Trail Cameras That Send Pictures to your Phone in the year

Trail cameras can allow the use of a cell phone network with new technologies. You can send an MMS or e-mail to your mobile phone, getting almost immediate feedback on your operation.

Trail cameras tend to be a must-have feature for any hunter. But why? It is easy for them to control the ground, even if they are not present, with such equipment.

However, A slight downside for these trail cameras is that consumers have to connect with the camera to manually take the images. New wireless devices simplify the display of photographs mounted on devices without external entry.

We want to discuss the best wireless trail camera or the best cellular trail camera that transmits pictures to an observer through a cellular network.

Top 5 Trail Cameras That Send Pictures to your Phone

Trail Camera WiFi 32MP 1296P,Hunting Camera

Creative XP is one of the most discussed brands in the world of trail cameras. It has delivered some great products to its customers over the years. At the top of our list of Best Trail Cameras, we have come up with an excellent model of this brand which is the “2-Pack 3G Cellular Trail Cam”.

This model comes with multiple settings with high-tech features so that you can get the result you want. Its 12 MP camera is enough to capture a good quality picture. Also, another nice feature is that it is also capable of recording 1080p full HD video. It comes with super-fast 0.4-second trigger speeds combined with wide 110-degree lenses that can capture anything present.

You might be surprised to hear that it is capable of taking 5 pictures in 0.4 seconds which is unimaginable. Its battery is strong enough and lasts for a long time. Even if the battery runs out, it is able to hold onto the sun’s energy.

There are very few trail cameras on the market that offer you these awesome features at an affordable price. This is definitely one of the best trail cameras for which you don’t have to think twice to spend your money.

What We Like:

  • Provide incredible photos and videos
  • Comes with multiple settings
  • Fast photo-capturing capability
  • Excellent durability and lasts for a long time

What We Dislike:

  • Night capturing capability fall down over time

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Vikeri 4K 32MP Trail Camera

In the second position of our list, we also placed another awesome model of CreativeXP. Its most notable feature is that it comes with Full-HD Night Vision, which allows you to capture photos and videos at any time of the day or night.

With this camera, you will get a free SimHero Card. The SimHero card comes with AT&T cell towers, 500 free photos, and a 32GB SD card. It also has motion-activated sensors and multiple video and photo settings to meet all your needs. This device is also very easy to set up; you just need to follow some instructions.

This camera’s full-HD night vision feature has a 65-foot range that can capture video at 1080P and images at 12MP across the darkest times. Also, another great feature of it is that it has the ability to survive through water and snow. You will never be dissatisfied with using it, and it gives you a lifetime warranty.

What We Like:

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Affordable data plans
  • Provide sharp images
  • Lifetime warranty

What We Dislike:

  • Some customers complained about its picture quality at nighttime.

1520P 20MP Trail Camera, Hunting Camera

If you are looking for a waterproof hunting camera then the model we have chosen may be an ideal option for you. It comes with a 20-megapixel sensor capable of capturing very high-quality HD video. This camera also comes with a great strap to provide adequate protection to the camera.

It has an IP66 rating which is able to protect the camera from dust and heavy rain. This weatherproof rating does not allow complete immersion in water, but it is quite sufficiently protective against bad weather. The trigger speed of this awesome camera is 0.3 seconds and you can capture high-quality images from a distance of more than 65 feet.

While recording in the dark, this game camera produces black-and-white night vision images. Another useful addition is the time stamp feature included with each recording, where you can see the date, temperature, and even the lunar phase from the time the data was recorded.

The camera is powered by eight AA batteries and its shell is made of hard plastic so that it can adapt easily to any environment. All in all, it is undoubtedly a great camera that is able to provide you with great service.

What We Like:

  • Protective against heavy rain and bad weather
  • 20MP camera helps to capture incredible photos
  • Its trigger speed allows you to take wildlife images

What We Dislike:

  • WiFi connection range is so much chargeable 

Spartan 4G LTE GoCam Wireless Trail Camera

Everything you expect from a trail camera is featured on this awesome Spartan HD GoCam. This trail camera is built with a combination of great features, exceptional functionality, outstanding durability, and top-grade performance.

Its trigger speed is able to surprise anyone as it can capture photos in less than a second. Its 8 MP camera is capable of providing you with clear and high-quality images.

It also gives you considerable convenience in recording videos. You can easily enjoy 720P recordings from your home or workplace. The IR LED array goes from 70 feet and more to provide detailed photos at night. Its durability comes from the use of water-resistant seals as well as the finest materials used to make this model.

