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Trail Cameras are also known to many as game cameras or scout cameras. They differ from regular cameras and are used for special purposes by photographers. It is a camera mounted by a person in places where it usually is not feasible for the photographer to trigger the camera’s shutter.

By showing you what species are up to while you are not present, a trial camera will multiply your wildlife monitoring experience. Hunters mainly use them, but they are often considered useful by wildlife watchers and wildlife researchers.

Our Top Pick

Model Name: QTY-07
Brand: WingHome
Special Feature: Night Vision, Motion Sensor
Photos & Video : 12/16/22MP, 1080p.
Trigger Speed: 0.3-sec
Detection Range: 65 ft

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Model Name: QTY-07
Brand: WingHome
Special Feature: Night Vision, Motion Sensor
Photos & Video : 16MP, 1080p.
Trigger Speed: 0.4-sec
Detection Range: 100 -ft

WingHome Trail Camera Reviews & Guide  

In general, bit more expensive cameras provide improved image quality or advanced features such as film, night-shot infrared flash, or remote control. With screws and straps, cameras are installed. To get multiple viewpoints of the same scene, or cover more locations, try using more than one camera.

So today, in this article, we are going to review the two best trail cameras. I hope it will help you clear all the confusion regarding buying a trail camera and choosing the best trail camera in your budget.

The concept behind the trail camera is simple— place it in an environment where animal behavior is expected. The camera takes an image when an animal comes in the range of the motion detector.

WingHome Trail Camera

WingHome Trail Camera

Current Price WingHome Trail Camera

Alongside recording videos at 1080P FHD with recording, this WingHome trail camera can record images at 12/16/22 MP resolutions via its 2′′ color LCD panel. Pictures and videos can be displayed conveniently—ideal for game shooting, surveillance of nature, protection of the backyard, and farm tracks.

Night-vision with anti-glow technology

This wildlife camera turns to night-vision mode automatically with the new anti-glow technology and 58-pc 940nm LEDs and takes transparent night images (black & white) with no light. With a tracking scale of 65ft/20m, you can never miss an animal going by!

Wide viewing angle

This game camera can catch fast-moving objects rapidly and precisely, with a lightning-fast 0.4s trigger time. The viewing angle of 100° guarantees a wide range of tracking to shoot direct, immersive video and images without the fish-eye interference.

Protection from heavy rain and snow

This WingHome hunting camera is IP66 rated. So that means it is weather tolerant and works flawlessly even through heavy rain and snow. The 12 AA batteries guarantee a stand-by period of 6-8 months. An external 12V DC entry or solar panel can also be required to charge it.

Easy setup

In a shell that is both durable and simple to open, the well-built case design allows the trap cam stable. If you’re a techie or not, anybody can set up this trail camera regardless of their degree of expertise.


  • Top-notch quality picture, video, and audio.
  • This can withstand heavy rainfall, snow, and any kind of rough weather.
  • IP66 rated. So it is protected from dust.
  • It has a lightning trigger speed of 0.3 sec.
  • It can detect an object from 65-ft.
  • The setup is very easy and simple. It even comes with a strap.


  • No battery included.
  • No SD card included.

WingHome 630 Trail Camera

WingHome 630 Trail Camera

Current Price WingHome 630 Trail Camera

This WingHome 630M is fitted with the LEICA M6 solution and a Sony sensor to catch the best picture and video output for both day and night.

It also comes with a big screen and a lightweight style. The micro-scale and the 2.31″ color display built-in makes setting up the field extremely simple.” The 4X zoom ability helps hunters right in the field to inspect any detail it captures.

High-power infrared LED:

This WingHome game camera takes color photos and videos when ample daylight is active and provides crystal-clear pictures and videos with the built-in high-power infrared LEDs also in the dark (black & white).

 4-professional night-vision modes:

It includes 4-night modes. You can change the flash settings to meet different needs and maximize battery life with 6 HIGH POWER low-glow IR LEDs and 4 customizable IR flash modes.

Hybrid camera mode supports the capture of both still images and videos at each click, up to the maximum resolution settings at each event.

By conveniently changing the mode, the 4-professional night-vision modes help achieve your favorite type of night-vision images.

100° viewing angle:

The 100° viewing angle and integrated algorithm for correction of distortion ensure a broad range of detection to shoot direct, immersive video and images without distortion of the fish-eye.

Long detection & quick trigger speed

The camera is capable of long detection and equipped with quick Triggering.

The Lightning-fast 0.4s trigger speed and 65ft tracking range ensure that the trail camera is triggered rapidly and reliably catch fast-moving objects.


  • It comes with a Sony sensor that helps to capture the best quality video and audio.
  • The 100° viewing angle ensures a wide range of animal or object detection.
  • Lightning-fast 0.4s trigger speed.
  • 20m tracking range.
  • Big 2.31″ color display helps in the quick setting and playback.
  • No fish-eye distortion.
  • Waterproof and dustproof. Can withstand rough environments.


  • SD card is not included.
  • External DC port (12V 4*1.7mm plug) doesn’t come with the box.

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It should be much simpler to pick the correct WingHome Trail Camera after knowing all about our recommendations. To get the outcomes that you want for your wildlife surveillance or your preferred purpose, make sure that you evaluate the distinct features.

We hope you could cover everything you needed to know. So Good luck and Thank you.

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