How To Hide Trail Camera From Humans (Complete Guide Of 2020)

A piece of very frustrating news is: there are no exact statistics of trail camera theft. To overcome that frustration, we started to find something more soothing sounded thing.

Then, divulged a very shocking data- the popularity of
the trail camera is boosting in a circadian ratio. For finding the reason for acceptance, our market analyses revealed a particular.

That is:
As a security camera, trail cameras won millions of hearts rather than other surveillance cameras, but the thief has not left this one from their list too.

For avoiding theft, people asked a few common questions to security experts so that they can save their gem of safety.


So, what questions have the security experts received, still? Well, there were a lot of problems when we were surfing the various expert blog.

Among them, these two questions seemed very crucial, which had observed by our analyst. So the items are:

  • how to hide trail camera from humans?

  • how to hide a trail cam for home security?

After selecting the questions, we have decided to architecture a total code as if you could minimize your theft risk as much as possible. Let's begin together:

How to hide a trail camera from humans?

Since there is the word “human” it influenced us to start the answer by paraphrasing mighty American fictionist Edgar Watson’s quote about the thief

And that is: we all would become thief unless everything is latched- a deep thought, right? Actually,

It is tough to remove the dark spot from human species, but you can block that by maintaining a bit of precaution.

That’s what experts and psychologists believe, so trail camera owners can apply the theory of blocking, to chunk the dark human species. Therefore, you may use these top tips.
Top tips:

  • Keep your camera out of human sight; choose such a place where a normal human being cannot detect it without profound observation.
  • Lodge the camera as high as possible so that it becomes tough to steal.
  • Cloak your camera. To cloak your camera, prefer or build something that cannot differ from the surrounding natural thing.
  • Cover your camera with leafage except the lens to prevent unwanted trespass.
  • Bar your camera inside a metal box which will also be protected with the metal clinch.
  • Stop observing a regular camera basis which will make other cautious about finding, what's in there?
  • Find a suitable location where humans usually avoid walking or reaching.
  • Don't buy those cameras, contains flash and glow at night.
  • Remove the camera GPS indicator at the time uploading photos or videos, as well as don't, let everyone know that there is a camera.

Apart from all the above that, the most beneficial output can be gained when you solely bring out a solution by analyzing your previous experience, also in consideration of the particular situation.

Next, we are moving on to the second question that is:

How to hide a trail cam for home security?

How to hide a trail cam for home security

Besides the hunting purpose and wildlife photography, these technological blessings are also used for home security.

Because people have started to believe that these cameras are the best alternative, so far. Since the priority of the trail camera safety is now a big issue for owners. For tackling the big problem, our specialist figured some specific suggestions out. And that is:


Since the USA has a regulation of house size that is 2700 s.ft. So the first job for the house owner is to plan for placing the camera along with that.

To assist owner planning, we have decided to show effective information - In a statistics, some researcher found a very interesting fact that is: thieves use garage 9%, the front door 34%, back door 22%, and 23% front door for theft.

Therefore you can architecture camera placing according to the information, for your convenience; here we are providing some tricks.


  • Since trail camera has the option to take pictures in dark perfectly, so fix your camera in such that thief cannot detect.
  • As it is common to have lights in the front door, so, using your camera with that will be a wise decision.
  • Another option is your ceiling, where easily one can hide the camera.
  • If you foster age pet animal then their house can be the best choice to install.
  • Else, if you have birdhouse, then lodge the camera there.
  • Yard, lawn, backyard, has trees and bush. It is an ideal place to hide a trail camera.

To make the trick session more polished, we choose to give you some bonus checklist.


  • You can keep the camera inside of a fake rock
  • Or, build a fake book cover to hide that
  • An attractive flower base can help you to hide the camera.
  • You can choose the wood piece to hide the camera even can build some lucrative wood piece to fit the camera inside.
  • Also, the surface can be a good choice to hide but when you are preparing install camera in the surface, make sure that the lens is saved from being shaded.

Trust us!! The Ways above can help you to hide a trail camera for home security, and even our experts have already applied the techniques to secure their home and security camera.

But above everything, one thing a user should keep in mind and that is trail camera maintenance- we assume, you are good at dodging thief and human.

The camera is unable to provide its duty for lack of maintenance then there is nothing to do. To save our valuable audience from that disaster,

Professional trail camera guru has sent a top-pick code. Let's take a look of that top picks.

Top picks for maintenance:

  • Monitor your camera regularly; it is not like that you have to do that every day, make your schedule 3 days a week, that's enough to look after.
  • At the time of monitoring, Observe if there is any external bruise.
  • Since it stays outside, there is a huge chance of living pest inside the trail camera box, so bright that box.
  • Check the battery life of the camera
  • If you disguise your camera with bark or other objects, change it since they are perishable.
  • Keep your camera lens clear
  • Check the camera setting, SD card storage data.
  • Unlimited mist can harm camera so, try to remove moisture.

Finally, check every ingredient that helps a camera to capture picture and videos So that you can assure the present lifetime of camera.

Remember, proper maintenance can increase the lifetime and helps to generate an idea over which user can rebuild new techniques to improve support.

From that point of view, we can say that, if you can maintain our expert guideline, surely there is a huge chance to extend the camera lifetime.

Since we have mentioned “camera lifetime” phrase several times, some common questions come by. And they are:

How long a trail camera lasts?

A trail camera lasts around 2 to 3 years if it is properly maintained.

Are the game cameras and trail cameras same?

Yes, many of us know this as game camera too.

What type of batteries is used in trail camera?

Lithium and Alkaline batteries are mostly used in a trail camera.


Now, it is time to wrap up the beginning. Since we aim to minimize your trail camera theft risk, we have tried our best to give a precise guideline. If you think this is worth to be shared, we will appreciate it. Cheers.

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