With this camera, you get 8MP photos and 720p HD videos on the right side of your phone or email via the cellular network. It is full of amazing features like night vision, space clearing, overwriting, and water-resistant ceilings. Its AA batteries allow you to use the camera for a long time.

What We Like:

  • Clear images and high-quality videos
  • Water resisting capability
  • Easy to use and set up

What We Dislike:

  • Its instruction manual is a little bit unclear

2-Pack Outdoor Game & Deer Trail Cameras

Trail Cameras are Several types of infrared game cameras and invisible flash cameras we used previously. But these types of cameras give us wonderful services through their various types’ special types of features as it is easy to use because it does not need any computer for reading records.

You will get quality video for its 22 MP resolution. Therefore, You will not get any wrong information because it’s highly reliable. It has a high trigger spe4ed. Sensor technology is dual and the viewing screen of this camera is 3 inches.

However, People who used this camera gave their positive opinion about this. They got the best battery service and enough pictures for their needs. In the rainy season, you can use this camera easily. When the full sun and when full darkness always gets high-quality pictures and videos.

What We Like:

  • This camera is waterproof.
  • High-quality picture when full darkness.

What We Dislike:

  • High cost to buy.

What is a trail camera?

A trail camera allows a photographer to capture pictures, without his presence. A trail camera also allows recording videos without the snapper being present at the spot. It makes wildlife photography more trouble-free. It gives a chance to capture some rare and adventurous photos of the dark forest.

Whether it be day or night, a trail camera can give you the best wildlife picture and videos. Sometimes there is a need to take photos from a complicated angle. The trail camera can serve this purpose easily.

A trail camera is different from a normal digital camera. These cameras can sense the motion of the subject, which activates the camera. Again, it can also be activated by body heat. For this unique feature, this camera can also be set as protection for the house.

Types of trail camera

Based on the features, there are a number of trail cameras in the market. For your convenience, we listed the types of trail cameras below.

Cell phone camera

The name cell phone camera comes from its similarity with the cell phone. Like a cell phone, this camera uses a sim card.

A sim card is to be installed in the camera. The sim card allows the camera to directly sends the captured images and videos to your cell phone.

It communicates with the cell phone through the cellular internet. For that, an internet package should be available on the sim card.

It is easily operatable from any location, where there is network access. You can set the camera to any location, and receive the recorded shots in your phone from anywhere. All you need is network access for the sim card.

Camera with motion sensors

The motion sensors camera is very popular in sports and wildlife photography. Wildlife photographers sometimes want close shots of the animal’s movement. This is obviously a risky task.

This motion-sensing camera is a great help to those photographers, who are unable to present at the location during the shots. These cameras can detect movement within a range and record them.

This camera is also widely used in the sports field, as it can capture in a limited timeframe. One can use this motion-sensing camera for security purposes as well.

Wi-fi enabled camera

This trail camera is specialized in using a wi-fi connection. A transmitter is pre-installed inside the camera. This transmitter allows the camera to use a wi-fi connection.

The camera sends the recorded videos and pictures to the receiver device, using wi-fi. For this, the camera uses the wi-fi of the receiver’s device. The transmission rate of this camera entirely depends upon the strength of the internet signal.

Night vision camera

This type of trail camera has been specialized for taking night shots. Sometimes, a photographer needs to capture in a very low-light conditions. The powerful flash in the camera helps to take good shots even in a dark environment.

This camera can also be used in the daylight. It is a good option for the user, who is in need of capturing in both day and night conditions. This camera also has a powerful zoom option.

Thermal imaging camera

Where the normal camera uses visible radiation, this camera uses infrared radiation for capturing pictures. This camera provides high picture quality even in the dark light.

Unlike flash cameras, it uses thermography for taking pictures at night. This gives a very clear vision of the object, even in night. It is very suitable for wildlife photography, as it does not disturb the animals producing a flash.

Surveillance camera

This type of camera is very popular for safety purposes. You can keep a record of all the incidents by setting up a surveillance camera.

Besides this conventional use, this surveillance can also serve as short-term trail cameras in the wildlife.

