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Trail cam has become a part and parcel of the modern hunters. No matter whether a hunter is interested in deer or in a lion, a trail camera helps him/her to know the exact time and place of the game and act accordingly.

Wildgame Innovation is a known name in the trail cam industry. They produce high-end trail cam for both beginner and pro-level hunters.

This article is going to give you all the information you need regarding 8 of our chosen top-quality trail cam manufactured by Wildgame Innovations. Let’s go ahead. 

Our Top Picks




Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme 12 Megapixel IR Trail Camera, Takes Both Daytime/Nightime Video and Still Images

Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme Megapixel IR Trail Camera

Wildgame Innovations TX10i1-8 Terra Extreme Camera, 10 MP, Black

Wildgame Innovations Terra IR Infrared Hunting Trail Camera, Takes Video and Still Images

Wildgame Innovations Cloak Pro 12 Invisible Flash with Batteries & SD Card, Tru Bark Camo

Wildgame Innovations Cloak Pro 12 Invisible Flash with Batteries & SD Card

Wildgame Innovations Mirage 16

Wildgame Innovations Mirage 16" Trail Camera with Batteries & SD Card

Wildgame Innovations R12i20-7 360 Degree 12 megapixel Trail Camera, Bark Texture

Wildgame Innovations R12i20-7 360 Degree 12 megapixel Trail Camera

Wildgame Innovations K7B5G Cloak 7-7MP Digital Lightsout Trail Camera, Realtree Xtra Camo

Wildgame Innovations K7B5G Cloak 7-7MP Digital Lightsout Trail Camera

Top 8 Wildgame Innovations trail cam reviews

1.Wildgame Innovations Cloak Infrared Hunting Game Deer Trail Camera 

Are you looking for a trail cam that is very easy to set and use? If the answer is yes, then you probably need Wildgame Innovations Cloak Infrared Hunting Game Deer Trail Camera.

By the way, do not guess that it is only good for deer hunters seeing the word ‘deer’ in its title. You can use it from the wood to your house. Coming with 12 Megapixels top-notch cam, it outputs crystal clear images.

You can produce a picture both day and night. Coming with 36 pieces of black LED, this cam takes less than 1 second to trigger. The frustration-free packaging along with superb battery life will give a ensure great user experience.


Resolutions: For taking an awesome picture of your game, cam resolution is very important.

This Wildgame Innovations Cloak Infrared Hunting Game Deer Trail Cam can capture a photo with 12 MP vibrant cam. When it comes to capturing video, it takes 540P video for 30 seconds.

Setting up: Do not fear about setting this trail cam. Even a child can set this up. It is almost ready to use when you bring it out of the box. Just with 3 buttons, you can control everything of this trail cam.

This cam lets you set the minimum delay of 15 seconds and a maximum delay of 1 minute to capture a new photo. However, if you want to maximize battery life, you can set your cam with a delay of 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Time/Date stamp: Time or Data stamp is very important to trace the game effectively. This cam comes with time, date, image count, and moon phase data to update you what you need. This is really a great feature which many trail cam doesn’t provide.

Flash Range: This Wildgame Innovations Cloak Infrared Hunting Game Deer Trail Camera comes with a flash range of 65 feet. The excellent illumination will help to vividly capture the photos at dark night if the game is within the range.

Featuring 30+ high-density black LED IR flash, this cam has left no stone unturned to satisfy you.

Trigger Speed: Quick trigger speed is the game-changer in hunting. This cam has an amazing trigger speed. The trigger of this cam takes less than 1 second to the respond.

Other use: You do not need to use this camera only for hunting purpose. When you do not hunt, you can also use this as a security camera of your house. On top of that, it can also be used as back yard cam for pets and job sight security purpose. 

Warranty: This awesome cam comes with 1 year of warranty.

Accessories: With the cam, you will also get a 16 GB SanDisk SD card and 8 AA powerful batteries. 


  • Up to 6 months of uninterrupted battery life
  • Comes with time and image stamp feature
  • Easy to set and navigate
  • High-quality images with video support
  • Features adjustable bungee cords
  • SD card support up to 32 GB


  • Does not come with a viewfinder
  • This cam is not waterproof

2. Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme 8 Megapixel IR Infrared Hunting Trail Camera

Who doesn’t love a trail cam that can ensure a good trigger speed along with a night vision? Obviously, every hunter will love it. Well, Terra Extreme 10 is designed for pro hunters who want it all while they use a trail camera to help them hunt.

Coming with powerful 10 Megapixels of digital camera equipped with infrared, Terra Extreme 10 is one of the best choices to chase the game. It comes with more than 20 high-intensity LEDs to help you capture everything vividly both at daytime and nighttime.

