8 Best Superhunter Trail Camera Review

If you were interested in exploring the beauty of wildlife, you might already know by now that it is pretty much impossible to capture images of wild animals without being close to them. 

However, the thing with wild animals is that they stay fully alert when they are roaming around. So, you can not really get close to them without scaring them away. But does that mean it is impossible to get close-up shots of them?

Not really! With the best Superhunter trail camera review, you can effortlessly get extreme close-up shots without being near the animals. And with the help of our experience and expertise in these camera traps, we will make it easier for you to choose one.

Our Top 3 Pick We Recommend

Best Superhunter Trail Camera Reviews

Yes, there are loads of trail cameras available in the market. But the thing is, not all will utilize a suitable motion sensor and camera sensor even if the specs seem too good on paper. For that reason, we have tested and compared more than 20 options. And in that extensive tests, these are the ones that stood out:

Vikeri 1080P 16MP

Vikeri 1080P 16MP

The current price of this Vikeri 1080P 16MP is available on Amazon

One of the first things that we considered while choosing these cameras was the resolution of the camera. And this offering from Vikeri has managed to impress us in that regard. Want to know how?

Firstly, it features a 16 MP camera. That sensor is capable of taking 1080p videos. It even comes with a 120 degrees angle lens. As a result, the sensor captures reasonably extensive images. You will be capable of viewing the target along with its surrounding environment in those captures.

Thanks to the 48 pcs of no-glow infrared modules, the sensor can capture reasonably bright images in dark conditions. Also, as the infrared LEDs do not glow in the dark, the animals will not get alerted when they are around the unit. It will be exceptionally stealthy.

You can entirely rely on its build. The housing has an IP66 rating. That means that even if there is heavy rain, the unit, along with all of the internal components, will stay fully functional. The excellent build quality will even increase its overall lifespan.

It also integrates a high-sensitivity motion sensor. The range is up to 25 meters in daylight and 20 meters at night. It even has a fast trigger speed, which is at 0.2 seconds. So, it will not miss any of the shots.


  • Packs a 16 MP camera
  • Boasts a wide-angle lens
  • Integrates 48 pcs of infrared LEDs
  • The motion sensor has a high-sensitivity
  • Features an excellent overall build


  • Not compatible with full-sized SD cards
  • The internal microphone is not highly capable


It comes with a highly capable camera sensor. Both the day and night performance are excellent. Also, the housing has an IP66 rating, which assures an extended overall service.

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SPYPOINT Stealth Verizon

SPYPOINT Stealth Verizon

The current price of this SPYPOINT Stealth Verizon is available on Amazon

Wouldn’t it be great if the trail camera could send captures directly to your mobile phone? Well, with this offering from SPYPOINT, you can precisely enjoy that capability.

As mentioned, the trail cam has a cellular modem. You will have two options when it comes to cellular service. And both of them cover most of the region of the USA. Also, as the cellular chip relies on the LTE transmission mode, the signal will basically remain uninterrupted.

But wireless connectivity is not the only thing that the unit has to offer. It comes with a capable camera as well. The sensor can capture photos and videos at an HD resolution. That means each of the captures will be full of detail and clarity. And the motion sensor can pick up movements from 100 meters.

On that note, the trigger speed of the sensor is at 0.07 seconds. In other words, the camera will start capturing images or videos pretty much the instant the animals are within range. Even the night photos and videos will be high in quality as it has 42 infrared LEDs with a flash range of 80 meters.

What about battery life? You will not have to worry about that either! It has a solar panel that will store energy from the sun. So, there will be no need to worry about replacing the batteries now and then.


  • Packs an LTE wireless chip
  • Offers two network coverage options
  • Can capture HD images and videos
  • The trigger speed is 0.07 seconds
  • Sports a detection range of 100 meters


  • The housing does not have any official IP rating
  • Does not have an SD card slot


This unit has pretty much everything that hunters and adventurers look for in a trail cam. The wireless transmission capability is excellent, and it can capture photos in HD resolution.

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The current price of this HAWKRAY Mini M2 is available on Amazon

Not impressed with the resolution of the camera of the available units? You should definitely check out what HAWKRAY is offering here.

To start with, it sports a 20 MP camera. The sensor can capture photos at a considerably high resolution. You will not even be disappointed with its video-capturing capabilities. It can record 1080p videos that will be full of details. Studying animals will become a breeze with this.

