How Much Does a Cellular Trail Camera Plan Cost?

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Trail cameras have evolved a long way, coming up with newer models and variations to ensure ease of use for researchers. For example from wired remote cams to wifi-enabled ones and now the most viable one like cellular trail cams.

Cellular cameras are more efficient and give quick access to photos and videos. You don’t have to be near the camera or worry about distance or connection issues.

This kind of hunting camera uses network data to function. So it works best when you apply a preferred data plan. So, how much does a cellular trail camera plan cost? The answer to it can be confusing for many people because not every manufacturer uses the same data structure.  

We are here to eliminate the perplexity and let you know about different plans and costs for using cellular trail cameras.

Manufacturers Have Their Own Data Plan and Pricing

You will never see similar costing or plans if you wish to change from one cellular remote camera to another. There are differences in the plan structure, such as it can be month-to-month costing or yearly subscription. This manufacturer has its own add ons options and varying packages for you to choose from. 

Always make sure the product supports the sim card you will be using in the scouting zone. 

Let’s take a look at varying brands and their trail camera plan cost.

Browning Trail Cameras

Browning has a lot of schemes in their book. The basic one starts with a status plan at 4.99 dollars per month. Here you won’t be able to upload any images or videos. Only the GPS transmission and battery status checking are available.

Then there are scout plans, such as 10 dollars per month. With this offer, you are allowed to transmit 1200 basic images from the camera to your cell phone. For more photos the scout plus is a good option, it gives 2400 standard photo upload capability with 2 different devices. 

Those who want to transfer HD files and are looking to download bulk images, try out the Hunter package starting from 20 dollars a month to $30/Month. The expensive one lets you transfer 6000 standard photos and 300 high-resolution images with the video transfer option (100 videos in one month). 


Spartan trail cameras can run on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and other networks. Their initial data plan started collaborating with Verizon, and they have many lucrative packages for wildlife enthusiasts.

The starter pack, which is 500MB of data sharing, costs around $16. One GB of data for one month is 23 dollars. 3 months subscription will be nearly 36 dollars. 

If you want more data coverage and longer validation, then you can opt for large packages like 6 GB for $110 that have a lasting time of 6 months or 12Gb data annually for 200 dollars.

Spartan cameras have a special shared plan for their user. It allows them to use multiple similar cameras under one package. 

Spypoint Cameras

There are four different plans available for Spypoint cellular trail cams. Starting from free, basic, standard to premium. The free scheme lets you download 100 images without any cost. The basic feature costs just 5 dollars and allows you to download up to 250 images throughout one month.

For more volume, there is the standard and premium plan. At 10 dollars you can transmit 1k images from the camera within a month. The premium plan is a month-to-month offer that lets you transfer unlimited photos within a one-month time limit, costing just $15.

Skypoint has a feature called Skypoint Cell Link, that ensures linking with other brands with sd card support.


Bushnell made sure their user got good data support at affordable rates. It can range from 10 dollars to 60 dollars, depending on what you need. For example, if you are looking for transferring thumbnail-sized photos, then 10 dollars for 1k images per month is a good deal.

For the best volume, you can purchase the Elite pack. It will last a month and cover 15000 photos within 60 dollars. 

These cameras have a maintenance feature that will not cost you anything, and neither will they waste any data during off-seasons. The good thing about Bushnell’s subscription is that the first 30 days are completely free, and you can later choose whatever plan benefits you.


Covert comes with monthly, quarterly, and yearly deals for their users. It can be run on At&T or Verizon networks for the best outcome. Monthly plans are as follows.

5 dollars for 100 images, 8 dollars for 1000 photos, 10 dollars for 5k photos, 15 dollars for 10,000 images, and you get unlimited photos for just around 20 dollars.

The best thing about covert is that they offer an international data scheme which is certainly a win-win situation while roaming.

Moultrie Cams

This is a manufacturer that gives flexible solutions to its customers. The add-on features are just exceptional. Take, for example, the standard plan at 10 dollars for 1000 images. You can further add 500 images by just adding 5 dollars to it. 

Smaller packages like monitor plan can give you 100 images costing at 3 dollars and so yearly if paid upfront. The unlimited offer is a bang for the buck. At just 13 dollars you get unlimited image transmission and 50 video uploads in one month.

The pro series lets you add up to 7 cameras. Each camera addition costs 8 dollars and the first camera purchase is $35 initially.


The Cuddeback linking technology is one of a kind, it has the power to link 15 game cameras under a single plan. It has one receiver camera that does all the collection in one place, giving you the upper hand to manage the images in one place.

Price starts at 20 dollars per month for 2000 images, the basic plan is worth taking. Another stellar offer is the 40 dollars unlimited image transfer per month. 


Exodus trail camera data plans are as follows. Starting with just one dollar, you can transfer 100 images allotting 5MB. 500 images cost 3 dollars which can be limited to 25MB. For more flexibility, the cost goes up accordingly. 200 photos round up 10 dollars.

5k photos can be transferred from the device at just $15 per month. 20 thousand photos for 30 dollars limiting data to 1GB. Going up, you get 1 lakh pictures (5GB data) in a month for 120 dollars.


This camera supports various networks and starts with a 5 dollar plan which gives 250 images per month, supporting one camera. Yearly costs can reach up to 55 dollars.

The intermediate plan kicks off at 8 dollars for 500 images per month. Then comes the pro plan that has an unlimited image transfer rate of 10 dollars monthly. A yearly subscription can range from about 120 dollars.

Stealth Cam

The data plan is active for all its wireless cameras. For the first 30 days, you get a free trial. Monthly bills for 600 images (50MB) can be 5 dollars. 100 Mb (2k photos) can be purchased for 10 dollars per month. 

If you plan to enjoy unlimited offers, then the 20 dollars monthly plan is for you. Then there is the bundle offer for 3 cameras, it costs 50 dollars a month and lets you download a mammoth limit of 36 thousand images.

Network Providers for Remote Cameras

You have to keep in mind that trail cameras are rather complex, and they will work with data (cellular service providers). Each brand has its accommodation of dealing with sim cards. Some cams will work with multiple networks, and some are destined to a particular network. 

The most common service providers are AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. Here, Sprint offers worldwide service. At the same time, Verizon and AT&T are limited to the USA.

These two networks cover the majority of the US states without having network issues. You can use the roaming data option for nearly 135 countries using AT&T.

Final Words

You must grab a camera that supports a wide range of networks such as the Browning and Moultrie trail cameras. These are adaptable with Verizon and AT&T, with options to be compatible with many other networks.

Suppose you have the camera, now how much does a cellular trail camera plan cost? Well, you already have an idea about the pricing, as we have mentioned a wide array of data plan expenses.  For example, the Browning Hunter pack gives you 6000 standard photos, 300 high-resolution transfers and 100 video downloads at $30/month. There are many other options to choose from. You should consider flexible data schemes according to your preference.

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