Top 10 Favorite Cuddeback Trail Camera Reviews

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Cuddelink cameras make it possible to monitor several cameras via a single camera. Do you need the best Cuddeback camera? Then this is the right place to be.

While looking for a Cuddeback game camera, there are some critical things to consider. Among them are the trigger and recovery speed. Have you ever tried a cam that you have to wait forever before taking the next shoot?

What about a cam that will take forever to shift from sleep mode to active mode? Frankly, such types of cameras will even let an image escape without shooting.

I guess you are not ready for such problems. That is why in Cuddeback trail camera reviews, we suggest you the best Cuddeback cameras, which have the swiftest trigger and recovery speed. What’s more?

Even better, all the highlighted items have matchless durability with climate-resistant surfaces. The quality of the images is also good, alongside reliable batteries.

Further is the FAQ section, which answers the most frequently asked questions. But first is the Cuddeback camera reviews among various top-rated trail camera brands.

Top 10 Cuddeback trail camera reviews

Cuddeback cuddelink trail cameras

Current price Cuddeback CuddeLink Long Range IR (4 Pack)

Highlighted features

  • Flash range of 100feet
  • The trigger speed of 1/4 seconds
  • The image resolution of 20mp

Cuddelink cameras are quite handy if you need to monitor up to 15 cameras in your comfort. One of them is this item from the Cuddeback which is trusted to provide cams of high quality. The best Cuddeback trail camera has fantastic constructions which ensure the availability of high-quality images.

What are its construction and features? Let’s find out.

To begin with, it’s an exceptional trigger speed of 1/4 second. Trigger speed is the measure of how fast the camshaft will from sleep mode to active mode. Consequently, with a rating of 1/4 second, you can be sure of a real-time capturing trail camera.

Moreover, the quality of the images is quite critical when purchasing a trail cam. The good news is that the manufacturer considered it. Thus this cam has a high resolution of 20mp, which captures the tiniest detail of the object.

However, the key reason why we recommend this cam is due to its camera-to-camera range. Surprisingly, it can send at a range of ¼ miles in a forest. But even what makes it more outstanding, if the remote cam is too far, sends it to the nearest available camera. Hence, you can be sure of the safety of the images.


  • It has a broader coverage range
  • The batteries are quite durable
  • A real-time capturing cam
  • Captures the tiniest detail of the object
  • Long-living construction
  • High-quality images
  • Lightweight camera for effortless handling


  • The batteries are sold separately

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Cuddelink dual cell model

Current price Cuddeback CuddeLink Cell Trail Camera (Verizon)

Highlighted features

  • 1/4 second trigger speed
  • LTE technology
  • 1/4mile image sending
  • Image resolution 20MP.

Moreover, if you are working on a limited budget and yet looking for a high-quality capturing cam, this one might meet your expectations. Why? That is because it has a quite high resolution, which guarantees high-quality images. But more importantly, it is available at an affordable cost.

Apart from that, is its capturing speed. Due to its high-level crafting, it has a super-fast trigger speed to capture every moment.

But what makes this cam exceptional?

To start, it uses a dual-cell technique. As a result, it has critter detection to capture images in real time. It will also collect the images from other cams and save them in its vast space sd card.

Addedly, this cuddling cam incorporates LTE technology. Consequently, it supports the emailing of the images to any device that can receive the email; that includes even the telephone.

Moreover, when it comes to the camera-to-camera range, things get better. It has a range of ¼ mile, which is equivalent to 40 acres of coverage.

After how long would you like to receive the images? After an hour or after a specific image count? The good thing is that this cam supports both methods. You can choose to receive the images after an hour or else set the image threshold at which the images should be sent.

Lastly, this cam’s crafting is what you could expect from a cam that will live for ages. It has a non-rusty surface of a heavy-strength material to withstand harsh conditions.


