BlazeVideo Trail Camera Reviews In the Year [ Top 3 Picks]

Hunting is a source of great passion for some, and for some, it is a matter of livelihood. Whatever your hunting motivations are, you would need the best hunting gear to get the best hunting experience. Trail cameras are one of the essentials in a hunter’s arsenal. In today’s feature, we will talk about the best BlazeVideo trail camera review.

BlazeVideo is yet to become a household name in the world of game trail cameras. However, it did garner a lot of attention among outdoor enthusiasts for its high-quality products.

The company was founded in 2016, so it has only been a few years since it started its journey. So, if you haven’t heard about the company till now, it’s only because it’s relatively new.

For this reason, we have decided to review some of BlazeVideo’s best trail camera offerings today. Each of the entries has proven its worth in terms of performance, longevity, and cost-effectiveness. So, if you want a trail camera for hunting or property surveillance, BlazeVideo cameras can be an option worth considering.

We have reviewed three BlazeVideo trail cameras in this article, but if you want us to pick the best among them, we would go for the BlazeVideo No Glow Trail Camera. It is very subtle, which is the most important benchmark to look at while picking a trail camera. It has a powerful night vision range, has good motion sensitivity, and an IP66 waterproof rating.

Now that you know what is our top pick, let’s get started with the reviews!

3 Best BlazeVideo Trail Camera Review

BlazeVideo No Glow 5-Pack Game Deer Trail Cameras

BlazeVideo No Glow 5-Pack Game Deer Trail Cameras

Current Price BlazeVideo No Glow 5-Pack Game Deer Trail Cameras

We will start our BlazeVideo trail camera review with the BlazeVideo No Glow Trail Camera. The excellent motion sensitivity and high-resolution photo capture make a case for this BlazeVideo trail camera.

The camouflage skin of the camera makes it so discreet that they are hard to detect which works as a form of insurance against theft.

This is a new iteration of the BlazeVideo No Glow Trail Camera with a higher camera resolution. The previous model had a 16MP camera, while this one boasts a 20MP one. It also has an improved 70°PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensor compared to the 65°PIR sensor used in the older model.


  • 20MP Camera and 1080p Video: You can take photos at a maximum resolution of 20MP with these cameras. The maximum video recording resolution 1080p. The cameras record videos in H.264 MP4 format. So, you can post these on social media directly.
  • 70° PIR: The Passive Infra-Red sensor in these cameras can provide coverage up to 70 feet. That means the night vision will be active within 70 feet or 21 inches of the camera.
  • Time Lapse: The time lapse allows you to take pictures or record videos at regular intervals. This feature comes in handy when you want to study the movement of an animal or the growth process of a plant. You can regulate the interval time with a timer.


  • Extended battery life.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable build.
  • Password protection.


  • Slow trigger.


Game Camera & Deer Hunting Trail Cam

Game Camera & Deer Hunting Trail Cam

Current Price Game Camera & Deer Hunting Trail Cam

Next up in our BlazeVideo trail camera review is the BlazeVideo Low Glow Trail Camera. Unlike the No Glow model we discussed above, this particular camera emits a red light while taking night time pictures. However, the light is very subtle and won’t scare away the animals as the camera takes their photos.

Despite being a budget version, the BlazeVideo No Glow Trail Camera packs some impressive features. It can take pictures at 16MP and record 1080p videos. The 65° PIR sensor gives you a night vision range of 65 feet. It can operate between 140°F and -20°F which makes it fairly immune to weather adversities.


  • Cam+Video Mode: The maximum photo and video resolution for this camera are 16MP and 1080p, respectively. If you want access to both modes simultaneously, then you can do so by turning on the Cam+Video mode.
  • Stealth Design: You would want your camera to stay out of plain sight so that animals don’t damage it. It also protects the camera from potential theft. This camera blends in with the surroundings easily, thanks to its stealth design.
  • Wide Range of Operational Temperature: When you buy a trail camera, you would want to use it in all seasons. The BlazeVideo Low Glow Trail Camera remains functional within the -20°F-140°F range, meaning it’s appropriate for all conditions.


  • Budget friendly.
  • Long battery life.
  • Solid construction.
  • Usable in all seasons.


  • Slow shutter speed.


Game Trail Deer Camera with Night Vision

Game Trail Deer Camera with Night Vision

Current price Game Trail Deer Camera with Night Vision

The BlazeVideo No Flash Trail Camera is all about detailed nocturnal photography. You need to use a camera that can take clear pictures at night without illuminating the adjacent area visibly. This camera takes on that challenge and delivers accordingly. It produces 20MP photos and 1080p videos upon picking up the subtlest of movements.

The camera can accommodate a 128GB memory card which gives it ample storage for captured photos and videos. It can provide night vision coverage up to 70 feet which is quite satisfactory. The camouflage design keeps it out of public visibility which also makes it suitable for home and property surveillance.


