Primos Trail Camera Reviews & Ultimate Guide (In the year)

During the time preparing this primos trail camera review, we asked ourselves one question. Namely:

Top 4 Primos Trail Camera

Why would a hunter buy this trail camera?

Then, for answering the question, we launched a research project. As a part of that task, our team members figured out the following answers initially:

  • A hunter should buy the Primos device for quality.
  • Besides the quality, the hunter community should consider the competitive advantage of the product.
  • Finally, a user should choose this brand for a glorious history that represents authenticity.

So those above statements need to be cleared. For that reason, we have spat this article into three parts. Thus:

  • The company history of Primos
  • Product quality of this brand.
  • Summary of the article

Through each part’s illustrations, we will try to prove to you why our reviews are better than others. So, let us start the tour right off the bat.

Editors pick:

1. Primos Truth Cam EL Ultra Blackout Game Camera

Primos Truth Cam EL Ultra Blackout Game Camera

Current Price Primos Truth Cam EL Ultra Blackout Game Camera

Our editors have first picked this for its unique quality. Later, the company patented that exclusive feature.

Now, you can ask: what is that exclusive feature? Well, it is an early detection technology.

Through that, the device can detect any human or animal promptly without informing them. Besides that, it has more features. Also, it will be discussed in the product offer section below:

Product offer:

Since all the known and unknown brands are busy solving critical problems, Mr. Will has concentrated on answering some simple issues. For example, his company offers 8AA batteries, which support more than eight months.

On the other hand, another company offers six-month support. Therefore, you can question: how could the Primos be able to do that? All right, the company offers a black flash feature.

This feature not only reduces battery consumption but also detects motion faster. However, the gear provides additional support. Like, the high-quality pictures and videos give a clear view of the object.

Consequently, a hunter can measure the approximate blueprint for his next step confidently. So this feature becomes accurate because of the 35 feet detection range. For tightening up the offers properly, the device offers 45-degree passive infrared views.

In this way, the hunter can specify their nighttime pictures. Though we had doubts about the 4-megapixel camera at first, the maximum output satisfied us afterward. In total, this trail camera works as a stealth camera with its new detection mode. We have attached the pros and cons option with an expert opinion for summing up the statements.


  • Long battery life.
  • Perfect for surveillance.
  • Patented technology.
  • Fast shutter speed.
  • It has up to 32 GB Sd card slot.


  • People complained about battery life.

Expert opinion:

Based on our expert advice, if a user doesn’t put in the instructed battery, then the chance of battery-related issues is significant.

2. Primos 12MP Proof Cam 03 HD Trail Camera

Primos 12MP Proof Cam 03 HD Trail Camera

Current Price Primos 12MP Proof Cam 03 HD Trail Camera

Our editor had considered many perspectives for enlisting this final one, such as easy to hide in the bush, low glow lights, and sound detection range. Besides that, the device has more options that solve some common problems and secures the camera. Thence, we decided to share the product offers to solve the hunter’s issues. So they are:

Product offers:

When a hunter picks a trail camera, his/her primary intention is to ensure the hunting object’s observation. For that, they need food-quality pictures and videos, and this primos device has provided that. With the 12-megapixel resolution, the camera can produce a better user experience.

This camera offers the earlier said feature, but it also confirms a decent nighttime image within the 80 feet detection range. During the time capturing that nighttime image, this camera uses a low-glow flash. It means the camera can take each night shot without informing an object.

For confirming every night and day shot on the line, this trail cam uses 0.4 seconds trigger speed and quick recovery time. Thereby, there is no alternative to running away from the eye of this device. For assuring the previously said service, this proof cam needs 8 AA alkaline or lithium batteries.

As well as, there is an SD card option that can be extended up to 32 GB. This feature provides a better storage facility. In a word, the hunters will get all their required solutions through the devices. Nevertheless, we want to summarize the complete details through the pros and cons:


  • Mini camera.
  • The videos and pictures are amazing.
  • Good for hunting.


  • The audio quality of the video is not up to the mark.

Expert opinion:

Well, our expert did not emphasize audio quality. Because it is just an optional choice, without this, one can efficiently perform all his duty.

With that saying, the editorial pick review has finished for jumping to the best pick section. Inside that section, future buyers will get some fantastic trail camera suggestions.

Also, the suggestion was made with the combination of user votes and expert votes. So let’s cut to the chase now:

Best picks:

1. Primos 6MP Bullet Proof Trail Camera

Primos 6MP Bullet Proof Trail Camera

Current Price Primos 6MP Bullet Proof Trail Camera

As the section was combined with expert and user votes, we found some exceptional featured cameras. Also, this bulletproof device is one of them.