  • A wide cam-to-cam range
  • Quite a durable construction
  • It sends the image immediately
  • Supports LTE technology for image sending
  • It can send the images even to a phone


  • Its strap is a little bit shorty
  • It is a heavy cam

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3. Cuddeback 20-megapixel IR

Cuddeback 20 megapixel IR

Current price Cuddeback 20 megapixel IR

Highlighted features

  • ¼ second trigger speed
  • Premium image sensor
  • 100 feet flash range
  • 20mp photo resolution

Do you get troubled by a cuddelink cam with straining settings? Is it your first time using a cuddle link cam? Then this Cuddeback 20mp cam is recommended for you. Why? That is for the underlying reason stringent settings are not your thing, and resultantly this cam has super simple deployment and settings

What’s more on this cam?

Besides offering the most straightforward settings, it still provides crystal clear images. It has a photo resolution of 20mp that gives assurance of high-quality photos. Still, it uses a premium-grade sensor. Thus it is not a surprise when it highlights even the basic detail of the image.

Nevertheless, this Cuddeback cam is a real-time capturing cam. How is that possible? It has a super-fast trigger speed of 0.25 seconds. Hence it shifts from sleep mode to active mode at lightning speed.

Addedly, extensive range coverage is what also describes this item. It has a wide-angle motion, which guarantees a broader view. Thus be sure to capture more images of the animals or any other object.

Lastly, this cam has a lengthy distance coverage and flash range. It uses a high-power LED, which results in a foot flash range of over 100 feet. The image detection is at 40-50ft


  • Straightforward settings and deployment
  • Wide-angle coverage
  • Super-fast capturing
  • High photo resolution
  • High functionality and yet quite affordable
  • Long-lasting crafting


  • Does not support night vision clearly

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4. Cuddeback CuddeLink Trail Cameras

Cuddeback CuddeLink Trail Cameras

Current price Cuddeback CuddeLink Trail Cameras

Highlighted features

  • Premium grade sensor
  • Waterproof surface
  • 1-2 seconds of recovery speed
  • The battery life of 12 months
  • 20MP Photo resolution

Most cams stop recording if the available storage space is filled. Luckily that is not the case with the Cuddeback blue series cam. Do you know why? It has a no card mode, which facilitates recording even in the absence of the sd card. Is that not fantastic? Still more amazing features on the way.

Additionally, this cam is constructed to guarantee not a single detail escapes without getting captured. That is possible due to the super-fast trigger speed. But there is something more exceptional. That is the fast recovery time of 1 or 2 seconds. Consequently, it takes an image after an image without any delay.

As if all that is not sufficient enhancement, this cam also has quite a simple programming and deployments. Frankly, they are the fastest that I have experienced. Also, it has extensive distance coverage of over 100 feet.

Still, the battery life is what most people have not experienced before. It uses 4 D batteries whose longevity has never been questionable. Though what amazes most people is that it has a lifetime of up to 12 months, which is simply a whole year.

If you need a cam that will withstand even the roughest weather conditions, this won’t disappoint. First, it has a waterproof surface, which makes it fit for capturing in open fields. Even better, it has a sturdy material that resists scratches.


  • Durable and waterproof surface
  • The image quality is awesome
  • Super-fast trigger speed
  • The no-card mode allows recording even in the absence of the card
  • A huge battery life
  • Very light for ease when handling
  • Budget-friendly camera


  • Does not have a viewing screen
  • The night vision needs some improvement

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Cuddeback 1385 Home Wireless Image Receiver

Current price Cuddeback cuddelink home wireless image receiver for trail cameras

Highlighted features

  • Dual alkaline batteries
  • Supports up to 15 cameras
  • Wireless image receiver

The critical thing while looking for a cuddle link cam is its batteries. How long can they last? That is a fundamental question you should have an answer to.

However, I got some good news. The Cuddeback wireless trail camera uses 4 D alkaline batteries. Hence, it is no surprise that they last for a longer time. Apart from that?

Still, it would not be enjoyable to have a cam that lasts for a shorter period. I mean, who is ready to spend hard-earned dollars on a flimsily crafted cam?

That gives a reason why this cam manufacturer played an expert on the cam case. It is of a sturdy material that is even waterproof and scratch-resistant.

When it comes to the storage space of this item, you are likely to get mesmerized. Why? It uses a 32GB SD card that receives images at a speed of 80MB/S. That is super fast, right?

On the brighter side, this cam supports up to 15 cameras. And do you know what? It does support not only a vast number of cams but also allows simultaneous receiving of the images.