You can monitor your favorite hunting spot as visually as you want as if you are in front of the mirror and watching something through it. 


Resolutions: Terra Extreme 10 by Wildgame Innovations comes with 10 MP camera and video feature. You can take unlimited photos with videos up to 15 seconds. The images will be crystal clear with this cam and you do not need to bother much about whether it is day or night.

Time/Date Stamp: It is not just time and date that Terra Extreme will cover in every photo and video. The game chasers will also know the moon phase while they use the cam.

Flash Range: As the flash range is one of the important things to consider in a trail camera, you cannot ignore it. However, Terra Extreme 10 reaches out to 60 feet without any trouble. The bright and illuminating LEDs help to catch every game that crosses the flash range.

Trigger Speed: Are you thinking about the trigger speed of Terra Extreme 10? Well, it features sub-one-second trigger speed to make sure that you do not miss anything.

Other use: Along with using Terra Extreme 10 as game trail cam, you can also use it to watch nature or even to keep a careful eye on your property.

Battery: This cam is run by 8 AA batteries. If you get the right batteries, you can use them up to 1 year without any issue. 


  • By dint of the night vision feature, you can see what’s happening in your woods.
  • One of the most dependable and affordable trail cameras out there in the market.
  • Good for securing home and land
  • Clear photos and videos at day and night.


  • Does not capture small animals
  • Time delay setting is missing

3. Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme 12 Megapixel IR Trail Camera

Now, if you need something more than Terra 8, which is simple in nature, Terra Extreme is ideal for you. With 12 Megapixels vibrant camera, this trail cam can take photos and capture videos maintaining with good quality.

This cam comes with 21 high-intensity infrared LEDs. When it comes to recording and finding the intent of deer herd, you can detect them very easily as it has a good range capacity.

Terra Extreme features Trubark Camo which makes it invisible from the eyes of the game. You can either use a tree or the bungee cords to strap it anywhere you want. 


Resolutions: Keeping the priority of deer hunters in mind, this Terra Extreme features 12 MP of the true camera which can manage to take photos and videos in light and dark. To get more information about the game, you can also record videos with it.

Setting up: Almost all the Wildgame Innovations trail cams are made easy for beginners. Anyone with a knowledge of Language can operate it very easily. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to use and set it up.

Flash Range: Terra Extreme 12 has a flash range of 65 feet. It is quite enough to capture wild games comfortably.

Trigger Speed: It is nearly a tradition of Wildgame Innovations to keep the trigger speed within 1 second. It is no exception with Terra Extreme. You can get less than 1-second trigger speed out of it.

Other use: Besides using the trail cam for hunting purpose, you can also set it in your home yard and farm when you are staying at home.

Storage and Battery: Well, Terra Extreme 12 can accommodate SD card of 32 GB. When it comes to storage, you can use 8 AA batteries (batteries are not included in the package)


  • Can take pictures/videos without spooking the game
  • Good detection range
  • Trubark Camo for to let the camera keep unseen from the game
  • Energy-saving design to use for longer period
  • Supplied bungee cords for strapping easily


  • No way of setting a delay
  • Knowing whether it is on/off is quite confusing

4. Wildgame Innovations Cloak 14 Infrared Hunting Game Deer Trail Camera (2 Pack) 

If you need to cover more area with more attention to detail, you can choose Wildgame Innovations Cloak 14 Infrared Hunting Game Deer Trail Camera package. This package comes with two 14 Megapixel LED cameras. With the help of these cameras, you can both take photos and videos.

Wildgame Innovations Cloak 14 cam accommodates 36 pieces invisible IR flash with a good range of focus.

Capturing HD video is no more a dream if you have this cam in your hand. If you are looking for scouting seriously, this cam is just perfect for you. 


Resolutions: This Wildgame Innovations Cloak 14 is one of the best trail cams when it comes to the resolution. With the help of 14 MP crystal clear cameras, you can see your game no matter when and where.

As it captures amazing photos and HD videos with 720p HD resolution, you will not miss any move of your game. You can capture up to 15 seconds of HD clear video with it.

Setting up: Setting up this camera is not a big deal. There is an adjustable strap to help you along the way.

Flash Range: As the cam is equipped with 36 invisible black infrared flashes, you do not need to worry much about the clarity of the flash range. This beautiful cam features a flash range of 60 feet.

Trigger Speed: This Wildgame Innovations Cloak 14 lets you use one of the fastest modes when it comes to the trigger speed. To capture your hunt quickly and efficiently, this cam has a faster trigger speed, that does not usually cross 0.75 seconds.

