Who Invested in Ring Doorbell

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In 2013, a new company called Ring burst onto the home security scene with their innovative doorbell that allowed homeowners to see and speak with visitors at their doorstep from anywhere in the world. The device quickly became a must-have for anyone looking to add an extra layer of security to their home, and it wasn’t long before big names in the investment world took notice. In the years since its launch, Ring has received millions of dollars in funding from some of the biggest names in venture capital, including Kleiner Perkins, Goldman Sachs, and Amazon’s own Jeff Bezos.

With such high-profile investors backing the company, it’s no wonder that Ring is now one of the most recognizable brands in home security.

If you’re looking for a way to make your home more secure, the Ring Doorbell is a great option. This smart doorbell allows you to see who is at your door, even when you’re not home. And, if someone does break in, the built-in camera will capture footage of the incident.

But who invested in this innovative product?The company behind Ring Doorbell is called Ring Inc. and it was founded in 2013 by Jamie Siminoff. He started the company with the goal of making homes safer and more secure.

And, it seems like investors agreed that this was a good idea. To date,Ring Inc. has raised over $200 million from investors including Richard Branson, Kleiner Perkins, Goldman Sachs, and Amazon (which owns them now).So there you have it – some of the big names that have invested in Ring Doorbell.

If you’re thinking about adding this smart device to your home security system, know that some pretty heavy hitters believe in its potential!

Who Invested in Ring Doorbell

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Did Any Shark Invest in Ring Doorbell?

It’s no secret that the Ring doorbell is one of the hottest smart home devices on the market. But did you know that it also has some big-time investors behind it? One of those investors is none other than shark tank star, Mark Cuban.

Cuban invested in Ring back in 2013, when the company was still fairly new and unknown. Since then, Ring has blown up in popularity and is now one of the most well-known names in home security. Given Cuban’s investment savvy, it’s no surprise that he saw the potential in Ring early on.

So what does this mean for you if you’re thinking about buying aRing doorbell? Well, it definitely adds some credibility to the company – after all, if Mark Cuban thinks they’re worth investing in, they must be doing something right! Plus, with Cuban’s backing, you can rest assured that Ring is here to stay and will continue innovating new products to make your home even more secure.

Who Bought Ring Doorbell on Shark Tank?

In 2013, Ring founder and CEO Jamie Siminoff went on Shark Tank to pitch his then-new product: a video doorbell that allowed homeowners to see and speak with visitors from their smartphones. Though the Sharks were impressed with the product, they ultimately passed on investing.But that didn’t deter Siminoff.

He continued to grow Ring, and in February 2018, Amazon announced it was acquiring the company for a whopping $1 billion.So who bought Ring doorbell on Shark Tank? Technically, no one.

But thanks to Siminoff’s persistence (and Amazon’s deep pockets), everyone can now enjoy the benefits of this life-changing invention.

Did Shark Tank Turn down Ring Doorbell?

In 2013, Ring founder and CEO Jamie Siminoff pitched his doorbell company on Shark Tank. He was seeking a $700,000 investment in exchange for a 10% stake in the company. The Sharks were not impressed with the product and turned him down.

Siminoff went on to raise over $100 million from venture capitalists and build Ring into a billion-dollar company. In February 2018, Amazon acquired Ring for $1 billion.So yes, the Sharks passed on an opportunity to invest in what would become a very successful company.

But it’s important to remember that Shark Tank is ultimately a television show, and the investors are looking for businesses that will make for good television. That might explain why some seemingly promising companies have been rejected by the Sharks.

From "Shark Tank" reject to Amazon's latest acquisition, Ring CEO on company's journey

Jamie Siminoff Net Worth

Jamie Siminoff is the founder and CEO of home security company Ring. He has a net worth of $600 million.Siminoff started out as an inventor, creating a doorbell that could be heard from anywhere in the house.

He then founded DoorBot, which was later renamed to Ring. The company sells home security products, including cameras and doorbells that connect to a home’s Wi-Fi network.Ring has been successful, thanks in part to its partnerships with law enforcement agencies.

The company has also been criticized for its privacy practices.


In 2013, a start-up called Ring created a new product – a doorbell with a camera that could be connected to the internet. The company was founded by Jamie Siminoff, and his idea was inspired by a break-in at his own home. He realized that if he had been able to see who was at his door, he could have prevented the break-in from happening.

The idea for Ring came about when Siminoff was trying to raise money for another one of his start-ups. He went on the TV show Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to potential investors, but he didn’t get any offers. However, one of the sharks – Mark Cuban – said that he would invest in Ring if Siminoff ever decided to come back with the idea.

Siminoff took Cuban’s advice and created Ring Doorbell. The company has since raised over $200 million from investors like Richard Branson and Goldman Sachs. In 2018, Amazon bought Ring for $1 billion.

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