Browning Trail Cameras Reviews & Buying Guide

Browning is a newcomer in the trail camera scene, but they have already earned consumer respect because of the incredible build quality and performance of their cameras. We have gone through countless Browning trail cameras reviews online and pinpointed their best offerings.

If you are prompted to buy a Browning trail camera, but want to do an in-depth research before making a final decision, then this is the perfect article for you. We have enlisted the best Browning trail camera models in this piece and have explained in detail why they are well worth your money.

Apart from breaking down the technical features, pros, and cons of particular Browning cameras, we took the time to pen a universal trail camera buying guide that should help you pick out any trail camera. Moreover, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Browning cameras.

All of this sounds nice, but you don’t have enough time to read the entire article? We understand that time is of the essence to many of you folks out there who are striving to keep up with the pace of the modern world. So, we will cut to the chase and name Browning Dark Ops HD PRO X as the best Browning trail camera overall.

With that being said, let’s get started with the reviews!

4 Top Browning Trail Cameras Reviews

Browning Strike Force Trail Game Cameras

Browning Strike Force Trail Game Cameras

Current Price Browning Strike Force Trail Game Cameras

We will begin our best Browning trail camera discussion with the Browning Strike Force HD Pro X game camera. It also comes with a 32GB SD Card and a J-TECH card reader. The camera can magnificently capture 20MP stills and record 1600x900p videos, including surrounding sound. The 80’ Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) can pick up any movement within its range.

When the PIR detects motion it activates the camera and photographs or records videos of the object. This camera boasts an incredibly fast 0.22s trigger speed, and also take pride on an impressive 0.5s photo recovery ability. The 120’ infrared LED flash enables it to conduct some nifty nighttime camerawork.


  • Timelapse Plus Shooting Mode: The Time-lapse Plus Shooting Mode of the camera allows you to take pictures at regular intervals over a certain period of time. You can regulate the interval time as you like.
  • Zero Blur Technology: While taking nighttime photos and capturing a moving object, many trail cameras produce grainy photos. Thanks to Browning’s Zero Blur technology, you will get fantastic details in your photos and videos.
  • SanDisk Ultra 32GB Memory Card: Upon purchasing this unit, you will get a SanDisk Ultra 32GB Memory Card for free. It can store tons of videos and photos and transfer them at an astounding rate of 80mbps.


  • Compact size.
  • Free 32GB memory card and card reader.
  • Fast trigger speed and recovery mode.
  • Different IR settings for customizing nighttime photography experience.


  • The waterproofing quality is not satisfactory.


Browning Trail Cameras Dark Ops Extreme Camera

Browning Trail Cameras Dark Ops Extreme Camera

Current Price Browning Trail Cameras Dark Ops Extreme Camera

Next up in our list of Browning trail camera reviews is the Browning Dark Ops Extreme Camera. In terms of primary features, it has a 16MP camera and captures videos at 720p resolution. You will find many Browning cameras that can top that camera resolution, but this camera still makes our shortlist because of its superior construction.

You will get splendid picture and video qualities both day and night with the Browning Dark Ops Extreme Camera. It features a no-glow infrared flash that keeps its presence absolutely unknown. It doesn’t ship with an SDXC card, but it is compatible with external storage up to 512GB.


  • No-Glow Flash: The Browning Dark Ops Extreme Camera’s infrared flash can brighten nighttime photos without making any visible emission of light during capturing the shot. This specific trait makes it perfect for nocturnal wildlife photography.
  • 512GB SDXC Card Support: You won’t get a free SDXC card with this unit, but you can buy one separately and use it on this camera. It supports SDXC cards with a maximum storage of 512GB.
  • Informative Camera Display: You will get much useful information from the display of the camera. It will show you time, date, barometric pressure, moon phase, temperature, and camera ID.


  • No-glow camera for absolute stealth.
  • High external memory support.
  • Durable
  • Compact size.


  • The video duration is shorter while night vision is active.


