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Welcome to our stealth camera reviews features. If you searching for a good quality stealth camera, then right now you're in the right place.

This company has a wide range of high-quality trail cameras, from that long list we pick 8 stealth trail cameras and review them for our visitors. So, that our visitors can easily pick one best stealth camera!!

We want to serve the best user experience. For ensuring that, deployed a team consist of experts. Then, they analyzed the trail cam user perspective and fetched some new information. For example:

The hunter or wildlife photographer both needs crystal clear pictures and videos. In some case, they want real-time audio too. On the other hand, a homeowner seeks an active IR LED lights with considerable detection power at night.

Moreover, all of them wants the best product within their budget. The user is ready to cross their budget limit if the product supports well.

By considering all the user point of view, we felt that the stealth cam reviews would be the proper solution. And they have been serving for 20 years successfully to the users.

Besides that, the company provides excellent customer service as well as technical support to the hunters, photographer, and homeowners.

Based on that, our team analyzed the entire company and created a recommendation for trail cam user. Therefore, the suggestion covers these following things:

  • Stealth Cam company overview
  • Why is stealth cam the best solution?
  • Best Stealth Cam products.
  • Stealth cam buying guide
  • Questions.

Editor picks:

Among the eight trial cameras, our editor picked two cameras which are: as follows:

1) Stealth Cam G42NG No-Glow Trail Game Camera

Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera STC-G42NG (Gray)

After GWX, our editor preferred G43NG as his second pick. For choosing this, he considered these following features:

Image and video quality:

This device has a 10MP camera with 1080p supported HD video option. By these ways, it can capture clear pictures and 180 seconds video, including real-time sound. Also, the night time image of the gear is worthy enough within the budget 

Trigger & recover ratio:

Moreover, the 0.5s shutter speed can capture any fastest object smoothly. For sustaining the fluency, it has 5s recovery speed. In result, there is no chance to miss a single moment.

Battery life:

For performing the crucial jobs, this trial camera needs 8 AA batteries. And the battery types are alkaline or lithium, which last around five to six months.

Detection ability:

Another excellent feature of this device is the 100ft detection range. Within this range, the tool can detect any object at day time. For night time, it uses 42 black infrared no glow lights. And the scope of the lights is 50ft.

Other options:

However, there are more features in this device. And they are as follows:

  • It has up to 32gb MicroSD card option.
  • As well as, it has a 2-inch LCD for smooth operating.
  • Also has quick setup facilities.
  • The manufacturer provides all installation kit with it.

For summarizing the entire discussion, our editor has added some pros and cons, including his expert opinion below:


  • Durable trail camera.
  • Powerful no glow lights.
  • Instant observation.


  • The video files of the camera do not support in all device.

Expert opinion:

As an Apple user, our editor faced the same problem. Later it solved after reading the instruction from the web.

And that’s all the discussion of editor picks. Now, moving on to the next part:

Trial cam user community picks:

In this part, readers are going to see two more cameras, that our trail cam user community selected by responding to a poll session. 

In that conference, they preferred some features of the cameras individually. And we are about to the point that step by step below:

2) Stealth Cam PX12 64

Stealth Cam P12 6 Megapixel Digital Scouting Camera, Tree Bark

The first device of our list is technically blessed enough. Because it has maximum features like other cameras. For example:

Image and video quality:

The six-megapixel camera serves a decent quality image as well as VGA quality video to the owner. Though it cannot perform the massive weight job, still better for lightweight work.

Trigger & recover ratio:

This device has 2 seconds shutter speed with 5 seconds improve speed. With this, it can seize every moment properly, even in the case of the speedy animal.

Battery life:

For supporting the above-said performance, it has 8 AA lithium or alkaline batteries which lasts more than six months.

Detection ability:

Besides that, it has 50 feet detection capacity. For that identification, it uses 12 individual IR LED lights.

Other options:

Except all above said, this trail cam has some additional features. Such as

  • Two different battery partition.
  • 32 GB SD card option.
  • 1.5 inches LCD for checking the status.
  • All installation accessories are also included.

And for summarizing the complete discussion, we have given the pros and cons option with an expert opinion below:


  • Better for home surveillance.
  • Convenient to setup
  • Proper within flexible budget.
  • Options like burst mood are available


  • Video quality is not satisfying.