The camera also pairs the sensor up with a 120 degrees wide-angle lens. In other words, it is capable of capturing wide images and videos. You can study both the animal and its surroundings in those shots. As it adopts compact housing, concealing it will not be a hassle either. It will easily blend with the environment.

However, do not think that the battery life will be poor for the small housing because it can house 4 AA batteries. And as the internal chip is highly power-efficient, you can expect to get an extended battery life out of these four batteries. Also, it bundles with both batteries and a proper 32GB micro-SD card.

Additionally, the housing has an IP65 rating. For that reason, it will be capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions without showing any issues in performance. Also, the trigger speed of the motion detector is 0.2 seconds, which is up to the mark.


  • Equips a 20 MP camera
  • Features a wide-angle lens
  • Captures videos at FHD resolutuion
  • Compact and easy to conceal
  • Highly power-efficient


  • The nighttime pictures are not that great
  • Does not offer a praiseworthy level of audio on the videos


It comes with a 20 MP camera, boasts a compact form factor, and has a great battery life, which truly impressed us. Also, the housing is well capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.

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GardePro A3

GardePro A3

The current price of this GardePro A3 is available on Amazon

While most trail cameras’ daytime picture quality is excellent, many struggle to offer good nighttime photos. Well, that is not the case for this unit from GardePro.

So, what makes it highly capable of offering good nighttime pictures? It has a Sony Starvis camera. That sensor has a super low light sensitivity. The large aperture of the camera allows the sensor to obtain more light in dimly lit environments. For that reason, it can offer reasonably bright nighttime images.

Apart from capturing great pictures in low light, the resolution of the camera is pretty high as well. It features a 20 MP sensor. And that camera is capable of offering highly detailed images of wildlife. There is a night vision flash too. It has a range of 100 feet.

You will be well impressed with the videos it captures. It supports H.264 codec and can record 1080p videos at 30 FPS. So, the recordings will seem lifelike. The codec will also save a good amount of storage space. There will be no need to format the SD card that often.

The motion detection capability of the unit is top-notch. It can detect motions that are 82 feet away. Also, its trigger speed is 0.1 seconds, and it has a super-fast 0.5-second recovery time.


  • Captures excellent images in low light
  • Can capture 1080p 30 FPS videos
  • Utilizes H.264 codec for the videos
  • Packs a flash with a range of 100 feet
  • Sports a trigger speed of 0.1 seconds


  • Not that energy-efficient
  • The lens is not that wide


The low-light capability of this trail cam will truly impress you. It can even shoot videos at 1080p at 30 FPS, which is a cherry on top.

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BlazeVideo 24MP 1296P

BlazeVideo 24MP 1296P

The current price of this BlazeVideo 24MP 1296P is available on Amazon

Want to get yourself a trail cam that will not require you to change the format of the captures just to upload them on social media? Well, what you have been looking for is probably this unit from BlazeVideo.

This one saves all of the videos at the H.264 codec and in MP4 format. That means you will not have to fire up your editing software just to change the extension of the recordings. Also, there is an option that will let you capture both images and videos simultaneously. Both of them will be saved in the standard format.

The sensor of the unit is highly capable. It has a 24 MP resolution and is capable of capturing videos at FHD resolution. Thanks to the 36 infrared LEDs, the videos and photos during the nighttime will also have a higher brightness level. In other words, each of the shots will be full of details.

It even has a top-notch motion sensor. The motion sensor range is up to 75 feet, and its trigger speed is at 0.3 seconds. As the sensor has a wide detection range, you can fully count on the camera to capture each vital shot. You can even view each of the captures with the internal 2.4 inches full-color LCD screen.

Other than that, the housing is highly durable as well. It has an IP66 rating and is highly capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. There is a password protection system present too.


  • Captures videos and photos in a standard format
  • Boasts a 24MP camera resolution
  • Comes with 36 infrared LEDs
  • Packs a top-notch motion sensor
  • Sports a durable housing


  • The battery life is not that praiseworthy
  • Does not have a user-friendly UI


With this trail cam, importing the videos directly and posting them to your preferred social media will be possible. Also, the sensor is highly capable of capturing high-quality images and videos.