Browning Trail Cameras HD Max Trail Camera Bundle [32GB SD Cards]

Browning Trail Cameras HD Max Trail Camera Bundle [32GB SD Cards]

Current Price Browning Trail Cameras HD Max Trail Camera Bundle [32GB SD Cards]

Browning Strike Force HD Max cameras are not the largest trail cameras you would come across. That said, they pack an impressive array of features which make them rank high among Browning trail camera reviews. These cameras can take 18MP stills, and like the Browning Strike Force HD PRO X, the video resolution is 1600x900p. It can record audio as well.

This particular package is a combo of two cameras, and it includes two SanDisk 32GB SD cards and a USB 2.0 card reader. The trigger speed is adjustable, and you can set it anywhere between 0.3s to 0.7s. The Zero Blur technology illuminates night time photos to the finest details within 100 feet of the camera lens.


  • Zero Blur Technology: Browning’s signature Zero Blur technology will elevate the quality of low light photos to a whole new level. It can clear up photos and remove blurriness within a 100 feet range.
  • 512GB Storage Support: You will get free 32GB SanDisk SD cards with Browning Strike Force HD Max trail cameras. But, if your storage needs are more demanding, you would be happy knowing these cameras have a maximum SDXC card support of 512GB.
  • Adjustable Trigger Speed: This camera gives you the option to choose your preferred trigger speed within a specific range. Therefore, you can tailor the setting to meet your photographic needs.


  • Adjustable trigger speed between 0.3 seconds and 0.7 seconds.
  • High external storage support.
  • Zero Blur technology for better nighttime photos.
  • Records video with sound.


  • Poor waterproofing.


Browning Dark Ops X Trail Game Camera [HD Pro]

Browning Dark Ops X Trail Game Camera [HD Pro]

Current Price Browning Dark Ops X Trail Game Camera [HD Pro]

The ultimate entry to our Browning trail camera reviews list is the Browning Black Ops X Trail Game Camera. It is a no-glow trail camera that has a flash and motion detection range of 80 feet. The invisibility of its infrared flash makes the camera a great choice for nighttime wildlife property surveillance.

You can capture 900p videos with sound and take 20MP photos. To store the captured content, you will receive a 32GB SanDisk memory card as a part of this package. If your storage demand transcends this limit, you can purchase higher capacity memory cards. The maximum storage capacity that this camera can accommodate is no less than 512GB.


  • No-Glow Camera: Other than you, nobody would be able to notice this camera because of its no-glow design. It doesn’t discharge a visually perceptible flash that would scare off animals.
  • Free Memory Card and Card Reader: You will get a free 32GB SanDisk SD card to store your camera files. A J-Tech USB 2.0 card reader also tags along with the camera so that you can transfer files to a USB supported device easily.
  • 0.22 Trigger Speed: If you need a trail camera that can swiftly take snaps at regular intervals, the Browning Dark Ops HD Pro X Trail Camera can be an ideal pick for you. Its 0.22 trigger speed beats many of its competitors within the same price bracket.


  • Free memory card and card reader.
  • Fast trigger speed.
  • No-Glow flash.
  • Smart IR flash to optimize flash performance during nighttime snaps.


  • No time-lapse option.


What Is The Best Browning Trail Camera?

Among the cameras we mentioned in our Browning trail camera reviews, we believe the Browning Dark Ops HD PRO X leads the rest of the pack. Yes, it does have a significant lacking as it has no time-lapse mode. Nonetheless, the other features of this camera make this a brilliant trail camera to own.

Let’s look at the primary specs of the Browning Darks Ops HD PRO X. It has a 20MP camera, which is outstanding for a trail cam. It takes crispy photos in natural light, and its high-performance IR flash ensures that the nighttime photos offer excellent clarity too. The night vision on this camera is very good.

On the video front, this camera offers you 900p high definition recording. You also get sound recording amenities, so the trail cam footage will look wonderfully lively. If you want to shoot a wildlife documentary, the Browning Dark Ops HD PRO X can be the gear you have been looking for.