Ratio: Being a modern game trail camera, Wildgame Innovations Cloak 14 has a 16:9 wide-angle aspect ratio. This help to get better videos when you play them.

Storage and Battery: To let you begin your hunting experience right away, Wildgame Innovations Cloak 14 includes 8 GB SD card for you. Oh, you will also get batteries for free. So what are you waiting for? 


  • HD video recording
  • Adjustable strap for easy setup
  • Fastest trigger speed
  • Good to use for turkeys, deer, and any other game animals
  • 16:9 Wide-angle aspect ratio


  • N/A

5. Wildgame Innovations Terra 8 Megapixel IR Infrared Hunting Trail Camera

Wildgame Innovations has Terra 8 Megapixel IR Infrared trail cam for people who have a limited budget and want to keep everything simple.

Coming with 60 feet detection range and good battery backup, this Terra 8 can capture photos and videos in all weather. Like the previous one, this cam is also easy to use and set up.

You can use an SD card of 32 GB with this flexible trail cam. However, as it is very cheap in price, you can get a pair or two pairs of cam to get the best benefits. If you do this, you will get the best performance at a lower price. 


Resolutions: It is a cam is a medium level of resolution. Being an 8 MP cam, it can serve your purpose quite good. However, you can also take videos up to 30 seconds with it.

Setting up: You do not need to worry about setting. Like the previous one, this is a plug and play cam. Along with power cam, you can control and set everything with the help of 3 buttons. As it features easy adjustment bungees, you will not face much trouble.

As this is a small camera, you will find it portable and be able to carry it to anywhere you want.

Time/Date stamp: Yes, though the camera is simple and small, it doesn’t miss time or date stamp. On top of time and date, it will also inform you about the moon phase and image count. This is extremely helpful for scouting.

Flash Range: When it comes to the flash range, Wildgame Innovations Terra 8 IR Trail Cam will not disappoint you. It features 21 LEDs to reach up to 60 ft. However, the IR is integrated with the flash for better performance and output. This cam can easily illuminate the range and detect the game quite easily.

Trigger Speed: Wildgame Innovations Terra 8 IR Trail Cam is also good in terms of trigger speed. In spite of being a low-end camera, the trigger speed is below 1 second.

Other use: Being a simple affordable camera, it does it work for hunters. However, you can use it for your home too.

Storage and Battery: This cam supports an SD card of up to 32 GB. If you want better backup use the maximum capacity. And when it comes to battery, you need 8 AA batteries to run it.

However, if you have good weather and you use it moderately, you can expect a good battery life out of it. 


  • Not expensive
  • Very lightweight
  • Small in size
  • Works in days and nights
  • IR flash


  • It is not possible to adjust the time between pictures
  • Battery drains easily.

6. Wildgame Innovations R12i20-7 360 Degree 12 megapixel Trail Camera

Let’s get introduced with one of the revolutionary trail cameras in the industry. Wildgame Innovations have come with their ground-breaking 360-degree lights out camera R12i20-7.

This camera is made for those who want a trail camera of advanced level with modern technologies. Coming with TRUbark texture, this cam lets you see your game with fine photos and clear videos.

You can easily mount it on T-post and enjoy the 360-degree view. This is just near ideal to use in areas with multiple trails or in food plots. Coming in frustration-free packaging, this 360-degree cam R12i20-7 is your latest beast to chase the game. 


Resolutions: The R12i20-7 comes with a 12 Megapixel camera to ensure high-quality photos. On top of that, you can also record 720p HD video with this awesome camera.

Flash Range: The R12i20-7 reaches out 70 ft with the help of the super noiseless infrared system. So, do not worry if your game is somewhat away from your camera. Your powerful camera is going to capture every mode of your desired game.

Trigger Speed: When it comes to triggering speed, it is a bit slower than the other models of this brand. Yet, it can give you 1.5 second of trigger speed which is not a bad speed at all.

Battery and Storage: This cam requires 8 AA batteries to run smoothly without any trouble. To talk about the storage, thanks to the manufacturer, this 360-degree cam supports SD cards of up to 32 GB. 


  • 360-degree capture of image and photo
  • Works at day and night
  • Frustration-free packaging
  • Comes with t-post mounting bracket
  • A great choice for scouting as well as security
  • Adjustable Strap for easy setup
  • Trubark Texture to cope up better with the setting


  • Motion sensors are not very up to the mark
  • Outputs quite dark image at night.

7. Wildgame Innovations Mirage 16" Trail Camera

Wildgame Innovations Mirage 16" Trail Camera is another modern addition in the trail camera industry.

To conceal the camera from the game Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo is applied at the time of designing. This cam is ready to be used as soon as you unbox it from the box.

