Best 1TB Micro SD Cards Of 2023 | Reviews & Buying Guide, And More!

With prolonged usage of devices, like smartphones, cameras, gaming consoles, etc., running out of the in-built storage space in a few years or so is normal. However, if your device has an expandable storage option, you can get added storage worth 1TB storage (if your device allows it) to boost your device’s storage capacity. And now your concern would be finding the best 1TB micro SD cards of this era. We’re about to help you with the right list!

With a wide variety of options, it’s tough to identify the perfect one, so shortlisting here, we’ve done half the work for you!

Just sit tight for a couple of minutes, go through the details, and you’ll be sure of what you need by the end of this article!

6 Best 1TB Micro SD Cards of 2022

This list of 6 top choices out of the hundreds of 1TB micro SD cards in the market is made with hundreds of research and analysis. And no matter your specific demand, you’ll find the best for all your needs here.

1. Lexar PLAY 1TB microSDXC

If you can’t find a microSD compatible with your Nintendo switch or any other gaming console, maybe looking at the Lexar PLAY’s details will eliminate the worries.


  • 1TB memory storage capacity
  • A1 or A2-rated app performance
  • V30 speed class for videos
  • UHS-I 104mb/s interface
  • Limited 5-year manufacturer support

Judging all the traits of this SD card left us with no choice but putting this at the top of our list. Just go through its data transfer speed and video compatibility, the rest is history!

Fast data transfer: It comes with an excellent speed of up to 150mb/s along with 150mb/s read speed, and 90mb/s write speed. You can quickly move large data files, including project files and HD videos, from your phone storage or laptop to the micro SD without any hassle, thanks to the class 3 UHS speed.

HD video capture: The V30 video speed allows you to quickly and efficiently record, transfer, or playback up to 4K ultra HD videos. Even if the files are enormous, the card will make it seem easy and store all your treasures.

Faster app loading: With the A1 or A2 rated app speed rating, it offers the best experience in application usage in smartphones. No more lags on heavy software, and you can even play all the smartphone games you like!

Compatibility: The best part about the card is its compatibility with any gaming device. Starting from smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and even Nintendo Switch, simply pair them up with the card, making them run smoother.

Affordability: Unlike similar products, it offers the total storage capacity as claimed. You can store all your essential documents, files, videos, music, and entertainment sources without any trouble; all this is in-budget! It comes only at $135, can you believe it?


  • Loads all your files in no time
  • Quicker and better app performance
  • High-quality video recording
  • Compatible with all gaming devices
  • Excellent value for money


  • Not very compatible with MacBook
  • Comparatively lower transfer speed


For the gamers out there, the Lexar PLAY is undoubtedly a deal you don’t want to miss, with excellent storage, compatibility, and significant monetary value!

2. SanDisk 1TB Extreme microSDXC SDSQXAV

No wonder SanDisk knows the significance of trustworthy data storage and fast data transfer. To support top-quality video capture, storage, high-resolution image, and data transfer, this 1TB SanDisk Extreme provides all the right features.


  • 1TB memory storage capacity
  • Class 3 UHS speed
  • V30 video speed
  • A2 for faster app loading
  • UHS-I interface

If you never want to face a lack of storage, go with this SD card. It certainly has the best UHD video shooting capacity.

Flash offload speeds: Although it sounds unbelievable, the micro SD card offers 190mb/s offload speeds with 190mb/s read speed and 130mb/s write speed. Besides, if you use the Sandisk Pro-reader with its Quickflow technology, you’ll be able to transfer larger files at the drop of a hat.

Supports 5K UHD videos: With an overall speed rating of Class 3 UHS combined with class 30 video speed, you can shoot 4k and 5K ultra HD videos with zero trouble. Besides, it supports video formats up to 5120×2880 video storing and real-time video recording with a capture rate of up to 30mb/s.

App optimization: For experiencing the best in-app performance with faster app loading and smoother operability, it comes with an A2 rating.

Durability: With over-the-top technical specifications, it also offers excellent reliability. Water, shock, and X-ray resistance, and even extreme temperature withstanding make the card design 100% durable.

File recovery: It has a particular file recovery software that offers up to a 2-years recovery plan to back up any files if deleted accidentally.


  • Excellent smartphone usage experience
  • Quick and flawless video shooting
  • Maximum file transfer speed
  • Easily captures swift-action photos
  • Effective for writing small files


  • Memory space lower than claimed


Whether for professional video shooting in 4K or 5K, business file transfer emergency, or image capturing in high resolution, the Sandisk Extreme is the answer to all.

3. SanDisk 1TB Ultra microSDXC

When looking for high memory storage capacity with heavy loads of data, the SanDisk Ultra offers the perfect solution without budget constraints. This SD card is extremely versatile with all great features as well.


  • 1TB memory storage capacity
  • 150mb/s data transfer and read speed
  • A1-rated app performance
  • Supports 1920×1080 full HD videos
  • UHS-I interface

Here’s a great SD card to do well with every requirement. We love how versatile this SD card is!

