How Many Pictures Can 8 GB Hold?

With a 10 MP (megapixel) camera, an 8 GB card will hold around 2288 JPEG images. It uses 3MB per picture. On the contrary, the memory card will hold approximately 222 Raw pictures clicked with the same camera since each Raw image will reserve around 30 MB. 

However, the number of pictures an SD card holds can’t always be stated with 100% certainty. Several factors, including the device type, image quality, and size, strike this calculation. 

So, without further delay, we would like to step into breaking down each and every factor regarding “how many pictures can 8 GB hold?”. Let’s get started. 

Factors that Affect 8GB Memory Card Storage

Two primary factors are involved in your memory chip’s picture capacity, the number of pixels and your preferred image format.  


The higher the pixel number, the better the picture quality. They’re super significant for making pictures more detailed and high-quality. 

Nowadays, the most common resolution would be 16-45 megapixels. However, higher pixels hold greater space on the memory card as well. 

Image Storing Format 

You can store the images either in JPEG or Raw format. This will determine the quality of the image. Raw files are large, and they take up a lot of space. 

8GB SD Card Picture-Limit in Different Devices 

One of the primary traits to influence the picture-capacity variation for 8 GB SD cards is the type of devices. So, let’s look into the SD card’s variable picture numbers in various devices. 

8GB Memory Card in Cameras

Cameras are super rich in resolutions. So, it’s pretty challenging to pinpoint the exact number of images an 8GB card will hold while inside. 

However, we have the average equation for you. In cameras, each Raw picture requires 25 MB; thus, the whole memory can hold 320 images. In the case of JPEG, per photo takes 259 KB, So the card can hold up to 4000 images. 

8GB Memory Card in Smartphones 

Photos that are clicked with a smartphone are generally way smaller than the ones in cameras. This depends on the phone type as well.  

For instance, an 8MP camera creates still images in 2.93 MB, 3.15 MB for HDR images, and, last but not least, 3.63 MB for live photos. So, the number of picture-capacity would be 2730 still images, 2339 HDR images, and 2230 live images.  

8GB Memory Card in the GoPro Device

Resolution widely affects the number of pictures your SD card will be holding. Most GoPros create photos in 4.3 MB. So, it’ll hold around 1860 pictures until you change the card. 

Image Sizes of Different Devices 

Without knowing the average picture size of your device, you won’t be able to calculate the memory card’s storage. So, here we’re with the image size range of the most common devices. 

  • Smartphone – 3-6 MB per image
  • GoPro- 7-10 MB per image
  • DSLR – 27-34 MB per image (Raw format)
  • DSLR – 12-15 MB per image (JPEG format)

How Do I Diagnose How Many Pictures Can an 8GB Card in My Smartphone Hold? 

Finding out how many photos your memory card will hold is pretty simple. All you have to do is do a quick math. Divide the whole storage capacity of the card by the size of the images. 

For instance, if your device’s camera produces 40 MB of pictures, divide 8000 by 40. So, you’ll get to know that your card is good to go with 200 photos. 

But the confusion creeps into your mind when you find out a single device can create two different sizes of images. But there’s nothing to be worried about. 

Now you need to specify a particular area for its range. If your camera comes with 20-25 MB photos, the SD card will hold 400- 320 pictures. 

How to Determine the Photo Capacity in a Camera with an 8 GB SD Card? 

No matter what camera you use, it can be a mirrorless one or a compact or DSLR; it’ll include a number on the display that says how many pictures you’re allowed to click. 

When you insert a new memory card, the display will show how many pictures it will hold. The number will start decreasing gradually with every picture you click. 

However, there are cameras that let you click both JPG and Raw photos. In this case, go to the camera settings and switch the resolutions according to your requirements. The display will show the remaining photos you can click accordingly. 

Understanding the 8 GB Memory Card Usage with a Computer 

A very obvious fact is the memory card can’t use all the space for storing pictures. The formatting will take up a decent amount of space on the card. 

So if you want to know the exact number of pictures, you’ll have to turn to your computer. 

  • Use a memory card reader to connect the card to your PC. Then open a browser and go through the card specs. 
  • Now take the card out and click a bunch of both JPEG and Raw pictures. Insert the card into the computer again and check the storage. 
  • The computer, this time, will show the details of the pictures with the remaining storage as well. Compare the storage and judge the size and quality of the images, and you’ll get an average idea. 

This is the most accurate way to specify a memory card’s exact storage. Even other ranges of cards work similarly. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do SD Cards lose space over time?

Yes, they do. It’s pretty common with every memory card. Due to the formatting of the card, it may lose space over time.

How many photos can you store per GB?

You’re allowed to store 595 images with a 5-megapixel camera. The number will vary depending on the quality and resolutions.

How many GB are high-quality photos?

15 GB SD cards are the highest quality. 8 GB ones work pretty well too. But the formatting might take up too much space. 

Wrapping Up! 

We know you have been desperately looking for an answer to the question – how many pictures can 8 GB hold? Now that you know this answer, you can pick any Card you like. 

For the highest quality ones, you can go with 15GB ones. But for regular usage, 8GB is the most convenient option. Plus, it’s budgets friendly as well. 

Now it’s up to you. Good luck!

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