You will have a handsome detection range with quick trigger speed. Furthermore, it produces great images and HQ videos 24/7.

Apart from using the camera to trace the game, you can also use this at your home or back yard to know what’s going on there. 


Resolutions: It has a dashing 12 MP dashing camera resolution. When it comes to capturing video, you can have 720p High-quality video.

Flash Range: Wildgame Innovations Mirage 16" Trail Camera has a flash range of about 80 feet.

Setting up: Wildgame Innovations Mirage 16" Trail Camera is extremely easy to set up. As soon as you enter the battery, it starts working. You can easily navigate up and down by using +/- buttons. You can press the ‘Enter’ button to confirm your action.

However, if you want to have better battery life, you should set the cam to medium exposure as well as medium PIR sensitivity.

Trigger Speed: This cam has turbo speed in triggering the right picture. It takes less than ½ second to respond.

Capture Delay: If you want to set the capture delay, you can easily do that manually with this cam. You can set capture delay from 5 seconds to 10 minutes if required.

Battery and Storage: Wildgame Innovations Mirage 16" Trail Camera runs with 8 AA batteries that you will get with the cam. When it comes to the storage facility, it supports up to 32 GB SD card (8 GB included by the manufacturer). 


  • Noiseless shutter
  • Bottomland camo to blend the cam with nature
  • Large detection and illumination area
  • Fast trigger speed
  • 36 IR LEDs to ensure enough light.
  • Security locking system
  • Provides information about time, date, moon phase, area name, image count


  • Very small display screen instruction
  • Mediocre lenses

8. Wildgame Innovations K7B5G Cloak 7-7MP Digital Lightsout Trail Camera

Wildgame Innovations K7B5G Cloak 7 is an ideal choice for security as well as game scouting purpose.

Having a dimension of 5.5 x 1.8 x 3.8 inches and weight of 12.8 ounces, this cam is very small.

You can set it hiding anywhere to capture high-quality images and videos. New cloak 7 lights-out digital cam is water-resistant and goes with any weather.

To get the standard level of pictures and videos, you can go for Wildgame Innovations K7B5G Cloak 7 without any hesitation. 


Resolutions: When it comes to the resolution, Wildgame Innovations K7B5G Cloak 7 can output 7 MP for images and 480p videos.

Flash/Sensor Range: With 30+ invisible IR LED flash, you can capture vivid images and videos with the flash. This cam covers 60 feet of PIR sensor range and 45 feet flash range.

Setting up: Wildgame Innovations K7B5G Cloak 7 is extremely easy to program. The onboard memory will remember everything that you change in your settings.

Trigger Speed: Cloak 7 features a trigger speed of 1 second.

Time/Date Stamp: Each and every picture you capture with Wildgame Innovations K7B5G Cloak 7 will have time and date stamp. Moon phase can also be detected with it.

Battery and Storage: This cam runs with 8 AA batteries and 32 GB SD card. 


  • Good PIR sensor and IR flash range
  • The invisible flash makes the camera undetectable to the game
  • Ideal for multipurpose use
  • Easy to program and use
  • 32 Pieces of invisible flash
  • Comes with bungee cords


  • Doesn’t shoot good at night.

Why should you read this Wildgame Innovations cam reviews? 

Now, you may ask us, “Why should I read your reviews instead of the others?” Well, firstly, because you will not find any partiality in us. We figure out the pros and cons of a product and let you know about that without any hesitation. Secondly, we actually know what you expect from us.

By getting honest reviews about products that meet your expectations, you will get our articles to be of high quality and value. Efforts are made to leave no stone unturned with a view to giving you enough information to decide about buying. 

And finally, we research a lot about these products and we know why these are the best products of Wildgame Innovations.  However, here in this review article, we are going to divide it into several parts for better reading. This review will cover the following topics: 

  • Wildgame Innovations company overview. 
  • Top 8 Wildgame Innovations trail cam reviews.
  • What things to consider before buying a Wildgame Innovations trail cam?
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Okay, is everything fine? If yes, let’s move on to the main part. 

Wildgame Innovations company overview

Two brothers named Ryan and Matt Busbice started a small initiative to pursue the wild game in the 1990s. Finding no better alternative, they managed a deer lease of 1110 acres in Northern Louisiana.

Many attempts were made by them to attract big deer with different food formula. Spending a lot of time to invent formula of the best deer attractants, they ended up with something great named “The Persimmon CRUSH”.

And that is, until now, one of the most popular as well as effective deer attractants. Later on, they founded the company “Wild game Innovations” in 2002. However, that was the story of their beginning. Their innovation didn’t stop till present.