Hunters and professionals voted this one for two unique features. For example. One switch start, and durability. The features will be discussed in the forthcoming session in depth. So, the portion is named as

Product offer:

Since we hint at two unique features, first want to describe those features. Therefore, the parts are as follows; The bulletproof feature saves this device from other predators hit.

Moreover, developing this feature is: While hunters shoot at the prey, there is a high risk of missing. Consequently, unwilling mischief happens. Most hunters place their trail cam in that area, and all the gear is hidden inside the bush. As a result, the missing bullets hit the device. Moreover,

Mr. Will Primos faced the incident during his hunting session. To solve that problem, he introduced bulletproof technology. Another critical technology the company has introduced is One Switch Start. It means the camera will start by turning on a switch.

Even there is no other setup procedure. This automation technology is self-directed and provides a detailed picture and video result. For that, it has a 6-megapixel camera resolution. With that feature, this cam can produce a fantastic night and daytime image.

For capturing the nighttime shot, it uses a black flash when an object enters within the 30 feet range. Among that range, this trail cam can charge a maximum number of pictures. Because the 0.1 seconds trigger speed confirms this amount of shots.

Moreover, to save the bulk image, it has up to 16 GB Micro SD slots. Besides that, the gear needs 8AA lithium or alkaline batteries to support the entire performance. In total, the game camera is a secured device. For shortening the whole discussion, we have designed the pros and cons option below:


  • Easy to set up.
  • Bulletproof feature.
  • One switch for starting.


  • Bright LED lights wash out the closed image.

Expert opinion:

Yes, our experts are agreed with the cons when an object comes close to the lens at night, the bright flash washout their image faster, except that this camera is well-tuned.

2. Primos Easy Cam IR LED 5MP Game or Trail Camera Black

Primos Easy Cam IR LED 5MP Game or Trail Camera Black

Current price Primos Easy Cam IR LED 5MP Game or Trail Camera Black

The next features are the same as the earlier ones, but there is some difference. For example, this camera is not bulletproof and is not for total hunting purposes. This means a user can use this for land, home security as well as multi-purpose. For ensuring that, this camera provides the following product offers.

Product offers:

It has a 5- megapixel camera for producing quality pictures and videos. Also, this quality sustains even in nighttime images. Because the twelve IR LED-type lights capture a decent photo during nighttime.

At that time, the detection range stays 30 feet long. Moreover, this range stays online day time too. As a result, the camera can capture at least maximum photos within one-second trigger speed.

For performing all the crucial work, the manufacturer recommends putting at least 8 AA batteries inside the camera. With that power, it can perform the capturing and store inside the SD card slot.

Moreover, the storage capacity can be extended up to 32 GB. Therefore, this device is perfect not only for hunting but also for home security. To sum up the discussion here, we have added the pros and cons of an expert opinion.


  • Perfect for multipurpose use.
  • Decent detection range.
  • Durable for a long time.


  • Nighttime pictures are enjoyable but not satisfying.

Expert opinion:

According to the expert, this trail cam is better for home and land. If a user wants to use this for hunting purposes, then this is better for a beginner.

3. Primos Bullet Proof 2 8MP Trail Camera

Current price Primos Bullet Proof 2 8MP Trail Camera

We got a remarkable vote for this trail camera. Also, we are going to talk about those three exclusive features in the upcoming section. Named:

Product offer:

This device is the complete device because it has a bulletproof, miniature, and better weatherproof system. For instance, the miniature feature hides this camera from every intruder.

Plus, the 8-megapixel camera resolution provides decent pictures and video, even in hidden time. Moreover, this device has the power of providing nighttime images with its low-glow IR LED features.

Therefore, a buyer will get a good nighttime picture. Another exceptional quality of this device is: it can run on 4 AA batteries for nine months. For this exceptional durability, people choose the camera.

Other than that, Primos has injected all its signature features inside this trail cam. Thereby, this pocket trail camera is perfect for dodging unwanted guests. For shortening the discussion, we have added the pros and cons section, with an expert opinion.


  • 720 video resolution.
  • It has up to a 32GB SD card slot.
  • 45 feet detection range.
  • Glow-less IR LED lights.
  • Fast trigger speed.


  • Though the camera is excellent, not thoroughly water resistant.

