How to Take the Ring Doorbell off to Charge

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Taking the Ring Doorbell off to ChargeIf you have a Ring Doorbell, you know how convenient it is to be able to see who is at your door without having to get up. But what do you do when the battery starts to die and you need to take it off to charge?

Here are some simple instructions on how to take the Ring Doorbell off so that you can charge it:1. Start by ensuring that your Ring Doorbell is turned off. You can do this by pressing the button on the back of the device.

2. Next, use a Phillips head screwdriver to loosen the two screws that are holding the faceplate onto the device.3. Carefully remove the faceplate from the device. There are four wires that are attached to the faceplate, so be careful not to damage them as you remove it.

4. Once the faceplate is removed, you will see four small metal tabs that hold the battery in place. Gently press down on these tabs and slide the battery out of its compartment.

  • Unscrew the ring doorbell from its mounting plate
  • Lift the doorbell off of the plate
  • Remove the battery cover by unscrewing it with a Phillips head screwdriver
  • Take out the battery and plug in the micro USB charging cable
  • Reattach the battery cover and screw it back on tightly
How to Take the Ring Doorbell off to Charge


How Do You Remove Ring Doorbell for Charging?

If you need to remove your Ring Doorbell for charging, follow these simple steps:1. Remove the faceplate from the back of the doorbell by unscrewing the two screws that hold it in place.2. Unscrew the mounting bracket from the wall using the provided screws.

Be sure to keep track of which screws go where, as they are different sizes.3. Gently pull the doorbell away from the wall, being careful not to damage any wires.4. Using a microfiber cloth, clean any dirt or debris off of the doorbell before proceeding to step 5.

5. To remove the battery, first unscrew and remove the battery cover by sliding it off of its hinges. Next, press down on the top of the battery and slide it out of its slot on the back ofthe doorbell body . Gently setthe battery aside in a safe place until you are ready to reinstall it later on .


Do You Have to Take Your Ring Doorbell off to Charge It?

No, you don’t have to remove your Ring Doorbell from its mounting to charge it. You can use the included micro USB cable and adapter to plug the doorbell into an outlet. The battery will take a few hours to charge fully.

How Do I Disconnect My Doorbell Ring Battery?

If you need to disconnect your doorbell ring battery, the process is actually quite simple. First, find the small black box that contains the battery. This is usually located near the front door or on the side of the house.

Once you have found this box, open it up and locate the red wire that connects the battery to the doorbell system. Using a pair of pliers, carefully disconnect this wire from the terminals. Be sure not to damage any other wires in the process.

Now that the wire has been disconnected, you can remove the battery from its compartment. With most systems, there will be a release button or latch that you need to depress in order to remove the battery. Once it is out, you can simply unplug it from its power source and set it aside until you are ready to reconnect it.

That’s all there is to it! Disconnecting your doorbell ring battery is a quick and easy process that anyone can do. Just be sure to take caution when working with electrical wires and always consult an expert if you are unsure about something.

How Do I Charge My Ring Doorbell?

Assuming you would like a blog post on how to charge the Ring Doorbell:The Ring Doorbell requires occasional charging, but it’s easy to do. Here are the steps:

1. Remove the faceplate of the doorbell by unscrewing it with a Phillips head screwdriver. 2. Unscrew the battery cover with a Phillips head screwdriver and remove it. 3. Insert the Micro USB end of the power adapter into the port on the side of the ring doorbell battery.

4. Plug in the other end of the power adapter into an outlet or surge protector. We recommend plugging into an outlet that is controlled by an indoor switch, so you can easily turn off power to your device when necessary (for example, during severe weather). 5. The LED light on your ring doorbell will flash green when it is charging properly.

It may take up to 4 hours for a full charge; we recommend charging overnight for best results.

How to charge Ring video doorbell

How to Charge Ring Doorbell 1

If you have the Ring Doorbell 1, chances are you want to know how to charge it. After all, it is a battery-operated device, so it will need to be recharged periodically. Here are some instructions on how to do just that:

First, remove the faceplate of the doorbell by pressing the release button on the back. Then, unscrew the two screws that hold the battery cover in place and remove the cover. Next, insert the micro USB cable into the port on the back of the doorbell (labeled “USB”), and plug it into a power source.

Finally, screw the battery cover back on and reattach the faceplate.That’s all there is to it! Now your Ring Doorbell 1 will be charged and ready to go whenever you need it.


To take the Ring Doorbell off to charge, first remove the faceplate by unscrewing the two screws at the bottom. Next, use a small flathead screwdriver to pry out the battery. Once the battery is removed, there are two more screws that need to be unscrewed in order to take the doorbell off completely.

Finally, connect the charging cable and plug it into a power outlet.

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