Does Browning Make a Cellular Trail Camera?

Wildlife poachers and photographers are well aware of their game and have been integrating cellular trail cameras into their journey. Cellular trail cameras are evolutionary devices that add to the flexibility of a user. 

With such devices, you can put in a sim card and make use of the camera from anywhere you go. Images and videos are uploaded straight to the cellular network, which is very useful in terms of getting intricate photos without having to retrieve the cam.

A staple in the remote camera world is the brand Browning, but does Browning make a cellular trail camera? We will tell you more about the brand in this write-up.

About Browning

We are talking about a top-of-the-line trail camera manufacturer from the USA. They have many variations of remote cameras to give access to all kinds of viewing and capturing wildlife images, even for hard-to-reach areas. 

To answer what you’ve been looking for, Yes, Browning does have a top-trail cellular camera in their product list. A camera that has been used by professionals and amateur photographers from around the world and is counted as one of the best cellular trail cameras available. Let’s check it out.

What Is a Cellular Trail Camera?

Unlike orthodox wired and wifi-enabled cameras, cellular boxes use a sim card just like your phone does. It will take on cards from AT&T, Verizon, and many other supported networks.

The sim doesn’t include any contact and is not for phone calls, rather it transfers the captured images and videos from the device to your phone via cellular data.

Browning Defender Wireless Cellular Camera

Current price Browning Defender Wireless Cellular Camera

This is a stellar product right out of the box and certainly one to watch out for if you want high-quality images and have multipurpose planning for your camera setup. 

The Defender is one excellent product that gives you a longer service life due to its charge-holding capacity, even on cellular networks. Longevity is what you will get out of the 16 AAA batteries. 

The good thing about this item is that it can work in different modes, like infrared mode with flash to brighten things up at night or simple undetectable infrared mode to make sure the animals are not disturbed in any way.

It has a strike force wireless system that allows you to use a 4G LTE network on the device to transmit the images and videos to your computer or phone (cellular network) without any hassle or lagging.

This product comes with a mobile app, monthly data plans, GPS tagging options, HD video, and image support. What else do you wish for? Open the casing, and there you will find the menu and display, nothing complicated. It also comes with a viewfinder, which will make it easy for you to align the camera perfectly.   


  • Captures high-resolution images with the 20MP camera
  • Easy to operate, comes with a 2-inch screen 
  • Wireless, runs on a cellular network with month-to-month data options
  • Precision infrared mode, with flash and no-flash option (80’ motion detection)
  • Durable battery life with 16 AAA Li batteries


  • Monthly data subscription cost peaks with large file downloads

Final Verdict

If you are still wondering does Browning makes a cellular trail camera, the answer would be yes! And you are in luck! The DEFENDER from Browning is an accomplished product. It has all the high-end features to take your trail shot capture game to the next level.

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