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WOSODA Trail Game Camera

WOSODA Trail Game Camera

The current price of this WOSODA Trail Game Camera is available on Amazon

An excellent motion detector sensor and a highly capable camera sensor are a combination that is hardly found in the available options. However, if you were looking for something with this combination, look at this offering from WOSODA.

Let us first talk about the motion sensor first. It has a range of 65 feet and a trigger speed of 0.3 seconds. Thanks to the recovery speed of 0.3 seconds to 1 second, you can rely upon it completely to take vital shots of the wildlife. And the trigger speed remains consistent even during the night.

Talking of images, it utilizes a 16 MP camera. The sensor holds the ability to capture crystal-clear images and FHD videos. Thanks to the higher aperture, the brightness of the nighttime photos will be pretty high. Also, the higher aperture will play a vital role in making the daytime pictures look sharp and clear.

The build quality is up to the mark too. It features an IP54 rating. In other words, harsh weather conditions will not be something that you would have to worry about. The package also comes with mounting straps, which will make the placement and setup process a breeze.

You will find multiple capturing modes available in the UI. And most of those settings are customizable. That means it will be possible to get the sensor to capture images just like how you want it to capture them.


  • Utilizes an advanced motion sensor
  • Can capture 1080p videos
  • The trigger speed is 0.3 seconds
  • Capable of capturing bright nighttime images
  • Boasts an IP54 rating


  • Video files can get corrupted from time to time
  • Does not support SDXC SD cards


This trail cam integrates a top-of-the-line motion sensor and camera sensor. Its daytime and nighttime performances are both highly praiseworthy.

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Browning Strike Force HD Pro

Browning Strike Force HD Pro

The current price of this Browning Strike Force HD Pro is available on Amazon

You might have heard about Browning trail cameras before. Yes, they are pretty popular. But what makes them achieve so much popularity? Well, this review can explain that adequately.

First of all, the camera sensor it relies on is 20 MP. It has a wide lens and is capable of capturing both photos and videos in a wide mode. For that reason, you will have the ability to observe both the targeted animal and its surroundings without facing any issues.

You will not even need to connect the trail cam to your computer just to check the captures. It has a 1.5 inches full-color built-in screen. That will let you view all of the images and videos easily. The package also bundles with an SD card that has 32GB of capacity. You will even receive a USB memory card reader.

On that note, it can capture videos at HD+ resolution. The same thing goes for the images. In other words, both the videos and photos will be crisp and full of details. It also integrates a reasonably fast motion sensor. The sensor has a trigger speed of 0.22 seconds. So, it will start capturing right when the animal is within range.

But what range does the motion sensor has? Well, it boasts a detection range of 80 feet. There is a built-in night flash too. It has a 120 feet range and can illuminate nighttime and daytime photos properly.


  • The camera features a 20 MP resolution
  • Packs a built-in 1.5 inches screen
  • Bundles with an SD card and reader
  • Can capture at HD+ resolution
  • Sports a proper motion sensor


  • The UI is a bit buggy
  • Does not have an official IP rating


This trail camera features a 20 MP sensor that can take photos and videos at HD+ resolution. It even comes with a built-in screen that will make it easier to view the captured shots.

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The current price of this ECOVOX 4K 24MP is available on Amazon

1080p video capturing capability is pretty much standard for trail cameras. But what if we told you that there is a good trail cam that can record at a stunning 4K resolution? Do not trust us? Take a look at this offering from ECOVOX.

As the label states, the unit features a 24 MP camera. However, it is not like any other sensors you will find on trail cams. It holds the ability to capture at a staggering 4K resolution. And the videos will be crystal clear, with greater overall details on each of the pixels.

It even has a built-in LCD screen. The screen is 2.4 inches in size, which means you should be capable of adequately viewing each shot without connecting the trail cam to the computer. Also, it has a fast-motion detector. The 3 PIR sensors can observe the environment at a full 120 degrees angle.

Even the trigger speed is respectable. It is at 0.2 seconds. For that reason, it will not miss capturing any of the actions. Thanks to the 42 infrared LEDs, the nighttime shots will look great as well. The LEDs have a good range too. They can capture fully bright images of animals that are up to 75 feet away from the camera.