Expert opinion:

Of that not much water resistance capacity, the company has started to improve this camera. Till then, the users can use water protection.

4. Primos 12MP Low Glow Proof Cam.

Primos 12MP Low Glow Proof Cam

Current Price Primos 12MP Low Glow Proof Cam

Next on our list is another hunter-friendly camera. However, this one is unique for the auto exposure feature. Also, the balance of the exposure is quite right.

Besides this feature, there are many more features, and they will be discussed in the latter portion. Named

Product offers:

Inside this device, we have seen some significant suggestions. For example, 8AA batteries’ life is almost one year. With that tough battery life, this camera can capture the most beautiful moment as well as videos. The reason behind the beauty is its 12-megapixel resolution.

Even the resolution is sustainable at night because the fastest trigger speed and 80 feet detection range with 36 glow-less IR LED lights have made it happen. Moreover, one switch start has paved the way for operating smoother.

For storing the operational output memories, a user can insert up to a 32 GB SD Card. Therefore, this device is recommended according to its unique automatic features. For condensing the entire discussion, here we have added the pros and cons with an expert opinion.


  • High-definition videos.
  • One-year battery life.
  • Time-lapse and moon-phase features are available.


  • IR lights are not satisfying but enjoyable.

Expert opinion:

Well, the manufacturer is trying to solve the problem from the upcoming version. According to our expert, the later version will be better than this one.

5. Primos Truth Cam 35 Camera review

Primos Truth Cam 35 Camera review

Current Price Primos Truth Cam 35 Camera review

Moreover, the final product of our list is distinctive in its anti-theft technology. For example, it has a password protection feature.

Besides, it has more features for user convenience. That’s why we designed the forthcoming section.

Moreover, the final product of our list is distinctive in its anti-theft technology. For example, it has a password protection feature. Besides, it has more features for user convenience. That’s why we designed the forthcoming section.

Product offer:

Except for the theft protection option, it has a decent photo and video quality. In these ways, a beginner can start to monitor their object. For that, the manufacturer has included 40 feet detection range and 35 infrared LED lights.

As a result, the night time image becomes comprehensive. Moreover, the fast shutter speed with multiple shot capturing capacity has stopped the option of escaping from an unwanted guest.

Also, this device offers an on-demand preview during the setup. Consequently, the user can easily set the camera according to their expectations. Since the trail cam performs a crucial job, it needs to stay alive.

That is why the manufacturer recommends using D cells batteries and up to 8 GB SD card. Therefore, this device is perfect for low-end use. For your convenience, here are the pros and cons of an expert opinion.


  • It provides detailed information with pictures.
  • A security cable is included for theft protection.
  • 3-megapixel picture


  • The picture in low lights is not satisfying.

Expert opinion:

Based on the cons, our expert has said that it is natural to produce a low-quality picture. Because the camera resolution is 3-megapixel, we have concluded our top eight Primos trail camera reviews through the truth cam. We also invite you to join the next stage.

6. Primos 12MP Proof Cam 02 HD Trail Camera

Primos 12MP Proof Cam 02 HD Trail Camera

Current Price Primos 12MP Proof Cam 02 HD Trail Camera

The second one from our editor list is different from the earlier one. For identifying the variation, the expert analyzed the product offer in-depth. Then realized that this camera is solely built for hunting purposes because it can provide all the details regarding the object to the hunter.

This means the manufacturer focused on solving problems and figured out a way to clear the difficulties. So, what types of difficulties this device can solve? Let us see the answer in the next steps.

Product offers:

As a hunter, you desire to monitor the hunting object every time. Right? For that, this device has a 12-megapixel camera with decent-quality video and audio. Through these features, a hunter can monitor an object’s total movement day and night time. For the nighttime black and white picture, this device uses IR LED technology.

There is a motion detector. With this, the camera can capture the animal or intruder activities promptly. That’s why it uses a 0.22 seconds shutter speed with a quick recovery option.

Moreover, the earlier performance begins when an object enters the camera detection range. This range is more than 90 feet. For covering all those aspects, this device needs 8AA lithium or alkaline batteries.

So the battery lasts more than eight months. This efficient battery feature has made the camera exclusive from others. Besides, the smooth operation and flexible maintenance also boosted the hunting experience.

With that saying, we can say this camera is decent for all-season hunting. Here we have added the pros and cons option with an expert opinion for condensing the discussion.


  • It consumes less battery power.
  • Good picture quality.
  • It has up to 32 GB micro SD card option.


  • The audio quality is not satisfying.

