What Food Plots Do Deer Like Best?: Top Picks to Attract Bucks!

What Food Plots Do Deer Like Best | The Ultimate Guide

Deer love to munch! Do you know what they enjoy the most?

When planning food plots for deer, it’s vital to choose crops deer love. They need tasty food all year. Let’s explore the best options. Get your food plot thriving!

Top Food Plot Crops for Deer

Here are the best foods that deer simply can’t resist:

  • Clover: A deer menu favorite!
  • Chicory: Packed with nutrients for deer.
  • Alfalfa: Deer love its flavor.
  • Oats: A tasty treat for them.
  • Winter Wheat: Great for cold weather.
  • Brassicas: Healthy and deer-approved.
  • Corn: A classic choice for deer.
  • Soybeans: Full of proteins for deer.

Year-Round Deer Nutrition

Deer need different foods through the year. Here’s a simple season guide:

Season Food Plot Crops
Spring Clover, Alfalfa, Chicory
Summer Soybeans, Clover, Alfalfa
Fall Oats, Winter Wheat, Brassicas
Winter Corn, Brassicas, Winter Wheat

Determining the Best Plot Size

Deer need room to roam and feed. Here’s what to consider for your plot size:

  • Land Size: More land lets you plant more.
  • Deer Number: More deer need more food.
  • Food Types: Mix crops for good health.
What Food Plots Do Deer Like Best?: Top Picks to Attract Bucks!

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Location and Timing

Picking the right spot is key. Also, know when to plant. Note these tips:

  • Choose a sunny spot for the plot.
  • Good soil helps plants grow well.
  • Plant at the right time in spring or fall.

Preparing the Food Plot

Prep work is a game-changer. Do these steps for success:

  • Test the soil to see what it needs.
  • Clear the land of trees and rocks.
  • Till the soil to make it soft.
  • Add lime and fertilizer as needed.

Maintaining Your Food Plot

A well-kept plot means happy deer. Keep your plot in top shape:

  • Mow it to keep plants healthy.
  • Remove unwanted weeds often.
  • Add fertilizer to help plants grow.
  • Water during dry times if you can.
What Food Plots Do Deer Like Best?: Top Picks to Attract Bucks!

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Frequently Asked Questions Of What Food Plots Do Deer Like Best?: Top Picks To Attract Bucks!

What Are Popular Deer-attracting Food Plots?

Deer are particularly drawn to plots with clover, brassicas, oats, wheat, and soybeans, offering both nutrition and palatability.

How Often Should I Plant Food Plots For Deer?

Food plots should be planted annually, with some perennials like clover requiring less frequent replanting but more maintenance.

Can Deer Food Plots Attract Other Wildlife?

Yes, food plots designed for deer can also entice turkeys, quail, and a variety of other wildlife seeking food and habitat.

What’s The Best Season For Planting Deer Food Plots?

The best planting season varies by crop; fall is ideal for winter wheat and brassicas, while spring is optimal for clover and soybeans.

Are There Perennial Plants That Attract Deer?

Clover, chicory, and alfalfa are among the top perennial plants that provide a long-term food source for deer.

How Large Should A Deer Food Plot Be?

The size can vary greatly, but plots usually range from 0. 5 to 5 acres, depending on available land and the number of deer you aim to support.

Do Deer Prefer Food Plots Over Natural Forage?

While deer instinctively browse natural forage, well-maintained food plots can offer more consistent and nutritious food sources, making them highly attractive.

What’s The Best Location For A Deer Food Plot?

Choose a plot close to deer bedding areas with ample sunlight, easy access, and proper soil conditions to ensure plant growth and deer activity.


Creating the perfect food plot is a mix of science, timing, and love. It’s about knowing what deer crave and giving them plenty. Use this guide to make a spot deer will visit over and over.

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