How Far Away Does Ring Camera Detect Motion?

We all know that Ring video doorbells work with the motion detection system. When motion is detected, the doorbell records the activity and uploads it to the cloud. So, the obvious question to cross the mind is how far away does the Ring camera detect motion?

According to Ring, their cameras can detect motion up to thirty feet away. You can at least expect accurate motion detection from the source up to 25 feet away. In addition, you can also set certain zones for motion detection and disable the ones that you don’t need.  

Let’s take a deeper look at how this works.

How Far Away Does Ring Camera Detect Motion?

Many people aren’t satisfied with the range of motion detection offered by Ring cameras. But you have to understand that the coverage is not only about distance but also about horizontal coverage. Ring doorbells can also cover 155 degrees of horizontal view starting from the installation point.

Before judging Ring cameras based on how far they can detect motion and record videos, you need to understand that this is not about the distance. The ring ensures the safety of your home by recording motions close to your home.

If you think about it, you won’t need more than 30 feet of motion detection, especially because it’s a home security device. In fact, sometimes, motion detection 30 feet far from the installation point can be a bit of a hassle for the users.

When the front of the house covers the road, it can be annoying to get alerts each time cars move on the road. You can check our article on does Ring doorbell detect cars. to get more details about this issue.

But the good news is you can alter the settings and choose what zones will detect motions. When you customize the areas and the zones, you will get fewer notifications about unnecessary motions.

Keeping the default settings is one option. However, it can often prove to be annoying. You will notice that each time something moves, the camera will record the motion and upload it to the cloud. This means more unnecessary videos in your account and more mess to clean up.

What To Remember When Setting Motion Zones

You may have to adjust the motion zones to get the alerts that you need. Let’s see what you should keep in mind when setting the zones for motion detection.

  • If your camera is covering roads, you may want to turn that zone off for motion detection. Every time a car passes through the road, you will get notifications that you don’t need.
  • The same goes for sidewalks. If the pathway is not inside your property, people will be walking by that you don’t need a notification about. So, turn that area off too.
  • In case you have pets, and a part of your property is often the place for the pets to play, keeping it off the zone will be smart. Or, you will be getting notifications each time your pet runs around that area.
  • Make sure to cover the important areas. For instance, the driveway, the front of your door, the garage, etc., should be covered by the motion detection zones. If it’s possible, also cover your backyards.
  • Utilize the near zone feature. This will allow you to get a better view of the horizontal area and detect motion better when someone is on your property.

How To Alter Motion Ranges

Customization is one of the most attractive features of Ring doorbells. You can easily customize the areas where you want your camera to detect motion. This way, unnecessary notifications are minimized while ensuring a better security system for your home. So, let’s see how you can adjust the setting.

  • First, open your Ring app and locate the three-dot icon. It’s situated in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Click on it and choose ‘Devices.’
  • There might be multiple options depending on how many devices you currently have installed. Click on the want that you want to adjust.
  • Press on Motion Settings and then go to Motion Zones.
  • You can either use the slide or the blue lines or circles to adjust the motion detection areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I temporarily disable motion detection entirely?

Ring’s website explains how you can disable the entire motion detection system temporarily. First, you need to open the app, click on the three-dot icon and go to Motion Settings. Then, click on Motion Zones and move the slider to the minimum.

All zones should be turned off on the next screen. Now, your Ring device will temporarily stop detecting any motion.

Q. How does motion detection work?

Motion detection is actually heat detection. When a person enters the frame, Ring devices detect heat from the person and accept it as a movement. Then, the device alerts the device connected to it using the internet.

It also records the movement and uploads the video to the cloud. That’s why it’s mandatory to have an internet connection for a Ring device to work properly. Read more on do you need Internet for Ring camera.

If you’re having difficulty with your Ring device, such as if it’s not picking up motions, there might be something wrong with the internet. Ring devices require an uninterrupted strong internet connection to detect and record motions.

Final Words

The simple answer to how far does Ring camera detect motion is 30 feet. Nonetheless, it’s more complicated than that. You also get a 155-degree horizontal view with the device when installed correctly. Even though the device has a good range of motion detection capability, this feature can become problematic in some situations.

That’s why Ring allowed their devices to be adjusted based on the user’s preference. You can adjust the motion zones to customize which areas will detect motions and which areas won’t. This is a great way to element unnecessary alerts on your phone while keeping your home security top-notch.

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