Expert opinion:

As far as our expert knows, the manufacturer is experimenting to improve the audio quality. Also, they hope the next invention will solve the problem.

The company history of Primos:

As a hunter, if you know the manufacturer’s history, then the buying cycle becomes easier because brand history can help a buyer clear the initial hesitation. For that reason, we have placed the Primos company background first. Therefore, history is short as follows: Will Primos is the founder of this company.

Also, he is a real example of turning his passion into a profession. For example, Will invested his entire childhood in hunting. As a result, he faced many problems and noted them down. Then, he started to solve that problem. Here are some examples for understanding the earlier statements:

When Mr. Will began his duck hunting, he could never catch the bird, like his professional uncle, because his uncle was a genius to copy the duck call. However, Mr. Primos did not. That’s why he decided to create a duck call device and finally succeeded in developing that. With that, gear he could able to create the exact duck call sound.

He even began to hunt in Pennsylvania. As time flies, his expertise became excellent. One day, a group of new hunters noticed the invention and offered the device owner to give some samples to them for sale.

That is how the business had started, and Mr. Primos stopped turning back. As a reflection of that improvement, he left his footmarks in the other branches.

Moreover, the trail camera is one of them. Because the owner had said in an interview that “ I sell what I use because I know what kind of problem my inventions can solve.”Based on that owner statement, any user can rely on the Primos device partially. But not in the full sense, because they have not seen the quality yet. Right?

So, the latter part has tried to give a strong message regarding product quality. Therefore, a user can compare with other products after reading the forthcoming sections.

Product quality of this brand:

This section has picked the eight best Primos products and divided them into two different parts. Inside the portions, we have reviewed every product in detail according to our experience.

As a result, you will get a lively overview of the gear. So, let us help you choose the right primos product from our two different options without any delay.

Primos Trail Camera (Buying Guide And FAQs)

Trail Camera Buying Guide

It doesn’t matter for what purpose you are buying the trail camera. What matters is the quality, capacity, features, and price. So, you need to consider a thing or two, or maybe more, to buy a suitable trail camera for you. And, this Primos trail camera buying guide will help you understand those options.

Power Options

Some trail cameras run on battery power, while some run on both battery and solar power. Having a solar panel comes in handy to save battery power. It also helps the power last a very long time.

Be sure whether or not the solar panel comes with the package before you make a purchase. If it doesn’t, you will have to buy one separately. 

And if the camera is battery-powered, check the number of batteries it runs on. Having more batteries will allow the trail camera to run for a long time without any interference.


If the camera has a higher resolution, the picture quality will be excellent. And having a camera in night mode is helpful to take better-quality pictures at night. That’s why go for cameras with at least 10-12 megapixel resolution or higher.

If you want the camera to record videos as well, you need to look for a trail camera that does both jobs well. The video quality should not be less than 720p.

Detection Range

That’s the range of the camera sensors detecting any movements. Different cameras have different detection ranges. If you want to capture from a short-range, 60-80 feet would be good enough. But extended-range cameras should be 100-120 feet.

Trigger Speed

How fast will the camera detect movement and take pictures? The amount of time the camera takes to click a photo after detecting movements is the trigger speed. For a perfect shot, the speed should be between 0.1-0.5 seconds.

Network Signal

Many trail cameras won’t work or send data unless connected to a cellular network with a data plan. In this case, you need to set up the camera where the network your camera will have receives a strong signal from the nearest tower.

And having a data plan will help you save some money. So do check if the trail camera manufacturers provide SIM cards with a data plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Primos trail camera and others.

Q. Will My Primos Trail Camera Come With A Warranty?

Yes, Primos Trail Cameras always come with a one-year warranty. The warranty will activate from the day you make your purchase.

But, to prove that your Primos trail camera has a warranty in case of servicing, you need to register your camera. You can register your camera from Primo’s official website. Make sure to keep a copy of the purchase for further proof.

Q. How Do I Find My Trail Camera In The Woods?

If you are not familiar with the area, the best way to find your trail camera is to install a GPS tracking device. Modern miniature GPS devices can send strong signals and can help you find them without problems.

Q. How High Should I Set Up My Trail Camera?

The answer is different based on different scenarios. Some people believe it should be no more than 3-4 feet off the ground, with a straight angle. Others believe that it should be 9-12 feet, with a downward angle.

If you are trying to hide the camera from the passer’s bys, mounting it a little higher is always the right choice. But if you want to capture photos with a close-up shot, you should set it up a little lower.

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