Mountain Dew Deer Head Mystery: The Untold Story

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Mountain Dew is a brand that’s synonymous not just with its citrus-flavored, caffeine-charged beverage but also with its engaging marketing and dynamic promotions that have captured the imaginations of drink enthusiasts and collectors alike. One such captivating tale in the Mountain Dew marketing folklore is that of the Mountain Dew Deer Head. Join us as we explore the mystique surrounding this elusive piece of advertising history.

What is the Mountain Dew Deer Head?

Before we delve into the myths and realities, let’s clarify exactly what we’re discussing. The Mountain Dew Deer Head refers to an iconic piece from Mountain Dew’s early advertising—primarily a mounted deer head that was often seen in conjunction with the brand’s hillbilly-themed marketing campaigns from the 1960s. It’s become a symbol of nostalgia for collectors and a quirky testament to the brand’s rural roots.

The History of Mountain Dew’s Marketing

The Mountain Dew brand has a colorful history, deeply rooted in a theme that connects with the outdoor and mountain lifestyle. From its inception, the brand embraced a lighthearted, playful persona which often included whimsical characters and settings to appeal to its audience.

A Timeline Of Mountain Dew’s Branding Evolution:

YearBrand Development
1940sMountain Dew was originally crafted as a mixer for whiskey.
1960sIntroduction of the hillbilly theme, showcasing characters Willy and Hillbilly with their trusty deer companion.
1970sTransition to a more “extreme” brand image, appealing to a younger, action-oriented demographic.
1990s-PresentMountain Dew solidifies its connection to extreme sports, gaming, and youth culture.

This storied evolution set the stage for collectibles and memorabilia, much like the fabled Deer Head, which served as both an advertising tool and a beloved icon to a generation of soda pop fans.

Mountain Dew Deer Head Mystery: The Untold Story



The Myth and Legend of the Deer Head

The Deer Head campaign, the product of the aforementioned 1960s advertising, took on a life of its own. It featured cartoonish depictions of a deer — often with a Mountain Dew bottle or cap in clever placement — reinforcing the rustic and comical appeal of the brand.

Legend has it that there were actual promotional Deer Heads created—life-sized replicas that were used in stores or at promotional events to draw attention. These rare artifacts are what collectors refer to when they speak of the Mountain Dew Deer Head.

Collectible Value

Due to their rarity, original pieces from the 1960s era — if you can authenticate them — carry a significant collectible value. The mystique of the hunting lodge mascot married with limited availability has spawned not just a hunt for vintage memorabilia but also a myriad of reproductions and homages.

  • Authenticity: A true collector’s gem, these items require validation, often through expert appraisal.
  • Condition: Given their age, the condition can greatly influence the value of these collectibles.
  • Provenance: Understanding the piece’s history can add to its allure and worth.

How to Identify a Genuine Deer Head Collectible?

So, you might ask, how do I ensure that a Mountain Dew Deer Head is genuine? Here’s where the sleuthing comes in. Experts suggest examining materials, manufacturer marks, and period-correct branding elements.

  • Look for signs of aging and vintage materials that would be consistent with the era.
  • Research the manufacturer’s details, often found on labels or stampings.
  • Compare the branding and promotional language with archived Mountain Dew advertisements from the 1960s.

Exercise caution, as many replicas exist. Seek assistance from a reputable antiques dealer or a seasoned collector to obtain expert advice.

Frequently Asked Questions On Mountain Dew Deer Head Mystery: The Untold Story

What Is Mountain Dew Deer Head?

Mountain Dew Deer Head refers to a rare promotional taxidermy mount using the Mountain Dew brand, often considered a collector’s item.

How Did Mountain Dew Deer Head Originate?

The Mountain Dew Deer Head was created as part of a unique marketing campaign to appeal to outdoorsmen and extreme sports enthusiasts.

Is Mountain Dew Deer Head An Official Product?

Yes, the Mountain Dew Deer Head was an official promotional item, though not widely distributed, making it a novelty piece.

Can You Purchase A Mountain Dew Deer Head?

Finding a Mountain Dew Deer Head for sale is challenging due to its rarity, often requiring visits to auctions or collectors’ markets.

What Makes Mountain Dew Deer Head Collectible?

Its scarcity, brand association, and unique crossover appeal between soft drink fans and hunting enthusiasts drive its collectibility.

Are There Legal Issues With Mountain Dew Deer Head?

Owning a Mountain Dew Deer Head is generally legal, but taxidermy laws vary by region, so it’s advisable to check local regulations.

How To Authenticate A Mountain Dew Deer Head?

Authentication primarily involves checking for official Mountain Dew branding and confirming its origins with provenance or expert verification.

What Is The Value Of A Mountain Dew Deer Head?

The value fluctuates based on condition and demand, but these rare items can fetch high prices among niche collectors.


In sum, the Mountain Dew Deer Head remains one of the advertising world’s most curious legends. Its fusion of playful design and scarcity creates the perfect storm for avid memorabilia hunters. Whether to embrace nostalgic whimsy or to own a piece of soda history, the quest for an original Mountain Dew Deer Head is sure to be an exhilarating journey for any collector.

If you find this piece of history fascinating or if you’re a collector with stories to share, we invite your comments and contributions. Join the discussion and be part of the living lore that surrounds the mythical Mountain Dew Deer Head.

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