Expert opinion:

According to our expert, this trail cam is proper for light work. So, those who seek a lightweight device, they can pursue this.

3) Stealth Cam 7 Megapixel Compact Scouting Camera

Stealth Cam 7 Megapixel Compact Scouting Camera with Batteries and SD Card, Camouflage

And the second budget camera of our list has some exciting features. This device features not only gratified us but also the experts. For user convenient here we have illustrated the main features: 

Image and video quality:

As the manufacturer focused on user comfort, that’s why they added a 7-megapixel camera. With the camera resolution, this gear can provide decent photos and video with real audio recording.

Trigger & recover ratio:

Besides, this trail cam has 0.5s shutter speed with fast recovery time. Means, continuous monitoring without a break.
Battery life

For supporting the earlier options, the device uses 8 AA lithium or alkaline batteries, which lasts more than six months relatively.

Detection ability:

Besides the feature mentioned above, a user checks the detection power. For them, this camera offers 50 feet day and night time identification, plus 18 infrared lights that not only finds the motion of animal but also captures their activities.

Other options:

Aside from all the above things, this camera has more exciting features, for example:

  • It comes in batteries, SD card, and installation kit.
  • Extra electric power cables are also included with the delivery.
  • EZ dial type operating technology

In total, this could be another great choice within a tight budget. For better understanding, here are pros and cons option with an expert opinion.


  • Easy installation facility.
  • Modern technology.
  • It has excellent detection and picture quality.
  • No glow options.


  • Some user faced terrible customer service.

Expert opinion:

Our expert believes that this gear needs low maintenance. From that perspective, it way better.

4) Stealth Cam 8MP 30IR Game Camera

Stealth Cam 8MP 30IR Game Camera

And the third one of our lists is a better option from earlier said camera. For illustrating the term “better option” here, we have demonstrated the camera features:

Image and video quality:

It offers spotless photos and high definition video with an 8-megapixel camera. Not only that but also provide real-time audio.

Trigger & recover ratio:

Moreover, the 5s trigger speed with fast recovery time influenced the camera to pick every moment. As a result, there is no option of missing any possibility.

Battery life:

For supporting the activities, this cam needs 8AA batteries. And it lasts more than seven months.

Detection ability:

Except that, the 80 feet detection capacity with 30 Infrared lights, help to detect and capture night time activities of the animals.

Other options:

Despite earlier said things, the user also checks these rear portions during the buying period.

  • The producer provides installation kits and additional power jack.
  • Also, this camera supports up to 32 GB Micro SD card.
  • The Burst mood type photography options are also included.
  • Weather, date, time indicator is adjusted here.

As the discussion is long, we preferred to structure a quick look option, which covers the pros and cons with expert opinion:


  • Easy to maintain.
  • Weatherproof and secure.
  • It meets all user demands.


  • The daylight video is not satisfying

Expert opinion:

Our professionals have found that the day time video quality is not up to the mark because of low resolution.

5) Stealth Cam 14-Megapixel 45 No-Glo IR Trail Camera

Stealth Cam 14.0 Megapixel 45 No-Glo IR Trail Camera

At first, the community votes this G45NG pro, for its fantastic portability and size. Besides that, they marked further favorite features, such as:

Image and video quality:

The 14-megapixel camera provides high definition video and spotless pictures, even at night time. Because it supports glow-less IR LED light and they are high end. Furthermore, options like real-time audio are included in the device.

Trigger & recover ratio:

0.5s trigger speed with quick recovery time helps to capture any fast object. And this feature won some users heart.

Battery life:

Also, the support of 8 AA batteries is impressive, which lasts more than five months without any break.

Detection ability:

It also has 100 feet detection range to capture an object at day and night time. As it has night time high detection range, user surprised by saying how? And the answer is proper incorporation of technologies.

Other options:

Except earlier said things, the trail cam communal preferred these following things. Such as:

  • Inside the camera has weatherproof technology.
  • 32gb MicroSD slot and extra power cord.
  • It has password protection and multi-lingual option.
  • Burst mode features
  • GPS, moon phase, time, and date features like another camera.

