How Do You Set Up a Wireless Trail Camera?

Trail cameras are a go-to device for the majority of wildlife photographers, wildlife researchers, and hunters. It can also be used as a home security cam if used wisely. Also known as game cameras, these are installed in places where it is not possible for the researcher to be there all the time and yet achieve the desired shots. 

Haven’t you seen the goofy candid photos of animals at night? If you are someone who bought a remote camera and don’t know what to do. How do you set up a wireless trail camera to start with? Well, we are here with the solution, a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Assemble the Battery and Memory Card

All wifi-activated game cameras run on battery and store videos and images on the sd card. So the first thing to do is unbox the camera body. Now unpack the Lithium batteries and put them on the device. 

Cameras from varying brands will have different battery installation setups, some have screwed battery slots, and some use simple latches to open up. Put the batteries in place and slot your desired memory card where it should be. You are good to proceed to the next step. 

Step 2: Link Up Your Device Online

As we are going wireless, it’s a must that the device is paired with the designated device such as your phone, laptop, etc, something that you will be using to view the captured images and put on the camera settings to manually click photos.

Camera manufacturers will provide you with apps and CDs. Install the app on your phone and link the camera with the app for your convenience. You can go to the add camera setting, the most common feature in the majority of the camera apps.

Select the camera model by scanning the QR code or do it manually through wifi. Once the device is detected, press ‘add camera’, and you are good to go.

Step 3: Time to Tie It Up on the Tree 

Scour the place where you want the camera to be mounted, find a desired location like a tree trunk. Make sure you place the camera at a comfortable height that will give you the perfect pictures.

Trail cameras come with straps to wind them up securely onto a surface. Many come with velcro straps for a better fastening experience. Whatever comes with your camera, you must mount the camera tightly by attaching every bit of the straps.

Step 4: Turn on the Camera and Tweak the Settings Online

Once affixed to any surface, now you are almost done with it. It’s time to turn on the camera by switching the on-off button.

If working properly, the lights on the body should give you a green signal. Check out your device and see if the pairing is done right. If everything is fine, the camera should be accessible from the online settings of your phone app. 

Step 5: Go Back to Your Dugout and Start Taking Photos

Step back to where you belong, let the camera do its work. You can set it up on auto motion detection mode to capture live movements day and night.

You can simply take photos manually from a long way out, for example, sitting in your car or at your nearby home. Tweak the shutter settings and make sure the wifi range does not disconnect, or else you won’t be able to click pictures. 


Wireless trail cameras are super handy devices. You don’t have to worry about hiding the cables because there aren’t any.

So, people who ask, how do you set up a wireless camera? You already know the answer to it. Practice the steps we mentioned above and start clicking some wonderful photos.

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