  • 128GB SD Card Support: Without sufficient storage, you would have to go to the camera more often than you would like to erase old data or change the SD card. You can use a 128GB SD card in this camera to stockpile a great number of photos and videos.
  • Password Option: You can set a password in this camera to avoid unauthorized access. After you activate the password option, you can’t view the media without typing in the password.
  • Long Battery Life: 8AA sized battery powers this unit for three to six months. The superior battery life eliminates the need for frequent camera maintenance and saves you money as you don’t need to change batteries regularly.


  • Long battery life.
  • Detailed night time photography and video capture.
  • Sensitive motion sensor.
  • Durable build.


  • The camera loses connection frequently.


What Is The Best BlazeVideo Trail Camera?

BlazeVideo has a selection of fantastic trail cameras in their store, but the BlazeVideo No Glow Trail Camera trumps them all. As a hunter or a nature lover, you would want the photos and videos captured by your trail camera to have top-notch clarity. The BlazeVideo No Glow Trail Cameras achieve that.

What makes this unit stand out from the rest? Similar image and video quality can be found in other cameras at this price range. So, why go for the BlazeVideo No Glow Trail Camera instead of others? The answer lies in the ultra-fine no-glow attribute of the camera that makes it a ghost in plain sight.

The no-glow feature helps the camera to keep a low profile in any setting. The camouflage skin would mask it precisely in an outdoor setting. It’s even hard to detect when you install it around your house. This keeps the camera safe from thieves and animals. Moreover, it wouldn’t alert the intruder in your property or animals that they are getting recorded.

BlazeVideo built this camera to go through any conceivable weather adversity. It has an IP66 rating, meaning it can withstand heavy rainfall. The camera will not malfunction in temperatures as extreme as -20°F or 140°F. In the severest of heatwaves or the worst of snowfalls, the BlazeVideo No Glow Trail Camera will stay functional.

How To Choose The Best Trail Camera?

In our BlazeVideo trail camera review article, we have made you familiar with three fantastic trail cameras. But, why take our word for it? What do you need to know to verify that these cameras are indeed some of the best the trail camera marker has to offer?

Here are some factors that define the usefulness of a trail camera:

Image & Video Quality

This is the first thing you should look at while buying any type of camera. If you want to use your trail camera for wildlife photography, then you can’t afford to compromise on this aspect. The camera has to produce high definition photos and videos. That said, you can be a bit forgiving on this matter if you intend to use the camera for hunting or security.

To put it simply, image resolution is the standard that determines the quality of a photo. Resolution is expressed by megapixels or MP, so higher MP means better picture quality. For trail cameras, the common MP range is 7MP-20MP. The cameras featuring in our BlazeVideo review have 16MP and 20MP resolutions.

Video recording is not a guaranteed feature in trail cameras. 1080p is the maximum video resolution offered by trail cams, and all of the cameras we reviewed here can record video at that resolution. For wildlife photography, video recording is not mandatory. But, for security and hunting applications, video functionality is a necessity.

Flash Range

Wildlife photography is different from any other type of photography because you would have to capture the subjects casually. Rarely you would have the opportunity to take photos of animals in desired situations. So, a trail camera has to have an impressive flash range to make sure it can make the best out of a less-than-ideal scenario.

Animals often tend to traverse in the dark. The darkness gives them a sense of security, so you can expect to see a lot more animal traffic around the dusk or the hours after that than you would see in bright daylight. So, a broader flash range will help you capture better wildlife photos and videos at night.

Trigger Speed & Recovery Period

You will have to contemplate the trigger speed & recovery period of a trail camera to ensure that you will get the desired performance from it. Trigger speed is the amount of time a camera takes to snap a picture after its sensors detect motion. The recovery period is the preparatory time a camera needs after taking one photo before taking the next.

Trigger speed and recovery period are imperative if you want to capture animals in motion. The more time a camera would take to activate the trigger and prepare itself for taking the next photo, the more difficult it would be for the camera to take a perfect snap of a moving object. For photographing stationary objects, these two elements are not that essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Install Trail Cams In Packs?

Installing trail cameras in packs make more sense than installing single cameras. Multiple camera surveillance allows you to observe animal activity over a broader area. In return, you would be able to learn more about animal behavior and plan your hunting sessions accordingly. However, a single camera could be enough around known hotspots like a food plot or a pond.

Are No Glow Cameras Better Than Low Glow Cameras?

Trail cameras usually have a low glow or no glow flash system. In a low glow camera, it gives out a faint red light as it operates. The no glow camera, on the other hand, will not give away any hints at all. So, for utmost subtlety, no glow cameras have an upper hand over low glow cameras.

What Are PIR Sensors?

The acronym PIR stands for Passive Infra-Red. The PIR sensors can identify the change in infra-red emission within its range. That means, it can detect any object that moves into the range of the camera. The PIR sensor activates the camera and instructs it to take pictures and videos. Without PIR sensors motion detection would be impossible.

Final Say

The key objective of our BlazeVideo trail camera review article is to make you aware of this relatively new company which has made some brilliant trail cameras over the last few years. The brand is still climbing up the ranks in the market, but they already have some excellent products to offer.

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