The flexible IR settings make sure you get the best flash option for any given situation. This automatically enhances the quality of your low light captures to a substantial degree. The 0.22s trigger speed is almost the best you can ask for in a similarly priced camera. All things considered, the Browning Dark Ops HD Pro X is the best of the bunch.

How To Buy The Best Trail Camera?

There are some common elements to consider while buying a trail camera. We want to help you develop the ability to decide for yourself and not be overly reliant on our Browning trail camera reviews.

You need to know the basics to make a smart purchase. So, don’t forget to consider the following aspects before investing in a trail camera.

Camera Resolution

Camera resolution is the most fundamental thing to look at when you are buying any type of camera. Camera resolution is measured in megapixels or MPs. In the simplest possible narrative, more megapixels should get you better picture quality. For trail cameras, the camera resolution range lies between 7MP-20MP.

How many megapixels should you go for? Your needs should dictate that decision. If you are a professional nature photographer, you would need powerful cameras to attain the level of detail you are aspiring for. If you are using trail cams for observation purposes only, you can settle for relatively lower camera resolutions.


Even though all cameras in our Browning trail camera reviews can record videos, not all trail cameras have the ability to do so.  Many entry-level trail cams don’t have video functionality. However, it is a must if you want to use these cameras as surveillance cams. You should get a minimum video resolution of 720p.

We also need to remind you of the fact that having a video recording feature doesn’t necessarily mean that your camera can pick up audio as well. If you intend to shoot documentaries or want your trail cams footage to appear more exuberant and natural, get a trail cam that can record video with sound.

Flash Range

The flash range of a camera would determine its night vision quality. When sunlight is scarce and visibility is low, the camera needs to project light on the object to photograph it. The longer distance your camera can cast light upon, the more visibility it would get at night, dawn, or dusk.

So, getting a trail camera with a greater flash range would give you more area coverage at night. Buy a camera that can cover the trail as you want. If one camera does not bring the full area under surveillance, you would need to install more. Hence, you would want your trail cam to have a high flash range, something within the ranks of 80-120 feet.

Trigger Speed

The trigger speed of a camera is the time a camera needs to take a picture. A trigger speed of 0.1s, for instance, means the camera requires 0.1s to take a photograph. What benefits do a faster trigger speed offer? If you want to capture a moving object with perfection, you would need to have lightning fast trigger speed.

To take photos instantaneously, you would need a fast trigger speed. This is a very important feature for a trail camera since animals might not stay long within the camera range. So, the camera has to react as fast as possible to get a proper snap. However, the price of the camera would go up as you move towards higher trigger speeds.

Recovery Period

For snapping a series of pictures, only a fast trigger speed is not enough. The camera should also have a fast recovery period. The recovery period is the amount of time between two photos when you click the shutter repeatedly. That means it points to the camera’s preparatory time before clicking a new picture after taking one.

Let’s say two cameras have the same trigger speed, but their recovery periods vary. The camera with the fastest recovery period will be able to take multiple pictures in succession at a shorter period. So, you need to think about the recovery period and trigger speed simultaneously to produce a sequence of snapshots.

Time Lapse

Time-lapse is not a “must-have” feature for a trail camera, but it does come with its perks. If your camera has a time-lapse mode, it would switch on at regular intervals and take photos. You can keep an eye on the trail throughout the day with time-lapse, and the best part is, your camera doesn’t need to be operational 24/7.

Time-lapse can provide valuable game information to hunters. You can set the camera over a known buck trail and use time-lapse to pick out the locations where the animals tend to enter and exit the plot. Knowing this, you would be able to strategize accordingly and select a perfect shooting spot.

Battery Life

Short battery life is a huge inconvenience for trail cameras. These cameras are often installed in deep forest locations that are not easy to frequent. If the camera battery runs out prematurely, then it would be of no use. Hence, an ideal trail camera would have great battery economy. If you are splashing big money, then you can also consider solar-powered units.