Other than that, the housing is exceptionally durable. It has an IP65 waterproof rating and can withstand harsh weather conditions without any issues. The setup process is also fairly straightforward.


  • Integrates a 24 MP high-resolution camera
  • Can capture videos at 4K resolution
  • Features a large built-in display
  • Sports a trigger speed of 0.2 seconds
  • Boasts a durable housing


  • The included SD card is not that fast at transferring files
  • Battery life is not that great


The thing that makes it stand out the most is the camera sensor. It is capable of capturing videos at a glorious 4K resolution. The large built-in display will not disappoint you either.

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Considerations When Buying a Superhunter Trail Camera

We know how excited you are after going through the review section. Even though each of the offerings in that segment will perform great, you can increase your chances of getting something worthy of each penny if you consider these factors:

Camera Sensor

Let us get one thing straight. You are purchasing a trail cam to capture photos and videos of the wildlife. And if the unit does not come with a capable camera, the images and shots you will end up with will not be worth looking at, let alone posting on social media.

So, what should you look for in the camera sensor? First, is the capture resolution. The standard is 1080p, but the 720p ones are not bad either. Then, the MP rating. It stands for megapixels. But note that a higher amount of megapixels will not mean anything if the camera cannot capture images at a higher resolution.

Low Light Capture Ability

There are plenty of trail cameras out there that will have an excellent camera sensor on paper. They will even take great daytime photos and videos. However, when the environmental lights go out, the captures will be grainy and distorted. That is not something that you would want, right?

For that reason, you should consider the low light capturing ability. Check the aperture and low-light sensitivity. The higher these two are, the better the nighttime captures will look.

Infrared LEDs

Apart from the low-light capability of the sensor, you need to consider how good the infrared LEDs are. Most of the manufacturers will integrate more than 30 LEDs. However, if the LEDs are not that capable, they will not illuminate the picture that well.

Motion Sensor

Another thing that needs to be in your consideration is the motion sensor. First, consider the range. The standard is 70 meters. However, if you can get something with a higher range than 70 meters, the camera will be capable of capturing all of the animals within its surroundings.

Secondly, check the trigger speed. If the trigger speed is low, even when there is motion around the camera and the sensor detects it, the capture will be slow. In other words, you might lose a lot of interactions that are occurring between the wildlife animals.


The housing of the trail cams plays an important role. You would need to hide these inside the forest or an area where there are loads of vegetation. Places like those are prone to heavy rainfall. So, if the housing is not that durable, the camera will be toast if any heavy rain does occur in the area.

Battery Life

No matter how durable, well-capable, and high-quality a trail cam is, you will not be capable of relying on it entirely if it does not have good battery life. In this case, look for units with an efficient image processor and an efficient storage system. The battery life of those will be stellar.

On that note, some of the models will utilize a solar panel on the top. Those will be capable of storing energy from the sun. If possible, get one of those units. They can sometimes offer a month-worth of run time.

User Experience

Last but not least, consider the user experience. For this, you would need to consider the UI. The more user-friendly the UI is, the better. With one of those, transferring, modifying, and deleting files will be a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average battery life of trail cams?

Most of the manufacturers will advertise the battery life in terms of photos. And the average number of images that the trail cams can capture with new batteries is 30 thousand.

How many videos can a trail camera capture?

That will depend on the SD card installed. If it is 32GB and the videos are 1080p, the camera will capture up to 480 minutes of shots. That is about 48 videos if you consider each to be 10 minutes.

Are all trail cameras waterproof?

Most of them are waterproof to some extent. But the ones that have an IP rating of 66 or higher will be most resistant to water.

How durable are trail cameras?

Some of the units with a high IP rating are exceptionally durable. They will have proper sealing, which will make them withstand heavy rain and storms pretty easily.

Can I install a full-sized SD card in my trail cam?

That will depend on whether the camera has a full-sized SD card slot or not. Some of the units will have a slot for micro SD cards only.

Final Words

We can assure you that each of the models covered in the best Superhunter trail camera review will impress you in both videos and photos. However, if you ask us to choose a couple, our first pick would be the Vikeri 1080P 16MP. It features a 16MP camera and can capture bright nighttime photos.

Our second pick would be the SPYPOINT Stealth Verizon. It can send photos directly to your phone, which we do not see in most trail cameras. Its motion sensor and camera sensor are highly capable too.

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