Even better, this wireless Cuddeback allows you to view the images in the comfort of your home. Addedly, you will not get a straining moment will placing or else setting it.


  • Allows wireless receiving of the images
  • An enormous storage space
  • Super-fast receiving speed of 80MB/s
  • Very long-lasting batteries
  • A scratch-resistant case
  • Simple settings


  • Does not have a tab to install a padlock

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Current price Cuddeback cuddelink J series trail camera

Highlighted features

  • 24 high-power 940nm black flash led
  • Super-fast recovery speed
  • Cuddelink compatible

Nevertheless, this is a wireless cuddle link that will make it effortless to control over 15 other cameras. Basically, all the images from the 15 cameras are received by this best Cuddeback trail camera. Hence, you will control only one camera on behalf of the 15.

Think of a camera that allows non-stop shooting. You can attest you will have every detail of the environment, even in your absence. That is what is promised by this Cuddeback cuddelink camera. It has a 1-second camera delay, which guarantees a fast recovery time.

Still, the trigger speed is quite handy in ensuring that nothing escapes without getting captured. The ultra-fast ¼ seconds trigger speed captures even fast animals such as deer.

But with that non-stop shooting, you might be troubled by the available storage space. The good news is that this Cuddeback deer camera has an enormous storage space.

Besides, you will not experience any troubles while setting up this cam. Why? It comes preassembled while its settings are quite short. Even better, it is lightweight for an easy time while deploying it.


  • Lightweight for easy deployment
  • Straightforward settings
  • 1-second camera delay
  • Fast trigger speed for real-time shooting
  • High-quality images and videos
  • Enormous storage space
  • Long-living batteries


  • The night vision is poor

7. Cuddeback powerhouse 20MP super simple trail camera

Cuddeback powerhouse 20MP super simple trail camera

Current price Cuddeback powerhouse 20MP super simple trail camera

Highlighted features

  • Fast recovery speed
  • Waterproof surface
  • Ultra-fast trigger speed

Cameras are likely to be defined by their resolution, trigger speed, and recovery time. Having a cam with high-level crafting on those three features, you can be sure of a cam worthy of the money. Luckily we got the Cuddeback cam, which meets all those expectations

To start, it has a photo resolution f 20mp. Thus it is no surprise when it delivers quite clear images. Further, it has a wide-angle lens, which widens the coverage area. As if all that is not sufficient, this cam even has a lengthy distance coverage of over 100 feet.

Nevertheless, the construction is dedicated to ensuring not a single object escapes without being captured. How? First, it has a fast recovery time. Thus, it is a continuous shooting trail camera. Also, the trigger speed is super-fast, promising a real-time cam. The cuddeback camera manual obviously helps you to operate the camera easily.

Does the cam setting give you a hard time? Then this cam brings an end to such troubles. Honestly, its settings are quite simple, while the deployment does not require any expertise.

Still, all those amazing features and experiences are meant to be enjoyed for the longest time. The outer case is of heavy-strength materials to be resistant to harsh weather conditions. If you plan to leave the camp in the forest, the rainy seasons wouldn’t be a bother as expected due to the waterproof surface.

Even better, it is an every-time shooting cam due to the support of night vision. Still, its batteries are of the best quality to last quite a long.


  • Real-time shooting
  • Super-fast recovery time
  • Its batteries are quite reliable.
  • A durable outer case
  • Straightforward settings
  • Very affordable and high performing


  • The night capture is black and white

8. Cuddeback dual cell trail or hunting camera

Cuddeback dual cell trail or hunting camera

Current price Cuddeback dual cell trail or hunting camera

Highlighted features

  • 20mp image resolution
  • USB reader buddle
  • IR options for long ranges

Nevertheless, this is yet another cuddelink trail camera that has dramatically enhanced features. Its construction seeks to give you the most reliable experience. Do you think I am overpraising this item? Thinking of its features, I don’t think so.

Its most outstanding feature is the support of LTE services. Hence it sends the images via a cellular network to the computer or even a telephone. Addedly, you don’t have to wait for a decade to get the images. The cuddeback cellular camera automatically emails the images after capturing them. Awesome right? But still, there is more.

