How Do I Convert My Trail Camera to Cellular?

On your hunting runs or wildlife photography trips, you most likely carry trail cameras around and run to and fro from the camera to obtain media.

Thereby, you might want to get a cellular camera instead as it has wireless technologies that enable live imaging without you roaming around. But what if we suggested that you can just convert your old trail camera into cellular? Fascinating right?

You might now have questions like how do I convert my trail camera to cellular? For answering that very question, we have compiled below the step-by-step process along with the necessary information to help you.

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Difference Between Traditional Trail Cameras and Cellular Cameras

Traditional trail cameras capture photographs on an SD card that can be eliminated and viewed practically. It has motion sensors for day and night use and provides sharper, higher-contrast photos. This trail camera takes up to 30 megapixels and films up to 1080p media with sounds.

On the contrary, cellular game cameras are wireless trail cameras that transmit live photos and video broadcasts to your phone while the camera is capturing images.

Cellular game cameras employ radio signals to link with the closest cellphone tower; thus, when the game cam takes a picture, it transmits it to your smartphone via a wireless company’s cellular network.

Required Materials

Simply put, with the Spypoint Cell-Link Trail Camera Cellular Adapter, you can turn any trail camera with a regular SD card slot into a cellular camera. The Cell-Link easily fits into a camera’s SD card port and uses wireless networks to send photographs to your phone.

  • Your old non-cellular trail camera

How to Convert Trail Camera to Cellular: Step-by-Step Guide

Trail camera owners can use the SD card slot to link the CELL-LINK to the trail cameras they are currently using, no matter what trail camera company is of.

As a result, customers may transform their classic non-cellular cameras into one of the most powerful scouting instruments on the market with a task of a few steps and minutes.

Read up with us below to learn about the steps you must follow.

  • Step 1: Setting the Traditional Non-Cellular Camera and CELL Link Up

Firstly, take your old trail camera and set it aside. Next, check to see the bottom of the SPYPOINT Cell Link Trail Camera Cellular Adapter for an SD card inside it.

  • Step 2: Put Away the Cell Link’s SD Card

Secondly, take the SD card off the Cell link connected to the cord.

  • Step 3:  Plug SD Card into Trail Camera

Thirdly, plug that SD card into your non-cellular trail camera’s SD card slot.

  • Step 4: Properly Set the Trail Camera with SD Card

Then, shut the door of your trail camera (it has a rubber seal). Take the rubber cable slightly outside of the camera before you do so.

  • Step 5: Find a Spot and Place Both the Cell Link and Trail Camera There

Finally, find the spot for setting the trail camera. Place the CELL link above your trail camera and run the cord around the tree and attach the camera and CELL link.

Final Words

We hope you won’t be wondering how I convert my trail camera to a cellular camera anymore with our step-by-step guide given above.

We suggested Cell Link because it is the universal cellular adapter suitable for all trail camera brands.

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