Ultra-fast transfer speed: When it comes to business or project files, they are pretty big and hence take longer to transfer. However, the Ultra microSD can save you time and hassle with its 150mb/s transfer speed. It allows you to transfer up to a thousand high-resolution photos in a single minute!

Besides, with a 150mb/s read speed rate and 130mb/s write speed rate, it assures that you get to finish your task as quickly as possible.

Smooth app operability: The SanDisk manufacturer is the first to start the production of micro SD cards with an A1 app speed rate. This one isn’t different, either. The A1-rated app speed allows applications to run on smartphones faster and smoother.

HD video recording: With 100GB storage and high speed overall, the SD card supports full HD videos in 1920×1080 format. And as far as the speed class for videos goes, it’s the max, Class 10.

Easy file management: Another impressive feature of the manufacturer is their SanDisk Memory Zone app, which is available in Google Play Store. The app is convenient for quickly transferring your files from phone storage to memory cards. Besides, it also creates backup files and provides easy access to any file on your device.

Compatibility: As mentioned earlier, the card is super-flexible and offers a range of compatibility options. You can use it on laptops, cameras, smartphones, desktops, and so on. Besides, the card reader offers more compatibility and excellent speed performance with USB 3.0.


  • Quick and easy file transfer
  • Higher read and write speeds
  • Excellent for smartphone application operability
  • Great value for money


  • Not recommended for video shooting in 4K


It is one of the best options for multi-purpose usage or dedicated usage in smartphones with heavy apps.

4. SanDisk 1TB Extreme microSDXC SDSQXA1

SanDisk is undoubtedly a popular choice for memory cards and similar products. But the SanDisk extreme is undoubtedly the best deal for the ones looking for a microSD serving all purposes. The details will tell you why.


  • 1TB memory storage capacity
  • 160mb/s and 90mb/s read and write speeds
  • Class 3 UHS speed
  • A2 speed for applications
  • V30 video speed

The key features are undoubtedly convincing enough to immediately get this SD card. Still, have a look at the detailed information.

Extreme speed: As the manufacturers brag, the card has an excellent read speed of 160mb/s and a write speed of 90mb/s. Besides, the general speed class is grade 3 UHS.

Optimum App performance: For maximum compatibility with smartphone applications, it comes with an A2-rated speed. You can enjoy heavy graphic games and online software with zero hassle.

4K HD Video Capture: The high read speed and video speed rates of V30 is perfect for capturing unblemished 4k ultra HD videos for professional use.

USB Compatibility: The card reader is compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, and the transfer speed extends to about 10x compared to similar SD cards.

Reliable: Apart from all the technical specifications, it is also tested in harsh temperate conditions. Besides, it is also water-resistant x-ray, as well as shockproof assuring total reliability and maximum longevity.


  • High transfer speed saves time
  • Perfect for ultra HD video capture and storing
  • Fast performance of smartphone apps
  • Compatible with all USB types
  • Long-lasting


  • Limited device compatibility options


The excellent speed makes it impressive for use in action cameras, smartphones, and so on. So, if you’re an enthusiast for photography or video shooting, this is the ideal match.

5. PNY 1TB PRO Elite Class 10 U3 V30 SDXC

Although the microSD card might not be affordable, it delivers the expected performance. Starting from a general high-speed rate, ultra read/write capacities, and excellent video pace, it’s a snatch for professionals!


  • 1TB memory storage capacity
  • Class 10, U3 speed
  • V30 video storage speed class
  • 100mb/s and 90mb/s read and write speed
  • UHS-I interface

With all the convenient features, this SD card beats the leading brands. It’s quite affordable too.

Professional videography: With the unthinkable V30 video speed rating, it can easily capture and store 4K ultra HD videos with zero interruption.

Compatibility: The microSD is made for professional videography and camera work. Hence, it is compatible with all kinds of shooting and capturing cameras, such as DSLR, point & shoot, HD video cameras, and more.

Sturdy and Long-lasting: It complies with durability and reliability standards. This includes waterproof, shockproof, temperature, and magnet-proof qualities.


  • Excellent for professional use
  • Outstanding read and write speeds
  • Ultra HD video capturing
  • Consistent operability
  • Good value


  • Not specified


However, if you are an expert in the videography or shooting field, you’d know why the PNY Pro Elite is the best option; there is no need to say more!

6. Amazon Basics microSDXC

If you’ve been searching for a microSDXC card with high compatibility options with almost any device, the Amazon Basics microSDXC is for you.


  • Storage capacity of more than 908 GB
  • 80mb/s and 100 mb/s read and write speed
  • Class 10 U3 speed
  • A2 speed for smartphone applications
  • IPX6 waterproof

With high read speed, exceptional storage quality, and colossal memory storage, it’s a steal at a low price!

Top storage quality: With the maximum storage quality, it is quite the deal when you want to store high-resolution images, HD videos, and other data with zero concern. Besides, with 128 GB capacity, you have enough storage to keep essential documents or unforgettable memories for as long as you want!

Durability: Not only does this comply with IPX6 waterproof standards, but it can also withstand extreme temperatures from -10 Degrees C to 80 Degrees! Besides, it’s both shockproof, magnetic-proof, and even X-ray-proof.