Addedly, battery construction is like no other. Their structure is super robust that making them last for ages. Though more amazingly, this cam works as if it has an energy-saving mode.

Also, when it comes to the cell’s mode, things get better. Cell mode 1 improves overall performance. That includes a lightning-fast trigger speed as well as a microsecond recovery speed.

Cell mode 2 reduces cell competition. That is by using the cuddelink technology to permit over 16 cameras to use a single cell.


  • ¼ second trigger speed
  • Its recovery speed allows continuous shooting
  • Enormous storage space
  • The batteries are long-lasting
  • Supports over 16 cameras
  • Sends images via LTE network


  • It is not a snow-proof cam

9. Cuddeback model G-5048 20MP game camera

Cuddeback model G-5048 20MP game camera

Current price Cuddeback model G-5048 20MP game camera

Highlighted features

  • 0.25 seconds trigger speed
  • 20 MP image resolution
  • 100 feet of flash range. Lightning-fast recovery speed

Game cameras need to be in a position of capturing fast animals such as deer. The Cuddeback game camera will allow you to monitor other cameras and capture every object within its coverage range. How is that possible?

It has a wide-angle lens that assures broad coverage. It has a detection range of over 100 feet while the flash range is up to 100 feet. Without a doubt, you can agree that its construction focuses on ensuring you have many animal images as possible.

But what type of images will this game cam shoot? Unsurprisingly, with this high-functionality camera, it has a photo resolution of 20mega pixels. Hence, it is a guarantee of high-quality images.

Nonetheless, the trigger speed is as fast as possible. That is backed up by a fast recovery time to allow real-time capturing non-stop. In fact, it has double flash tubes, which facilitate only a 1-second camera delay. Consequently, it will enable you to capture the next picture within 1 second.

When it comes to storage, then it is better than it could be. It supports a colossal storage SD card. Yet, the battery construction also does not lag. It is super sturdy, as is the case.

Additionally, this Cuddeback digital camera supports night vision. Most of the night images are likely to be blurred due to poor lighting. To avoid that, this cam incorporates non-blur technology for clear images even at night.


  • Supports night vision
  • Incorporates non-blur technology
  • Simple settings
  • 1-second camera delay for continuous shooting
  • Very lengthy detection range
  • Enormous storage space
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Quite a heavy camera

Important Content: How to program a trail camera

10. Cuddeback 20MP trail camera

Cuddeback 20MP trail camera

Current price Cuddeback 20MP trail camera

Highlighted features

  • 0.25 seconds trigger speed
  • 1-second camera delay
  • 20MP image resolution

Lastly, this item from the Cuddeback brand is still a high-functioning cuddelink that delivers easy controls. Why would you consider this item?

Let me begin by saying that this cam is super-affordable. But more essential is its greatly enhanced features. Talk of its fast recovery time, lightning-like trigger speed, and perfect image resolution, just to mention a few. Below are the details of its construction

On the outer part is a climate-proof material. Thus it will shoot even in foggy weather. Though what makes it more exceptional is that the material is super strong to withstand all the rough hand-lings. Getting deeper is the fast trigger speed of 0.25 seconds. Better, the recovery speed allows only 1 second delay time. Thus not even a single object will escape without being captured.

Still, to ensure you got every detail of the environment, this trail camera has a wide-angle lens. In combination with the long detection range, be assured of having as many images as possible.

Addedly, you will not receive just any photo but a crystal clear image that highlights even the tiniest details. That is because of the 20-megapixel image resolution that guarantees high-quality capturing.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the setting and deployment, be sure of an easy time. It has very straightforward settings that require a little level of expertise. When it comes to the implementation, this cam has two durable locking clips to hold it in place.


  • Enormous storage space
  • High-quality images
  • Super-fast capturing
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Lengthy image detection distance
  • Shifts from sleep mode to active mode quickly
  • Durable construction


  • The night vision supports black-and-white images

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is a hunting camera?

Ans: It is a type of camera made for hunting, as they are made to withstand all conditions of wildlife while waiting for the exact moment to automatically capture images by detecting motion or heat.