The product line expanded and diversified by the passage of time. Along with attractants they have come with dashing cameras and modern feeders. 

The Wildgame Innovations believe in better customer service with a comparatively low price for common people. When other trail cameras may cost $300, the Wild game Innovations Company offers cam below that price with almost with the same specifications.

The company has also brought radical change in attractants and feeder industry with their ground-breaking products. The Wild game Innovations in constantly improving their products with the help of science and modern technology.

What things to consider before buying a Wildgame Innovations trail cam?

There are certain things that are very important to look for before buying Wildgame Innovations trail cam. If you do not consider these things, you may end up with a frustrating experience.

The entire cam by Wildgame Innovations might not be attractive to you. That’s why you should choose one that fits best with your requirement and budget at the same time.

However, keep a careful eye on the following things before buying a Wildgame Innovations trail cam: 

Megapixels and Sensor: 

Megapixels and Sensors work hand in hand to ensure that you can capture good quality images.

If your sensor can not detect the game and you do not have enough megapixels in your trail cam, you might end up having a blurry image or no image at all due to detection problem.

When you buy a trail cam from Wildgame Innovations, try to have one with better resolution and good detection history. To be frank, If you have a good sensor, you can take good images at night and have better clarity. 

SD card capacity:

If you leave your Wildgame Innovations trail cam for long, you must look at the SD card capacity before buying the trail cam.

You can go for one that supports at least 16 GB of SD card to store all your images and videos captured by the cam. However, it is always better to choose a trail cam that supports up to 32 GB storage. 

Time/Date Stamp:

Information regarding time, date, and moon phase help to determine almost everything about your game and security.

Without having time and date you do not know when at night or at which day you got a deer captured in your cam.

However, most of the cameras have it. If you are not a fan of knowing everything about your game, you may buy a trail cam that skips this feature. 

Flash Range: 

Flash range is very important, especially at night. A good flash range, if equipped with Infrared will help you capture photos and videos from distance with good clarity.

The cameras by Wildgame Innovations usually come with no less than 40 feet of flash range and that’s why you can choose them without hesitation. 

Trigger speed: 

The lower time the trigger takes, the better it is for you to capture. It is because the game crosses the camera very swiftly.

If your trigger is slow, your cam may miss the scene. Most of the cam by Wildgame Innovations range from 0.5 seconds to 2 seconds of trigger speed, which is really great to shoot quickly. 

Other use: 

When you buy a trail cam from Wildgame Innovations or other manufacturers, you have to ask if your trail cam can be used for other purposes apart from hunting.

You will not hunt all through the years, will you? If you can make use of your trail cam as your security camera of your house or farm, or yard, that would be of great benefit. So, try to choose a trail cam that can also secure your home in case of necessity. 

Final Thoughts

If you have read the whole article, you must have got an idea about the top 8 best trail cameras manufactured by Wildgame Innovations.

We tried to keep honesty while reviewing the trail cam products. Analyzing the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages we tried to guide you to choose a camera that can meet your need.

Note that, all the cameras reviewed here may not seem interesting to you. It is fine and not a problem. You should choose one which meets all your criteria and at the same time your budget.

Oh, before going to buy, do not forget to read the buying guide part where I have talked about the things you should consider before going to buy a trail cam manufactured by Wildgame Innovations. 

Hope the review and the buying guide will help you choose the best trail camera out there on the market to meet your requirement. Enjoy the game, and also do not forget to enjoy nature to its fullest. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the ideal height to mount my Wildgame trail camera for game scouting? 

Answer: 2/3 feet above the ground will be fine.

What is the highest and the lowest temperature can Wildgame trail camera withstand? 

Answer: According to the Wildgame Innovations, their cam should work till the battery works good and not frozen in cold.

On the other side, their trail cams can withstand up to 115 degrees of temperature.

Is it possible to use my Wildgame trail cam for security purpose? 

Answer: Yes, obviously you can. Wildgame cameras are designed with motion-activated technology where any movement can be traced. And that’s why these trail cameras can be put to use for residential as well as business surveillance and security purpose.

But, you have to make sure that you are setting your trail cam outdoor and never behind a glass window. It is because, as they are triggered by heat and motion, they do not work behind any glass. 

What is the best SD card for using with Wildgame Innovations cameras? 

Answer: You can choose ‘SanDisk’ SD cards. 

Does Wildgame cameras support Micro SD cards? 

Answer: No, Micro SD cards are not recommended to use with Wildgame Innovations cameras. It is because MIcro SD can lock the camera up.

Is there a chance to lose my setting if I change the battery?

Answer: Luckily, NO. it is because the Wildgame cameras feature internal battery to save any setting.