How to Remove Owner from Ring Doorbell

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Removing an owner from the Ring Doorbell is a straightforward process that requires minimal technical know-how. It can be done in a few simple steps, allowing you to take control of who has access to your doorbell video feed and recordings. This guide will provide detailed instructions on how to remove an undesired user from your Ring Doorbell account.

To begin, make sure that you are logged into your Ring app with the same user credentials used when setting up the device. Once logged in, select “Devices” at the bottom of the screen and then select “Doorbells” from there. You should now see a list of all devices connected to your account; if there is more than one device listed, ensure that you have selected the corresponding device for which you wish to remove an owner.

  • Step 1: Open the Ring App on your mobile device
  • Step 2: Select the “Shared Users” option from the menu in the app
  • Step 3: Select the owner of your Ring Doorbell that you would like to remove and click on it
  • Step 4: There will be a button at the bottom of their profile that says “Remove User”, press this button
  • Step 5: A confirmation window will appear, select ‘Yes’ to confirm and complete removal of this user from your Ring Doorbell

Reset Ring Video Doorbell To Default Settings

Ring Doorbell Still Registered to Previous Owner

If you recently moved into a new home, chances are you may find yourself in the unfortunate predicament of discovering that your Ring doorbell is still registered to the previous owner. This can be a particularly troublesome issue, as it means that you will not be able to access or configure any settings on the device until ownership has been transferred over to you.So how do you go about getting this taken care of?

The first step is for the previous owner to remove their account from the system by signing into their Ring app and navigating down through “Settings” > “Shared Users” > “Owner/Administrator” and then selecting “Remove User” at the bottom right-hand corner. Once they have done this, they should also take steps to ensure that all shared users (such as family members) no longer have access to your Ring doorbell.The next step is for them to follow up with an email address linked directly with your name so that ownership of your current Ring device can be successfully transferred over.

This email address would need to match what appears on your utility bills or other official documents (for example: Once provided, it may take up 48 hours for full transfer of ownership rights before being granted full control again via an updated version of the Ring app.Finally, if all else fails and neither party has any luck trying out these methods manually – both parties will need contact customer support directly in order for them handle such requests more efficiently.

Customer service representatives should help guide both parties through all necessary steps required in order get everything sorted out again without too much fuss!In conclusion, if ever stuck dealing with a ring doorbell still registered under its original owners name – don’t worry! There’s plenty options available which make resolving such issues relatively simple and straightforward – just remember though always refer back tot he manufacturer guidelines when attempting fix these problems yourself beforehand.


How to Remove Owner from Ring Doorbell


How Do I Unregister Ring Doorbell from Previous Owner?

If you’ve recently purchased a Ring doorbell that was previously owned by someone else, it’s important to unregister the device from their account before setting up your own. This is necessary in order to ensure that the previous owner won’t have access to your live video feeds and recordings. Luckily, Ring makes it easy for you to unregister an existing doorbell quickly and easily.

The first step is to contact the previous owner of the device and have them remove any links they have created between their account and the Ring Doorbell. Once this has been done, you can then proceed with registering the device on your own account.To begin with, open up either the mobile or web version of Ring’s app/site.

When prompted, enter your credentials (username/password) in order to gain access into your personal dashboard settings page. From here click “Settings” followed by “Devices.” Select “Doorbells,” then select “Unpair” next to whichever model you are trying to unregister from its current connection (in this case it will be the one associated with its previous owner).

After selecting unpairing, confirm again when asked if you would like continue removing all settings associated with this particular device profile; once confirmed take note of a message which may appear saying something along these lines: “Your Doorbell has been successfully removed from [previous owners] Account”. Now that it’s no longer connected -you can add create a new profile for yourself!It’s important keep in mind that after unpairing & registering onto another user profile – only one person at time can actively view & control settings related this specific piece hardware such as motion detection sensitivity levels etc..

All other accounts linked will no longer have access privilege until re-enabled again using same steps outlined above in reverse manner (unpair > pair).

Can You Change Owner on Ring Doorbell?

The Ring doorbell is a popular home security device that allows homeowners to monitor their front porch from anywhere in the world. But what happens if you need to change ownership of your Ring doorbell? Can it be done and how?

The answer is yes, you can indeed change the owner on a Ring doorbell. The process is straightforward, but it does require some steps and understanding of the product before proceeding. To start, make sure that you have access to both the current account holder’s information (email or phone number) and any new account holders’ information that will be taking over ownership of the device.

Once all necessary accounts are set up with valid email addresses or phone numbers linked to them, follow these simple steps: 1) Log in to your current account on the Ring app or website. 2) Select “Settings” from either option.

3) Scroll down until you find “Shared Users/Devices” and select this option. 4) Tap on “Add shared user” at the top right corner of your screen . This will bring up an invitation form which needs to be filled out by entering either an email address (for online invitations), or a mobile number for text invitations).

Enter details about who should receive access for this device(s). You can also give each person different levels of control over each individual device as well as send multiple invites at once using a CSV file format upload if required – just remember that everyone invited must accept their invite before they gain access rights!Note: Make sure only people you trust are being given access rights – no one else has permission unless they have been specifically granted it through an invite sent via either method mentioned above!

5) Once all users have accepted their invites then log into new owner’s account on either app/website . Now click onto Settings > Shared devices/users again and locate previous owner’s name in list (which should now show up since he/she has accepted his invite ). Click onto remove button next him her name ,this will remove them from having any further control over ring devices associated withhis heraccount .

If needed permissions can also be changed here too depending upon what level off access /control was previously assigned too originalowner beforehand ! Finally confirm changes made when prompted afterwards so they take effect immediately!And there we go – changing ownership on a Ring Doorbell has never been easier!


Removing an owner from a Ring doorbell may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually quite easy. The first thing you need to do is log into your Ring account and go to the settings page. Once there, select the “Shared Users” tab and click on the user that you want to delete.

From there, simply click “Remove User” and confirm your choice by clicking “Yes.” That’s it! You have now successfully removed an owner from your Ring doorbell.

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