That’s why they are the cameras of choice for professional wildlife photographers and hunters who need to locate their next prey. However, being such robust devices, many people use them for surveillance and security.

Q2: How does cuddelink system work?

Ans: Cuddelink is a technology that allows the cameras to pass and receive information. The communication involves sending and receiving images from or to other remote cameras.

Q3: What is a cellular trail camera?

Ans: Cellular cameras support the wireless transfer of images via LTE
services. Thus you can send the images through an email or message to the phone or laptop.

Q4: Why is my trail cam not taking pictures?

Ans: If your trail camera is not working properly for taking pictures you have to check the battery of the trail camera.

Then you can check the game camera storage for taking photos. If you have no free space for your camera delete some unnecessary images or transfer some images to other devices.

Q5: Where are the Cuddeback cameras made?

Ans. Most major Cuddeback camera companies are located in the USA and China.

Q6: What is the most reliable trail camera?

Ans. The best Cuddeback cameras should allow fast transfer of images. Yet, their settings should be simple alongside straightforward deployment.

Our top pick Cuddeback camera is the Cuddeback cuddelink trail camera. It has simple settings and still allows fast image transfer.

Q7: Is there a trail camera that sends pictures to your phone?

Ans: There are many trail cameras that can send pictures to any device like a phone or other devices. Most digital cameras have the function of sending capturing images on mobile or any other device.

Q8: How far away can you capture photos with a hunting camera?

Ans: In reality, not all cameras capture images at the same distance, it all depends on the make and model, as there are many varieties on the market and each one has its specifications.

In any case, the normal thing is that they are between ranges of 15 m in the least expensive, to 30 meters in the higher-end models.

Also, keep in mind that this distance is not usually real all the time, since it depends a lot on the hunting conditions, so if there are many trees, bushes, or vegetation, these obstacles will reduce the final range by a few meters.

Q9: Where should you locate your hunting camera?

Ans: Everything varies a lot between each user and depending on the hunting conditions. However, the recommended location is usually 1 or 1.5 meters from the ground, so they are also out of the reach of most animals and resist a little more.

Other people also recommend placing them 2 meters off the ground and at an angle downward.

Regarding the exact place, it is recommended that you simply look for a place where you already know that there is usually wildlife so that you do not waste time trying to detect it from scratch.

Q10: What does the megapixel refer to in a hunting camera?

Ans: The megapixel is simply a million pixels, which in turn is a small area of illumination on screens. To put it in other words, they are light collectors that are included in the sensor of the camera and detect the light waves that pass through the sensors.

Thus, the pixels read that information from the light to detect and determine the colors and intensity and then work together to convert all that information into images.

Q11: Can trail cameras be used for home security?

Ans: Yes, you can use your trail cameras as a close circuit (CC) camera for your home security. Where to buy cuddeback hunting cameras?
The truth is that there are not many physical stores where you can buy hunting cameras, except where hunters buy their accessories, the armories.

However, if you want to have a good selection of cuddeback hunting cameras to buy, my advice is to do it online.

Many of the brands have their own online stores for hunting cameras, but if you want to find them all in one place, the best online store is Amazon.

In the store, you will find all the brands and models, and at the best prices, you can find an Amazon hunting camera even cheaper than in the original store.

Q12: What is the camera trapping?

Ans: If we talk about hunting cameras, it is essential to talk about photo trapping, since in recent years it has become very popular among lovers and observers of nature. But what does it consist of?

Well, it is a matter of placing specialized image-trapping cameras in places where there is a presence of nocturnal animals or that flee to the human presence, in order to portray them. These cameras have motion sensors that are activated when the lens is positioned in front of the camera.

They can work at night or during the day, however, it is recommended that you have a camera trapping manual and the correct camera, if you want to obtain good results.

Q13: How does Cuddeback CuddeLink work?

Ans: The operation of a hunting or trail camera is simple because you only have two modes: the camera and the video mode. The machine is coupled with a motion detector as well as an infrared light to trigger the shots even in the dark.

It is attached to a tree or a beam using a strap and is triggered by the motion detector when an animal or an individual passes. It is then sufficient to recover the device and view the shots which are time-stamped.

