to change the factory settings. Pressing one button, you will be able to change the shutter speed, trigger time, date, and time as well as flash settings.

5. Once you are satisfied with the changes, confirm them before exiting.

6. Lastly, find a secure place and mount the camera there with a good viewing angle to get better videos and images of the games.

That’s all. Enjoy the hunting session with precise information from the Wildgame Innovations photos.

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Trail cameras are more than a necessary tool for hunters and wildlife lovers. Although there are numerous game cameras out in the market, luckily, most of them follow a more or less similar installation pattern.

Nonetheless, this in-depth guideline will come in handy for using a trail camera for beginners and experts alike. So, get, set, and go – enjoy your hunt!

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