Briefly, this device has won critics heart. For summing up the whole discussion, we have written pros and cons with an expert opinion below:


  • Easy to handle
  • Advanced technology.
  • User-friendly device.


  • Some firmware updates interrupted the user experience.

Expert opinion:

Usually, firmware updates occur for better support, but recent one could not meet that. That’s why user faced the problem. And our expert complained it to the manufacturer. We hope it has solved.

6) Stealth Cam GXW 12MP Wireless Trail Cam

Stealth Cam GXW Wireless 12 MP Trail Cam

According to the editor, this one has something unique. For example, the interpolar 12mp camera provides a decent image and video.

As a result, the camera owner gets some fantastic moment, like this there more features inside the camera, which are:

Image and video quality:

With 12Mp camera, it can produce 1080p HD videos along with crystal clear real-time sound. Also, the no glow option helps to capture the best night time picture without informing the object.

Trigger & recover ratio:

For capturing the optimum night/day time picture, the camera uses .5s trigger speed. As well as it has 57s recovery speed. Means, every moment is stored inside the device. For storing that moment, this device has up to 32 GB SD card space

Battery life:

As the equipment is cellular and sends a picture through a sim card, it needs 12 AA batteries. And they last almost 2.2 months.

Maybe this seems low, but the truth is, cellular device camera works a lot at a time. For example, it captures images and sends promptly to the owner by using the original data plan.

For the data plan, the owner has to install an AT&T sim card that works under GSM network. 

Detection ability:

Moreover, the trial camera has a 90ft detection range. Within that range, it emits the IR lights for sensing the animal’s movement. And to sense that, it has 45 different LED lights.

Other options:

Besides, this gear has some exclusive features; they are:

  • A user-friendly app to check on-demand status.
  • The product comes in installing kit and accessories.
  • A 12-volt extra power jack is also including there.
  • Inside the camera has a 2.4-inch LCD with smooth operating.

Overall, the discussion can be summed up into pros and cons with expert opinion:


  • Easy to run.
  • Provide real-time support.
  • Detailed information.


  • The battery life is too low.

Expert opinion:

As the camera performs a lot of work, it's natural to take a considerable amount of power. So, 2.2 month is good enough for a cellular camera.

7) Stealth Cam 8mp 26IR Camo Trail Camera

Stealth Cam 8mp 26IR Camo Trail Camera

Beside G45NG, the community chooses this surveillance camera for their outdoor purpose. Because censor like PIR has the highest motion detection capability.

Thus, most of the community selected this trail camera. Except that, it has some other things. For example:

Image and video quality:

The 8-megapixel camera offers a decent spotless picture along with crystal clear video and audio, even in the night time. Though the photographs are black and white, it is good enough to observe.

Trigger & recover ratio:

It also has 0.5 seconds shutter speed with quick recovery time like other devices. Means, user can see every crucial moment at any time from the device apps.

Battery life:

For supporting that shutter speed and other performance, the camera needs 8 AA batteries, which helps more than five to six months continuously.

Detection ability:

This device also has 80 ft detection power at day and night time. Because the built-in 26 Infrared lights help to identify any object decently.

Other options:

Apart from all above-said thing, it has more options such as:

  • This device has a maximum of 32 GB SD card facilities.
  • Burst mode options are also included.
  • GPS and Geographical tagging option.

In summary, the device can monitor the front door accurately. For organizing the entire idea, here we have discussed the pros and cons with expert opinion:


  • Glow less IR sensor.
  • Essential installation kit
  • Additional power cord.


  • Video quality is not satisfying

Expert opinion:

Within this resolution its natural to face this sort of video quality. Therefore, it recommended for the bright area, not in the bushy field. 

After analyzing all the discussed feature, we measured the most votes. Eventually, I decided that the earlier presented product should be in this community-recommended portion. With that saying moving on to the final section:

Best budget-friendly picks:

At the last stage, we will show some budget-friendly stealth cam. Wherewith the user community can buy the minimum budget trail cam for their hunting, home, or garden. So the items are as follows:

8) Stealth Cam 1006645 G34 Game Camera 12 MP

Stealth Cam 1006645 G34 Game Camera 12 MP

The final product of these lists is G34. For enlisting the product, we have analyzed these following features mainly:

Image and video quality:

It has an excellent photo and video quality, which helps the user to understand every detail. Because it provides in-depth illustration with pictures and video.

