Moultrie Game Camera Troubleshooting [4 Common Problems]

Trails cameras are the best way to capture wildlife photos or deer hunting without even disturbing the animals for a moment. That’s why these cameras are getting more and more popular over the years.

The popularity of these cameras led many electronic device manufacturers to manufacture and sell trail cameras. And Moultrie is one such brand.

Just like every other trail camera, Moultrie cameras also go through some issues. As an owner, knowing how to solve those issues is essential for your own benefit. And if you own a Moultrie game camera or plan to have one, then today’s Moultrie Game Camera troubleshooting article is what you need. 

History Of Moultrie Game Cameras

It started between the late 70s and early 80s when deer hunting over food plots was quite common.  The founder of Moultrie, Dan Moultrie, and his family-owned hunting land. But the deer barely ventured into their land as their neighbor owned vast land planted with corn and beans.

To prevent deer from passing through their property, Dan assembled his very first spin-cast deer feeder. It became a success, and soon Dan started making deer feeders for his friends. Later, he would open his own business called Moultrie Feeders. By the mid-80s, Dan’s Moultrie Feeders was available in many hunting retail locations around the U.S.

Fast forward, Moultrie Feeders company started to bring change in deer hunting to make it easier. And it introduces its first 35mm trail camera.

However, the older models were not enough as the digital trail cameras started to replace them.  But over time, with all the upgrades, Moultrie Game Cameras were among the top choices. The company also introduced the first cellular trail camera.

Moultrie Game Camera Troubleshooting

Learning a few game camera troubleshooting hacks will never go wasted. Taking your camera for servicing can be time-consuming and costs money. But why waste your time on things that you can do by yourself?

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1. Problem: Blurred Images

Nothing is more frustrating than setting up a camera and coming back home, only to realize the camera is sending blurry images. You can barely get a decent picture out of all those images. So, how can you solve this?


The best way to avoid this problem is to put the camera in multi-shot mode. Once activated, the camera will capture multiple pictures at a go instead of one. Thus, finding one or more perfect shots out of many won’t be a problem.

To activate this option, you need to go to the Setup option of your camera. You can select Multi-Shot and press Change. Choose your desired number of shots from there. Finally, put the camera into Auto mode.

2. Problem: Camera Not Taking Pictures

This problem is even worse than the previous one. When you realize the camera isn’t taking pictures, it can be an issue with the settings.


Check if the camera is in Handheld mode. If you notice this option is on, this could be the culprit behind the issue. Simply turn the Auto setting on, and the camera will start taking photos of anything that moves in front of it. Also, the camera will not take pictures if the SD is in Protect mode.

3. Problem: No Photo on SD Card

Your camera might be taking pictures and still not saving them on the SD card. Well, don’t panic because it’s not a severe issue.


It happens mostly when the SD card is out of sufficient storage. That’s why it is advisable to format the SD card before you install the camera anywhere.

4. Problem: Dead Batteries

It is an issue users go through when the camera is left outdoors for a long time. You lose track of time and don’t realize anything until the batteries are dying or dead.


To keep the battery percentage on track, look at the small LCD screen of your camera. The battery percentage will be next to the letter B. If it is 10% or less, it is time to change the batteries.

Moultrie Game Camera Features

Yes, you might be here to learn only about Moultrie Game Camera troubleshooting and already know its features. But if you are not experienced with this brand, let me inform you of some of its features.

  • Sensors / Detection Range: Sometimes, trail cameras end up disappointing you because of a low detection range. The sensors must pick up motion as fast as possible. That’s why extended flash range cameras are suitable for better photos, even during the night.
  • Wireless: A wireless network can connect Moultrie Game Cameras to send photos and videos to your phone or computer, depending on how you connect them.
  • Protection: Trail camera theft is a common incident, if not frequent. Having the camera password-protected will not prevent thieves from stealing it. But without a password, no one else can access the camera functions.

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Moultrie Game Camera Pros And Cons

Moultrie game cameras are incredible. But they still lack a few things. Hopefully, the manufacturer will surprise the users with new robust models soon. But before they do that, let’s check the pros and cons of this game camera:


  • Moultrie game cameras have a built-in viewing screen. These screens are standard on many trail camera models.
  • These cameras are password protected. That means no one will get access to your camera settings except you.
  • The camera price is affordable, and the cameras are worth the price.
  • Several Moultrie game camera models have long-range flash, which allows better-quality photos.
  • The cameras have features that allow you to receive data directly to your mobile or computer.


  • The Moultrie game camera’s resolution is not that bad. But many affordable brand models now come with higher-resolution cameras.
  • The exterior design is basic. They are not the types that you can camouflage easily.

Final Words

Moultrie Game Camera troubleshooting does not require pro handling. However, you must be careful when you try fixing the functions. One wrong setting will take you back to where you started, or worse.

I suggest you read through the article and understand the issues before you try to fix them. If you cannot, taking them to someone with more experience and service skills is suitable. Nevertheless, make sure you clean and maintain your game camera from time so that it can last longer.

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