Tasco Trail Camera Troubleshooting for Beginners

Most people who go for Tasco Trail cameras prefer the brand, particularly for the affordable price. But many underestimate the quality of these cameras. Unfortunately, even the best-quality trail cameras of Tasco’s can cause trouble sometimes.

The most common issues you will face with a trail camera is the camera not taking pictures, taking blurry pictures, no saved pictures on the SD card, battery issues, etc. These are some of the many. Yet, you can solve most of them by yourself.

That brings me to today’s Tasco Trail Camera troubleshooting article. I’ve listed some of the common issues of this trail camera, along with troubleshooting. So, jump in and enjoy the ride!

About Tasco Trail Camera

From telescopes to binoculars, Tasco is well-known for them all. But how did it all begin?

In 1954, George Rosenfeld founded a company called Tanross Supply Company. It was a hardware and fishing tackle supplier company. But the business later expanded, and the company started to sell eyepieces and binoculars.

Then the name was changed to Tasco. Soon, it started to sell more and more accessories. 

Now, for over 50 years, Tasco has been offering the best experience to its customers. Along with previous gadgets and accessories, the company began selling trail cameras as well. This company’s products are reliable, affordable, and satisfactory to its customers.

Tasco Trail Camera Troubleshooting

As I’ve mentioned at the beginning, Tasco Trail Cameras are not trouble-proof. You will face some issues with the camera occasionally. And if you are here because you are already facing some of these issues, the following troubleshooting tips will help you.

Troubleshooting 1: Shorter Battery Life

If you notice your Tasco Trail Camera battery is running out faster, it can be due to several reasons:

  • You are using the wrong batteries
  • You are using the wrong SD card
  • You have turned on the wrong setting

Tasco recommends using 4 Energizer® Lithium AA batteries in their camera. These batteries are more compatible with almost all their models.

As for the SD card, you can use the SanDisk® brand to prevent fast battery draining. Do not leave the camera in Setup mode. Instead, keep the power switch on.

Troubleshooting 2: The camera Does Not Take Pictures

Sometimes, you can face issues like your camera misbehaving. It can either be the camera stopping to take pictures or not taking photos at all. If that happens, try the following:

  • Ensure the SD card is not full because that’s where the issue lies most of the time. Format the camera after retrieving data every time.
  • Make sure the battery is not running out of energy. If the battery power is low, the camera tends to stop taking pictures.
  • Keep the camera ‘power on’ rather than off or in Setup mode.
  • Avoid using an SD card without formatting it if you used it for another camera.

Troubleshooting 3: Camera Won’t Power Up

Because of the issues with batteries, the camera may not power up. To solve this problem-

Troubleshooting 4: Poor Photo or Video Quality

As for photo or video quality issues, the troubleshooting depends on the type of trouble. If nighttime photos or videos appear too dark-

  • Use full-powered batteries because if the battery is low on power, the flash won’t be bright enough.
  • Make sure the camera covers the range the games will be on. If the animals appear further than the camera range, the photos tend to be dark.

If daytime photos or videos appear dark, the camera or the solar panel is the opposite of the sun or source of light. If the pictures or videos seem brighter than usual, that is probably because the camera is too close to the games or facing the sun directly. 

Troubleshooting 5: Various Color Cast

Do the photos your Tasco cameras take often end up having different color casts such as red, green, or blue? If so, then the sensor needs servicing. You can contact Tasco customer service to get help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Tasco Trail Cameras Waterproof?

Yes, just like any other trail camera, Tasco cameras are waterproof. They are also compatible with any weather condition. Since you are probably going to leave the camera outdoors, always second-check the camera before purchasing it.

Q. How Do I Secure a Trail Camera to A Tree?

You can secure a trail camera around a tree in several ways. Almost every trail camera comes with a strap. Use the strap to secure the camera to a tree.

Then there is cable lock, or better, python locks for trail cameras. The best way to secure a camera would be to use a lockbox. Lockboxes are helpful to prevent trail camera theft.

Q. Where Can I Buy Trail Cameras?

You have plenty of options from where you can buy a trail camera. First of all, there are electronic stores that sell trail cameras. A simple Google search will tell you the location of such stores near your area.

If you would rather avoid the trouble of going out to purchase a trail camera, online shops are better options. In that case, I suggest you check the trail cameras available on Amazon.

Q. How Far Can A Trail Camera Take Pictures?

The distance from which the trail camera takes a picture is called the flash range or detection range. If an animal or human moves in front of the camera, the sensors activate the trigger to snap photos.

Depending on brands and models, the flash range can be different. Nevertheless, it is usually between 30-120 feet. If you want an extended camera flash range, go for cameras that range between 80-120 feet.

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Final Words

Now you can see that learning Tasco Trail Camera troubleshooting is not tricky. Once you understand how things work, it will only take a few minutes to complete the tasks. You can save your money and effort when you can handle your camera issues.

Understanding how your camera works is essential too. Otherwise, you will fail to understand where the buttons and options are. And don’t forget to check on your camera from time to time to make sure everything is working perfectly.

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