How Many Pictures Can 16gb Hold?

It’s hard to say how many pictures can 16gb hold as it completely depends on the image size. And the numbers in the case of size can be anything. But we can say that you should be able to store 350 – 5000 images. Depending on the image size, you might be able to store more. 

If you do a little math, you should be able to tell how much storage you would need for the images. Go through this guide that will show you how to calculate that and also some factors that affect the image size. 

Calculating How Many Images Can a 16gb SD Card Can Hold

As mentioned before, it completely depends on the size of the image. The bigger the image size, the less image you’ll be able to store in a 16gb storage. 

To find out how many images you’ll be able to store in a 16gb storage, you’ll have to know the file size. Then dividing the total storage by the file size will give you the exact number of images you can store. You’ll have to convert MP and GB to MB for the calculation.

Suppose the image is 10MP, and the bit depth is 24; after converting it to MB, we get around 29 MB. And we get 16000MB after converting 16gb to MB. Now divide the storage by the image size. 

16000MB storage / 29 MB image size = 551 images

If the image size is smaller than 29 MB, then you’ll be able to store more images. 

There is an easy way for DSLR camera users. They should get the storage capacity on their digital camera screen. In most cameras, the number is shown in either top or the bottom corners. If nothing is there, clicking the “Playback” button should show the capacity. 

The number is shown in this format, 56/300. Indicating the memory card can store 300 images, and now there are 56 images. The capacity will increase or decrease depending on your image quality settings. 

Factors Affecting the Image File Size

A few factors determine how big or small the image size would be, such as the resolution, image file format, etc. And here, we’ll be taking you through all those factors that greatly influence the image size. Let’s get started. 

Image File Format

There are over a dozen file formats for images, such as JPEG, RAW, PNG, Etc. But the most commonly used file formats are RAW and JPEG.

RAW Format

As the name suggests, pictures remain original in RAW files. The quality remains as it is. Therefore, RAW images are big in size. However, these images look pretty good too. RAW image size could be between 20MB to 80MB.

JPEG Format

This is the compressed version of the RAW image. In compression, the image loses some of its originality and doesn’t look as good as a RAW image. However, JPEG files can be two times smaller than RAW images. Therefore, if high image quality isn’t required, then JPEG images should be good.

Image Quality Settings

Some image quality settings can increase the visuals of photos and of course the size. ISO adjustments in the camera can greatly increase and decrease the image size. The higher the ISO, the bigger the image size.


The image size largely depends on the camera resolution. Higher camera resolution produces images that are big in size. For example, a 20MP camera will produce images that are big in size compared to those images produced by a 6MP camera. Plus, higher resolution leads to better image quality as well.

Additional Tip 

If you want the memory card to perform well without any lag, then try your best to at least keep 20%-30% of the storage free. Loading the entire SD card can slow down the working process. However, not all SD cards are like that; some work at a faster speed, even when they’re fully loaded. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many photos can 16GB memory cards hold at 12 megapixels?

If the bit depth of the images is 24-bit, then a 12 MP image would be around 35MB. 16000MB/35=457. You should be able to store around 450 images. 

Is 16GB enough for photos?

Depends on how often you click photos and what the sizes are. For smartphones, 16 GB should be good unless you click 100 and save a hundred photos every day. But 16 GB storage might not be sufficient for DSLR cameras. 

How many DSLR photos can 16GB hold?

To find that out, you’ll have to know the image size. Since, apart from the format, the image size depends on the resolution and image settings as well, and it’s not possible to give an accurate answer to this question. But you should be able to take 400-810 RAW photos. 


To find out how many pictures can 16gb hold, it’s a must to know the MP of the image. And you’ll have to convert that to Mb. Then dividing the storage size by the image size will give you the exact number of images you can store. With that said, wrapping this guide up. We hope this guide answers your question. 

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