Trigger & recover ratio:

Also, the .5s shutter speed with fast recovery option helps to sustain the earlier said support. For that reason, the user gets every minute update.

Battery life:

For performing all the above activities, the camera needs 8 AA lithium or alkaline batteries. And they sustain more than eight months.

Detection ability:

Besides that, the trail cam offers 80 feet detection range with 36 PIR lights, for determining night time object. Moreover, those lights are less sensitive and do not glow.

Means, it can capture the object picture without informing them.

Other options:

Other than all other things the device offers these following features:

  • Installation kits and 32 GB memory card installation space.
  • It has password security, GPS, and weather update.
  • Inside the device has multi-language options and new power cord.
  • Other signature functions

For understanding the entire discussion in short, here we are offering pros and cons with an expert opinion.


  • Glow-less IR LED lights
  • On-demand monitoring support.
  • IR capacity is 100 feet.


  • The camera lens is narrow.

Expert opinion:

Though the camera lens is narrow, our professional believes that this one is good enough for observing.

With the G34 review, we have completed our three crucial review parts. And we believe, have given all the necessary information a user need.

Nevertheless, we want to make the previous portions stronger. That’s why are offering our users to read the next two parts.

In that portion, you will find a detail buying guideline and possible queries regarding the cameras. So, the pieces are as follows.

Stealth cam company overview:

Alright, the first stage will inform an excellent overview of the brand. So the synopsis is as follows: Stealth Cam is a subsidiary of GSM Outdoors, and the company had established at Texas in 1999. From that time, it has been serving all over Texas with its famous 19 products.

And all their products are for hunters and athletes. With that equipment, they have conquered million user bases.

Seeing this amount of success, a private investment company Sentinel Capital urged to acquire GSM Outdoor.

After evaluating their interest, The GSM CEO Eddie Castro intended to join with Sentinel.

Because the Stealth Cam needs better investment for improving their technology to fulfill consumer demands.

With this investment, the entire GSM Outdoor performs better than it was. For showing the improvement, we offer to check our forthcoming section below.

Why is stealth cam the best solution?

Well, the Sentinel Capital acquisition proves, why stealth cam is the best solution? For better understanding, here is an example:

Their 4k ultra HD camera lens, trigger speed, detection range, image, and video quality are better.

Besides, they toiled to improve their earlier versions with some technical changes, and the user can experience that from the new production.

Means, a hunter will get more transparent pictures, videos, and better support from the company.  For checking the fact, we have constructed a special section where best stealth cameras are combined with different sections. And they are:

Best Stealth Cam products:

Inside the article, users are about to see eight different stealth cameras into three parts. And the portions are:

  • Editor picks
  • Trial cam user community chooses
  • Budget-friendly picks:

Stealth cam buying guide:

Before buying the Stealth trail cameras, we consider some simple requirements. For example:

Image and video quality:

At first, check the quality of the camera. Because a quality resolution can provide a better-quality picture. So, we recommend our user to check the resolution and video duration.


In the second stage, we recommend checking the battery lifetime and type. And most of their camera supports 8 AA or 12AA lithium or alkaline battery. So, it depends on user convenience.

Infrared lights:

This one needs for motion detection and night time image capture. Therefore, the user has to consider how many IR lights they need before buying.


Since it’s a long-time investment, thereby competitive analysis is essential. In our case, we compared with other brand and found that Stealth Cam provides better technologies than others.

Easy to handle:

The final one we checked is operating option, which is good. As well as, the other facilities are up to the mark. Since a user will choose one device or more, we recommend checking the handling capacity.


Inside the section, we will try to answer a few queries that a user may ask after reading our article. Thus, the items are:

Do all the camera has a burst mode option?


Do all the camera has the signature features?


Can I get more information about each camera?

Yes, for that, we request you to click the option after each product review.

Final thoughts:

Based on the earlier discussion, we can say that you have got the answer to “why should you check these stealth cam reviews?” Again, we want to say that we aim to serve the best experience for our valuable traffic.

On that note, we want o to ask a question “have met your requirements?” let us know through comment.

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