What Happens If Someone Steals My Ring Camera?

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When a powerful tool like the Ring camera gets stolen, it’s a concerning thing for the owner. Many people invest in high-end Ring devices and get worried about them getting stolen. However, there’s nothing to worry about.

The ring has an excellent courtesy policy of replacing the stolen device with a new one entirely free of charge. Nonetheless, there is a protocol you will have to follow.

If you are curious about what happens if someone steals my Ring camera and what you will have to do when your device gets stolen, make sure to read the whole article.

What Happens If Someone Steals My Ring Camera?

If your Ring camera gets stolen, you can get a new one from the brand as a courtesy. Of course, Ring reserves the right to cancel this privilege anytime for anyone, if there’s a doubt of committing fraud.

Nonetheless, assuming that you’ve done everything according to the rules, there’s a very high chance that you will get the exact model of the Ring, that was stolen from you.

Many people want to know whether it’s even possible to steal a Ring camera or not. Regardless of how smart these devices are, they’re not above theft. As long as the thief is not getting caught in the act, these devices are easy to steal.

What To Do If Someone Steals My Ring Camera?

After noticing your missing Ring camera, the first step is to inform the police. If you come home from somewhere and see that your camera has been stolen, call law enforcement immediately and wait for their instructions before touching anything.

It’s better not to enter the house at this point because this stolen camera could be a part of a larger robbery. If a robbery has taken place, you would be altering a crime scene. Wait for the police to come and do their job before doing anything on your own.

If it’s possible, take pictures of the situation without touching anything. Once the police arrive, get the report from them as soon as possible. This report is mandatory for claiming a new device from Ring.

The report and the pictures are indicators that a robbery has taken place. These are essential documents to prove that you’re not committing fraud to claim a brand-new device from Ring.

After getting the report, you have to report the theft to the brand. You can find out how you can do that by going to Ring’s support page. Even if you don’t get a new device from Ring, you must report the theft. This way, the brand will make the device disabled, and the thief won’t be able to use it.

Usually, Ring offers a replacement for the stolen device within 14 business days. You will get the exact same model that was stolen.

Why Does Someone Steal Ring Cameras?

There can be multiple reasons behind stealing a Ring camera. The first motive is to sell the device. Because they’re stealing the device, they will make a profit by selling it at the lowest rate. Ring devices can be expensive, which automatically attracts thieves.

Another reason why someone may steal a Ring camera is to access the house without getting detected. This can be part of a larger robbery. So, whenever you detect your stolen camera, it’s essential to get cautious.

How To Prevent Ring Camera From Being Stolen?

If someone is persistent enough, it will be impossible to prevent the Ring camera from getting stolen. However, the good news is, you can certainly boost the security level of your camera and make it more difficult for intruders to steal the device.

Proper Installation

Many users do not follow the proper installation instructions and mount the camera according to their convenience. This can lead to an easier robbery. So, make sure to follow the instructions properly so that the camera stays in place.

For instance, Ring doorbells are supposed to be secured in place using security screws. The screws are provided with the device. Many users use adhesives to stick the doorbell instead of using screws. Some people use other screws to secure the doorbell, whereas the device manual says only to use the screws provided with the device.

These can put a strain on the security level of the Ring device. Try to avoid these as much as possible to boost security when you’re getting a new Ring camera.

Increase Surveillance

Installing an additional surveillance camera that covers your Ring camera will not only keep thieves away but also capture the footage. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on it. But it certainly helps boost security.

In case of theft, you can also ask your neighbors if their cameras caught anything related to the incident. However, make sure to read our article on can a neighbor point a camera at my house before doing so.

 Protective Cover

You can get a protective cover for your Ring doorbell. This will add an extra layer of protection, making it more difficult for the thief to access the device. In addition, the device will also be safe from the weather.

If you are looking for recommendations, you can check out the Ring Doorbell Protector on Amazon. It’s an amazing anti-theft design that you will certainly love. 

Pay Attention To Notifications

Ring doorbells can be annoying sometimes with all those unnecessary notifications. However, if you’re being smart and using motion zones to keep the notifications to a minimum, this shouldn’t be hard. Notice what’s happening to stay up to date about any unwanted incidents.

Final Words

There you have it. We hope now you know what happens if someone steals my Ring camera. It’s entirely unnecessary to panic. Just do your part and let law enforcement know about the robbery.

Collect the report from the police and submit it to Ring. Within 14 business days, you will get your new device that’s exactly like the previous one. In addition, your stolen Ring camera will be deactivated by the brand.

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