How Much Does a Cellular Trail Camera Cost Per Month?

They say – a hobby is worth a million dollars! But let’s be real, nobody has an unlimited budget. So the question is, how much does a cellular trail camera cost per month?

A cellular trail cam can cost from ‘totally free to $100+ per month. Most paid monthly plans range from $5 to $20. The number of images and their quality will increase with the price tag. So for a per month average figure, you can put it around $10.

Depending on the camera type, resolution of the photos, number of photos, the specific cellular network provider, and the length of the plan, the cost will vary. Also, there is the issue of damage, theft, and other unpredictable yet inevitable costs.

Cellular Trail Cam Data Plans, the Way They Work

The range of options available in the market is reassuring yet confusing. The process of finding the perfect data package can be so painstakingly frustrating that you may tend to discard the cellular option altogether. Don’t worry, we’ve covered all the topics of interest to buy the perfect package for you.


Much like the plans of cell phones, cellular trail cams require a subscription with a SIM company. Naturally, these are data-only packages (no calls or SMS). The data plans are provided by the camera manufacturer themselves, third-party providers are also available.

Some products come with locked-down hardware. This means you can only buy data plans from them or their affiliates. Others keep the options open for the customer. Make sure you check this out before buying the camera. Now don’t just discard the fixed plan cameras, sometimes they too come with very generous offers.

Usually, the manufacturers provide apps that are connected to a cloud service. Photos of the trail can be directly accessed through these apps. Both the manufacturers and third-party companies sell packages on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

A SIM Card Can Be Used on One Device Only!

If you’re planning on using a single SIM card for your whole network, forget about it! Each device, i.e. camera, individually connects to the cell network tower. So you’ll have to install a SIM card on every single one of them.

You may even need SIM-specific data plans. Most of the plans the companies provide are for a single card. To cover your whole network or a sector of it, you may look for plans that cover multiple cards. According to the number of cameras and sectors, you should plan this out beforehand.

Payment, According to Image Quality and Number

Cellular plans are based on the data limit. The higher the amount of usable data the heftier the price. If you have a data package of, let’s say, 100 GB, you can get almost 1000 high-definition 16 MP photos. Assuming each pic has an average size of 10 MB.

If you’re not too picky about the games you hunt. Use a cheap plan that’s under $20 per month. You’ll only get thumbnails. Though these images are a bit blurry, you will be able to identify larger beasts that are worth the hunt.

A die heart hunter may look for high-resolution pics and even videos. These come in very handy for trophy hunters who only trail the best of the best deer. If you’re one of them, then make sure your camera is capable of such feats. And go for the bigger networks because the smaller ones may not even have such plans!

Parting Words

So how much does a cellular trail camera cost per month? You know the answer. All that being said, you need to pinpoint the specific kind of service you’re looking for. Once you’ve chosen that, go through our analysis once more, and you’ll definitely find the package that’s worth the cost for you. Happy hunting!

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