You can easily send the photos obtained directly to your mobile device. But you can also choose to save them in a memory card that you have previously inserted into the device. Some manufacturers offer hunting cameras with an SD card so that you can save as many images or videos as possible.

How to use a Cuddeback hunting camera?

Now that you know what a hunting camera consists of and the different types that you can find on the market, you already have a general idea of how to start.

However, to get good results, you need the correct camera and follow the recommended steps to be successful in your task. Remember that these cameras can be used to capture images of animals in their natural habitat or to take care of your property by functioning as surveillance cameras.

In any case, regardless of your purpose, take note of the steps to follow:

Choose the location

Make sure you can have a good visual field of the space you want to capture. Also, take into account the height and angle at which you will place the camera. Finally, check the camera’s visibility and remove any objects that prevent you from taking the images you are looking for.

Check the batteries.

Verify that the batteries are properly installed and charged; remember that a battery with a low charge will last a short time and affect the camera’s operation. Check that the motion sensor works.

This will be the one that will activate the camera and take the capture, so once installed, make sure that it works correctly.

Hold tight and check that it is not visible.

Ensure that the camera is properly held and that neither the wind nor the proximity of other animals will move it. Also, take into account that it must be well hidden and out of the visual field.

Types of trail cameras for hunting

There are different types of hunting cameras; each one has specific characteristics and functions that make it the ideal alternative for each situation.

I share a brief review of each one so that you can choose the best one, depending on what you want to capture:

Battery-powered surveillance cameras

These are wireless cameras designed to work outdoors. They usually have rechargeable batteries, night vision, Wi-Fi connection, and audio and motion detectors. Thanks to its built-in infrared lights, you can have an excellent view of the camera’s field even at night.

Camera trap

As I told you before, camera traps are those used to capture photographs of animals in their natural state. It has an infrared sensor to detect the presence of animals and take capture.

Awaiting Chambers

Awaiting cameras can have various uses, they can work to take that photo of animals in nature that you want so much, or they can serve as surveillance cameras. They have a motion detector that activates immediately and sends you the capture taken directly to your mobile.

These can also be called SIM hunting cameras since they allow the sending of photos to mobile phones.

Night hunting cameras

As the name implies, they are cameras specially designed for night captures. Thanks to their infrared sensors, even in the thickest darkness, they can detect movement and take good-quality shots. How to choose the best Cuddeback camera (Buying Guide)

There is no worse mistake than venturing out to buy a new hunting camera without really knowing what you should be looking for. Each model varies in specifications, special functions, and capabilities, apart from the price, clearly.

Before choosing the first one that you see as more affordable, take a good look at all the aspects discussed below. Only then will you make sure you find one with the best value for money. In Cuddeback trail camera reviews, we listed some important features to choose the best one among various game cameras to capture photos.

Camera durability

Apart from being waterproof, any hunting camera has to be resistant to animals and nature in general. Therefore, make sure that what you spend you do in a resistant model withstands bumps, accidental drops, bites, and scratches.

Battery and autonomy

It is essential that trail cameras have a good battery life, so you don’t have to worry about recharging all the time or having to access the camera and change batteries regularly. However, do not worry about the battery since most hunting cameras, when using LED lights, do not consume as much power, and therefore their batteries last quite a long time. Some models can give you up to a year of use, although most at least withstand a whole hunting season.

The battery is indeed a delicate point to which we will come back in detail. Not all devices have the same qualities and the same autonomy. Some are also very greedy in batteries, and choosing the cheapest device to save money is not a good calculation when you know the high price of batteries.

Field of view

You have to evaluate how necessary depth and angle of view are for you since those people who want to capture wide-field photos or videos will need a camera with a wide-angle lens, for example. On the other hand, panoramic cameras might be your best option, but these often don’t have such a vast range.

The trigger

The faster the shutter speed, the more photos you can take in rapid succession. This allows you to spot fast prey more easily and much more clearly. If you’re looking for something high-end, there are hunting cameras that can shoot in less than 1 second.

The built-in flash and camera autonomy:

To have a color photo at night, it is essential to choose a camera with a flash. To ensure successful shooting, it is important to have a camera with high battery life. Thus, even if the device can work with conventional batteries, it is advisable to use rechargeable batteries to avoid unnecessary overconsumption.