How to use a trail camera

  1. First, you need to unbox the package. Make sure all the items are included.
  2. Before starting to use, update the camera software first.
  3. Most of the cameras need batteries, either rechargeable or one-time. If your camera uses a one-time battery, select a good quality battery and put them in the cartridge. If the batteries are rechargeable, recharge the battery before inserting it into the camera.
  4. The camera records both the video and photos. It needs storage to keep all the data. So, for storing all the recordings, insert a good quality SD card. Make sure about the storage capacity of your SD card is compatible with the camera.
  5. Now comes the mounting step. Mount your camera in a suitable place. You must be careful about the covering of the lenses. There are camera mounts available in the market. You can also mount the camera in the tree, using bungee wraps.
  6. You can also use a protective box to keep it safe from thieves.
  7. Place the camera at a level above the eyesight.
  8. Placing the camera in the north or south direction helps to reduce overexposure.
  9. Lastly, test the camera in a broad daylight to adjust your desired settings.

Features of a trail camera

The trail camera comes with some outstanding features. Keeping the convenience of the user in mind, the manufacturer provided so many useful options. Some of the important and useful features are noted below:


Trail cameras are very handy and portable. You can take them along during your traveling easily.

Motion sensing ability:

Most trail cameras come with this unique feature of motion detecting. The camera uses PIR technology to spot any animals or objects. PIR technology spots the animals or person by sensing the temperature change around the camera.

Time of capture:

It is one of the important features of a trail camera. It ensures how fast a camera can detect the movement and shoot the photo. Almost all the trail cameras have a super-fast trigger rate. The faster the trigger time of the camera, the faster it can capture. Sometimes, it needs a little bit more time to record the video than taking pictures.

Time to recover:

This means how long a camera takes to recover after shooting a picture and get ready for another shot. A good trail camera comes with a zero-recovery time. Unless it is quite obvious that you will miss some amazing shots. Alongside a faster trigger rate, zero-recovery time also makes a trail camera unique.


Time-lapse is an exciting feature of trail cameras. One can take several pictures within a limited time. It adds a new experience in the photography field.


The lens is the most important factor in a camera. Trail cameras use the lens, whose focal length is fixed. The manufacturer provides the best suitable lens with the camera.


Trail cameras come with flash options for a better viewing experience at the night. Some cameras use a normal flash, just like other cameras. Some use infrared red light to capture at low light. Infrared lights give a more detailed picture. It also helps to take pictures without disturbing the animals at night.

Storage options:

The trail camera gives you the option of saving the recorded videos and pictures on the SD card. An SD card compatible with the camera allows storing all the data. You can easily transfer them to your device whenever needed.

Power supply:

If you are using a trail camera, there is no need to worry about the power supply. Trail cameras are mostly powered by the D.C that is rechargeable batteries.

Display screen:

Most of the trail cameras have a display screen on their body. One can navigate the functions on this screen. Some trail cameras have a slightly wider screen, which offers the chance to preview the taken shots.

Benefits of using a trail camera

A trail camera gives you a wide range of benefits. One can take the most detailed picture of any wildlife with this camera. It allows taking shots and record videos from many different angles.

When it becomes difficult for a photographer to be physically present, the trail camera does the work. The lifestyle of wildlife can closely be observed by setting up a trail camera. One can easily monitor their natural way of life without any disturbance.

Due to its excellent shutter speed, shutter cameras are also used in sports. To take the best shot from a clearly critical angle, a trail camera is the best option.

Since a trail camera is completely wireless, it can be controlled from a remote distance. Besides, a trail camera is also portable and handy.

How to choose the best trail camera

A trail camera is an expensive gadget. You need to spend a lot of money. Since you are spending your money for once, you should wisely select the trail camera that is best for you. Here are some of the points to select the best trail camera.


As trail cameras are mostly used to capture wildlife photos, it should be durable and able to withstand rough surfaces and scratches.


A trail camera is set up in the natural open. So, it must be a waterproof one so it can stand against rain or any other water splashes.

Motion detection Range:

A wide motion detection range gives you the opportunity to record throughout a wider area. So, before buying a trail camera make sure about the motion detection range.

Shutter speed:

Always opt for a trail camera that has a fast shutter speed. It allows capturing pictures immediately after sensing. So, you will not miss a single shot.

Fast recovery time:

If your camera does not have a faster recovery time, there is a chance of missing many amazing shots. Many people overlook this feature. But it is one of the important factors while buying a trail camera.

Transfer process:

A trail camera that uses a wi-fi connection or a GSM network to transfer the pictures and videos is highly recommended. It will ease the task of transferring the recorded media. Rather it also allows remote access.

Storage capacity and battery backup:

A trail camera with maximum storage capacity and long-lasting battery life increases your efficiency. Once you set up the camera you don’ need to think about the storage and battery. So, you must consider this fact while buying a trail camera.

By taking all the mentioned features into consideration, you can select the best trail camera for yourself. So, don’t wait long. Hurry up and jump into an adventure with your trail camera

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