Trail cameras are outdoor gear, so they should be able to withstand seasonal weather changes. Make sure that they can tolerate exposure to rainwater and can be operational in extreme summer and winter conditions. If the camera is not weather resistant, then it won’t serve you long.

Flash Type

Finally, take a look at the type of flash your camera uses. No-glow flashes are the best because they can remain completely invisible at night. They don’t produce any visible flashes of light while taking nighttime photos. If you are on a budget, then low-glow flashes can be a good option as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Browning Trail Cameras Any Good?

Browning is a company founded by outdoor enthusiasts and avid hunters. Therefore, the manufacturers understand what it takes to build a high-performance trail camera. Their latest cameras and accessories offer cutting edge features like no-glow IR flash, HD video, wireless connectivity, etc. So yes, Browning trail cameras are quite good.

Are Browning Trail Cameras Waterproof?

Unfortunately, Browning trail cameras are not waterproof. They are water-resistant but not waterproof. This means that they should be okay in moderate rainfall and shrug off occasional splashes. But, you can’t expect them to remain functional after submerging them in water. We expect Browning to produce waterproof cameras in the future.

How Do You Reset A Browning Trail Camera?

You can follow these instructions to hard reset your camera:

  • Remove the batteries and SD card
  • Reinsert the batteries and switch it on.
  • Press and hold down the arrow key.
  • The menu will show a reset option.
  • The camera will reboot and delete all previous settings.

How Do You Delete Photos From A Browning Trail Camera?

To delete photos from a Browning trail camera, press the mode button. Select “delete all” from the appearing menu to delete all pictures at once from the device. If you want to delete a selection of photos instead of wiping the entire SD card, connect your camera with a computer and delete the photos from your computer file browser.

Does Browning Make A Cellular Trail Camera?

Yes, Browning does make a cellular trail camera, and it is called the Defender Wireless Cellular Trail Camera. It is compatible with Verizon and ATT 4G LTE networks all across the United States. It can provide GPS tags to the photos it captures. The Defender Wireless Cellular Trail Camera is a 20MP unit with a night vision range of 80’.

What’s The Best Browning Trail Camera?

After going through a pile of Browning trail camera reviews online, we have concluded that the Browning Dark Ops HD PRO X is the best Browning camera to buy. It is not the most resourceful Browning, but considering the price and utility, it trumps any other entries in the Browning trail camera line.

How Do You Change The Batteries On A Browning Trail Camera?

Most Browning cameras have an eject button which gives you instant access to the battery tray. Press it, and the tray will come out. If there is no eject button, like in the Browning Defender series, locate the battery compartment. There should be a tab that you can turn counterclockwise to unlock the compartment.

How Do I View My Trail Camera Photos On My Computer?

Remove the SD card and insert it on an SD card reader. Attach the card reader to the computer, and you should see an SD Card icon appearing alongside your hard drive partitions. Click it to access the content. Alternatively, you can connect the camera with a PC using a USB cable and view the photos.

What Batteries Are Best For Trail Cameras?

Using rechargeable NiMH batteries might seem tempting, but Browning recommends to stay away from those because of their lower voltage. We recommend using alkaline and lithium batteries from Browning per se. Energizer and Duracell batteries are also great choices. These batteries offer better durability and performance.

How Long Do Batteries Last In A Trail Camera?

There is a handful of factors that affect the lifespan of a battery in a trail camera. Weather, nighttime usage, video modes are some of the features that can impact your battery performance. On average, you can expect to take at least 30,000 pictures before changing your camera batteries.

What Is The Best SD Card For A Trail Camera?

Browning advocate using SDHC cards marked class 4 or above. Class 4 cards have a guaranteed data transfer rate of 4 megabytes per second. Apart from its own brand, Browning recommends using Kingston and SanDisk memory cards. In some bundle packages, Browning offers free SanDisk SD cards.

Final Say

We didn’t try to mask the vulnerabilities of Browning trail cameras in our Browning trail camera reviews. Considering the pros and cons, we have reached the verdict that Browning trail cameras can be a fantastic buy for any outdoor lovers.

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