Photo and video quality:

The quality of the photo is directly linked with the sensor’s quality with this type of device, but also with the lens placed on the device. It is also a device that allows you to make a video, so it is important to consider the resolution of the video, the number of FPS, or Frames per second.

Product tightness and detection angle: For a durable device that can be used even during rain and storm, it is essential to consider the IP protection index. This is what determines the trigger capability of the camera, so you have to choose it well.

Robustness of the device

Placed most of the time outdoors, hunting cameras must be resistant enough to face difficult weather conditions: negative temperatures or, on the contrary, particularly high; bad weather, wind, rain… The life of a hunting camera is not a piece of fun, so you might as well choose those that offer a solid, water-resistant, and secure case!

Note also that hunting cameras must be able to cope, especially in the forest, with falling branches, corrosion, dust, or high humidity!

Fixing, where, and how?

Before even turning on your hunting camera, you will need to fix it on a tree (or any other suitable support). The attachment strap allows the device to be securely attached. Care should be taken to choose devices with strong straps that resist wearing. Most cameras also have a location designed to accommodate a padlock.

The location chosen is essential. This involves affixing the hunting camera to a place where no natural obstacle will obstruct the viewer’s angle. Be careful with foliage, bushes, and other branches that could make you miss some beautiful photos by their movement.

Start-up & adjustments

Depending on the hunting camera chosen, different modes will be available to you: photo mode, video mode, the hybrid mode, which allows you to start a photo or video recording at predefined times of the day or night.

Each camera requires some adjustments, and the grip is progressive. If these devices are relatively easy to configure, you will note that your shots will improve over time. In particular, thanks to the settings but also thanks to your experience. The location of the camera will improve your field of vision.

LCD screen

It is generally quite easy to start hunting cameras. Each device has a screen that allows the display of a detailed menu. If the instructions are not always obvious, these menus are simple enough to use not to need too much user manual.

Some devices also benefit from particularly well-designed screens and extensive options. It is important to choose hunting camera models with clear screens and menus accessible to as many people as possible.

Movement detector

The cameras are equipped with motion detectors that can detect the slightest noise day and night in a radius more or less close to the camera. The precision of these sensors depends on the overall quality of the camera chosen. We must avoid as much as possible, let us remember, the risks of parasitic movements.

The tripping time is also a key factor. Indeed, the triggering time of some cameras can vary from simple to double. We can count 0.5 / 0.7 seconds for a good quality hunting camera and up to 2.5 seconds on other models! The longer the triggering time, the greater the risk of missing an image with the animals.

Viewing angle and range

The average angle of a hunting camera is 60 ° horizontal. However, more advanced models can offer angles of up to 100 °, which greatly increases the chances of filming an animal.

The range of the camera is also a criterion of choice. Some cameras advertise very flattering ranges (up to 25m), and we will see that this is not always correct. Note that the correct range for a hunting camera is about 20/22 meters during the day and 15 to 20 m at night.

Day and night thanks to infrared

Yes, the same hunting camera can be used day and night. The presence of LEDs indeed allows an interesting night vision.

The camera then switches to so-called “passive” infrared and captures videos in the dark. This impressive device is more or less effective depending on the choice of camera.

It will also be noted that certain devices are more or less “invisible” and that their discretion is an unstoppable asset whether your camera is intended for video surveillance or for observing animals at night in infrared mode.

The camera must be discreet or even invisible; otherwise, any intruders or animals will never approach it! The brightness of the LEDs must be studied to prevent animals or humans from seeing a red light on your camera. With standard LEDs, red light is visible; but with 940nm LEDs, no light is visible!


Cuddelink cameras are quite useful while using multiple cameras. They allow you to monitor over 15 cameras with a single cam. Among them, the best cuddeback cameras are the “Cuddeback cuddelink trail cameras”. It has a super-fast trigger speed that makes it shoot in real time.

Still, its lightning-fast recovery time promises a continuous shooting cam. Hence, not a single object will escape without being captured. But how does the cuddelink work? Read this piece to get more details.

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