High speed: The maximum speed range of UHS and class 10 U3 is what comes with this microSD card. Besides, to ensure you experience the most efficient smartphone app usage with it, it offers an A2 speed class.

Vast compatibility: Undoubtedly, the best part about the micro SD card is its high compatibility with any device you name. Be it tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktop PCs, cameras, drones, or even your portable Nintendo switch, the compatibility list is unmatched!

Affordability: What attracts the buyers most is the unbeatable price and the excellent performance value this SD card offers.


  • Affordability
  • Ultra-fast read and write speed
  • Robust
  • Excellent for high-resolution image
  • Great value


  • Low memory storage capacity than claimed


When the user has versatile data to store, the high compatibility options of this microSD will surely suffice their needs. Besides, with such a low price, who would want to miss this opportunity?

Buying Guide: What Things to Consider When Picking the Best 1TB Micro SD Card?

Buying a micro SD card with enough storage space might seem like everything you need now. But hold up, before investing over a hundred dollars in a random card, there are some factors you should consider.

Starting from compatibility with your chosen devices, reasonable speed rates, standard video recording speed, etc.

Purpose of Usage

If your newly bought card is simply for playing games without interruption, then you wouldn’t probably need to look for exclusive specifications. All you need is a standard storage capacity with extensive compatibility options.

However, if you have professional work to carry out with it, using GoPro or go for UHD video shootings, you’ll have to look for a high video speed class and more.


Even though you might already know it, several smartphone manufacturers have cut off expendable support storage, especially with flagships. Although there are excellent alternative features added to replace it, expandable storage is still a need for some.

And so, before you buy a micro SD card, check if they are particularly compatible with your device.

General Speed Class

By now, you already know there are different speed classes. The numbers of a speed class usually vary within 2, 4, 6, 10, U1, or even U3. These numbers imply the minimum write speed of your card.

However, that’s not the general or maximum speed. The optimum speed is specified by manufacturers and varies from one card to another. Of course, if you want to buy a faster card, it will come with a greater price.

Read and Write Speeds

In the case of most newly manufactured micro SD cards, the read and write speeds are mentioned in the specifications. If not, they might be written in the XXXX scheme, so you have to find the maximum theoretical speed it offers. Doesn’t it remind you of the CD-ROM drive days?

Here 1x implies 150kbps. Hence, assuming theoretically 633x means a read speed of 95mb/s whereas 1000x implies 150mb/s.

Video Speed Class

Video speed classes are expressed by a number attached to V, like a micro SD card. Class ratings vary within V6, V10, V30, V60, etc. Simply put, a V30 card supports a video writing speed of up to 30mb/s.

Here’s a note if you’re new to videography: for your DSLR, drones, action cameras, or video cameras, an SD card with a high V rating is a must.

App Performance Class

If your micro SD card has an App performance class rating, it is undoubtedly a great deal for your smartphones, tablets, or laptops that run several software applications. The A1 and A2 ratings signify the app performance class. These enable you to open, load, and run apps smoothly on your device.

Interface rating

UHS-I 0r UHS-II symbolizes the interface speed rating. The UHS BUS speed is more common on cards with general U1 or U3 speed class ratings. So, what’s the difference between UHS-I and UHS-II interface? UHS-II has faster speeds with backward compatibility with your device.

However, not all devices support the upgraded interface. But don’t worry; it’ll still work without the extra speed.


Apart from all these speed ratings, durability must be considered before finalizing a specific SD card. When using the card for hardcore gaming, smartphone operation, video shooting, and so on, the tiny card may have to go through different harsh conditions.

And hence, it’s always a safe option to invest in a card with extreme temperature-withstanding qualities and waterproof, shockproof, and earthquake-proof features.

Value for Money

A common issue with customers when buying a micro SD is that they do not get the expected value per money. This happens when you are unsure what you need for the SD card. For instance, if you use a single card for multiple purposes, ensure it has a high compatibility option.

Again, when videography is your primary goal, buy a card with high V-class speed ratings, etc. Otherwise, you’ll end up overpaying for something that doesn’t even meet your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fastest 1TB micro SD cards?

The fastest 1TB micro SD cards list includes Lexar Play, SanDisk Extreme, SanDisk Ultra, and so on.

What is the highest TB micro SD card?

The highest memory rating you’ll find in the market now is a 1TB micro SD card. However, along with the high capacity, the high read and write speeds are essential to consider as well.

Which type of SD card is more reliable?

The more reliable choices are ones with a speed class rating above 3, shockproof, temperature proof, and higher read and write speeds.

What devices can you use a microSD for?

You can use a micro SD for laptops, smartphones, desktops, tablets, gaming devices, Nintendo Switch, video cameras, DSLRs, and so on. However, it must support expandable storage.

Final Verdict

With this, we have reached the end of our reviews and discussions. Although there are several best 1TB micro SD cards, as claimed by many manufacturers, the right to give a final verdict lies in your hands as you’ll be using it.

To get the best deal without compromising your needs or the extensive cost, it’s advised to be sure of what you need before you place an order. And that’s a wrap! Have fun making unlimited videos or enjoying your all-time favorite high-graphic games without lag.

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