Game Camera That Connects To Phone- Worth The Cost?

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Game Camera That Connects To Phone

We all prefer things that seem easier than other available options. Now, please don’t go on disagreeing with me because we know that’s the truth. And this truth applies to game cameras or trail cameras as well.

There has been a significant change in the way game cameras have been changing hunting games. At first, these cameras were only for monitoring wild animals’ movements. But now, trail cameras can do more than that.

They have made hunters’ and photographers’ work flexible. Moreover, you no longer need to visit the camera location frequently to check camera settings and retrieve data. Now you can get yourself a game camera that connects to your phone from miles away.

These trail cameras are known as wireless and cellular trail cameras. And before I go further on explaining game cameras that connect to your phones, let’s find out how these cameras work.

Types Of Game Cameras That Connect To Phones

Modern game cameras come with a package of high-tech features. These features allow the users to maintain a better connection with the camera’s activities.

The cameras have different ways to get connected to the users’ phones. And based on that, we can separate them into the following types:

1. Wireless Game Camera

For short-range data transmission, wireless trail cameras are the best option. These cameras can transfer data through a Wi-Fi Or Bluetooth connection. Wireless cameras are preferred for home security over tracking games.

Since Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the media of data transmission for these cameras, their network range tends to be short.  To connect the camera to your phone for photo transmission, you need to be in the camera’s wireless network range.

Then, you have to connect your phone to the camera’s wireless network system. After the two devices sync, you can start the data transmission process.


  • Suitable for home security
  • It does not require a data connection
  • Not having a data connection saves money
  • Consume comparatively low battery power


  • Short-range
  • Slow transmission is time-consuming
  • Data transmission isn’t always secure

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2. Cellular Game Camera

Those who think that going to the camera location will not be easy all the time need a more flexible option. That means it’s time to introduce the cellular trail or game camera. The sudden popular cellular cameras gained their popularity because of how they work and connect to phones.

Cellular trail cameras work via a cellular network signal. You need to buy a SIM card with a data plan. Afterward, you will have to download an app and connect your phone and camera through it.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you will start receiving photos and videos directly on your phone from anywhere. Besides, you will be getting the images and videos in real time.

Cellular trail cameras come in two types of network systems: 3G and 4G networks. And you must set up your camera where the camera receives the most robust network signal. If not, it will fail to send any data to your receiving end.

And to receive better signals and make the data transfer, the 4G network is preferred over the 3G network. Still, using either of them is enough to ensure having the best experience.


  • Offer an extended range of signal
  • Fast data transmission through 3G or 4G network signal
  • Allows you to control the camera settings through a phone app
  • It lets you connect the camera and receive pictures on your phone directly
  • Secure data transmission


  • More expensive
  • Drains batteries faster
  • You have to pay for a data plan
  • Having a cellular network signal is essential

3 Game Camera That Connects To Phone

I’ve lost count of the number of game cameras I’ve come across that connect to phones. And when you find a way to connect the camera to your phone, and hallelujah!

You end up visiting the camera area less yet receiving data on your phone in real-time. Now let’s get to know a few such game cameras.

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1. Creative XP 3G Trail Camera

The creative XP trail camera is one of the leading trail camera companies. And its 3G trail camera is among the winners of the best cellular trail cameras. The camera might be pretty expensive, but the quality and the features make up for it.

It works on an AT&T SIM card and comes with a flexible data plan which allows the camera to send pictures and videos to your phone number or email. Some cellular cameras don’t have the MMS feature, and that’s why people prefer this one.

2. Bigfoot 4G LTE Game Camera

The Bigfoot company has a 3G game camera as well. The 3G model is pretty much the same as this model. But what makes the 4G model stand out?

Other than the fast data transfer, this camera sends images via MMS and Email. The 3G model no longer has the MMS feature.

Since we are talking about connecting the trail camera to your phone, it should mean flexibility. And not all users want to go through email to check the photos.

3. Moultrie 4G Cellular Trail Camera

Almost all Moultrie trail cameras are suitable for everyone, if you know which one to pick. I’ve always found Moultrie cameras fascinating for the way they look. They are perfect for camouflaging or hiding from plain sight.

You can operate this camera through its mobile app to keep up with the camera’s activities. If you want a reliable game camera to connect to your phone, Moultrie 4G camera is one of them.

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Why Is This Feature Necessary?

It is not mandatory to use a game camera that connects to the phone. I would say it is more of a personal preference. If you think you don’t want to spend extra money on cellular data and are okay with a wireless transfer, you can choose that.

On the other hand, if you want to receive pictures and videos from anywhere, a cellular trail camera is your next gadget. These cameras need a cellular network signal and a data plan for sending images.

How Much Extra Does This Feature Cost?

Again, you have to know which feature you are going for. The cost will be different based on the type of camera and its features. But no matter what, the expense will always be within your reach.

Since wireless trail cameras don’t require a data plan, they don’t charge you for anything. Your money will be in your pocket, that’s for sure. However, the cellular network feature is an essential feature if you want the camera to send you data immediately.

In some cases, cellular trail camera manufacturers provide SIM cards as part of the package. And most of them come with data plans. You only need to choose the one that seems the most suitable for you.

Data plans can cost $8 to $40, depending on the number of pictures you will receive and whether you will pay monthly or yearly. I always recommended choosing yearly plans because they end up costing less than the monthly payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from the users:

Q. Do I Need To Use The Same Network For My Game Camera And Phone?

Let me ask you one thing. When you send or receive data from someone else’s phone, does that person always have the same cellular network as yours? I’m sure the answer is negative.

The same rule applies to game cameras. It is not necessary to have the same network. Both devices can have different providers yet can transfer data without problems.

Q. How Do I View My Game Pictures Camera Directly On My Phone?

Hunters and photographers always used laptops on the spot to view pictures from their cameras. And carrying a laptop all the time means extra trouble. But now, you can use a Trail Camera Viewer device to connect your camera directly to your phone.

It looks like a USB plug with a Card Reader feature. With that, you can plug your SD card into your phone to view, save and delete photos.

Q. Which Is The Best Trail Camera To Connect To Phones?

These days you can connect almost all game cameras to your phone. Both Wireless and Cellular game cameras come with features that allow the camera to connect directly and indirectly.

However, while the wireless trail camera will require you to be closer to the camera’s wireless network range, cellular trail cameras will let you connect them from anywhere. You can also use the Trail Camera Viewer / Reader for easier access.

Final Words

Finding a game camera that connects to a phone isn’t difficult anymore. But is that the best trail camera for you? Will it give you the kind of result you need or expect?

The game camera you buy must come with the answers to these questions. And once you find the right camera, you will see how it changes your experience with game cameras.

Nevertheless, if possible, take a demo in the store before purchasing the camera to see if the functions work out for you and your phone. Whether it is a wireless or cellular trail camera, proper handling, and correct placement can bring the best out of any trail camera.

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