How to Remove Faceplate on Ring Doorbell

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Removing the faceplate on a Ring Doorbell can be a straightforward process. It is important to understand what tools you need and how to properly remove the plate in order to avoid damaging your device or voiding its warranty. The process of removing the faceplate requires only a few simple steps, so with some patience and care, it can easily be accomplished by most people.

Before attempting this task, make sure that your Ring doorbell is powered off and disconnected from any power sources such as USB cables or wall outlets. Additionally, it may be helpful to have an extra set of hands nearby in case you need help when working around delicate components inside the device. Once all safety precautions are taken into account, follow these easy steps for how to remove faceplate on Ring Doorbell.

  • Unplug the power source: To begin, unplug the doorbell’s power source to ensure that there is no electricity running through it while you are working on it
  • Pry off faceplate: Using a flathead screwdriver or spudger tool, carefully pry off the plastic faceplate from around the Ring Doorbell by gently pushing inward on each side of the plate until it pops free
  • Remove screws: After removing the faceplate, locate and remove any screws securing the device in place—these will likely be located at each corner of your device’s base plate
  • Slide out unit: Now that all connections have been disconnected and all screws removed, you can slide out your Ring Doorbell from its mounting bracket by pulling toward yourself on either side of its body until it comes loose from its mount entirely

How to remove the faceplate on your Ring Door Bell

How to Remove Faceplate from Ring Doorbell 1

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to remove your Ring Doorbell faceplate, then you’ve come to the right place. Removing the faceplate from your Ring Doorbell is actually quite simple and can be done in just a few minutes. Here’s how to do it:

1. Start by unplugging the power cable connected to your doorbell. This will prevent any electric shocks while working on it.2. Next, locate the two small screws holding down the base plate of your doorbell; they are usually located at either side of the device near its bottom edge (or sometimes at either end).

Unscrew these using a Phillips-head screwdriver or similar tool, and set them aside somewhere safe.3. Carefully lift off the base plate with both hands so that you can access what’s underneath – this should now reveal four more screws which hold down the main body of your doorbell onto its frame or wall mountings (these might not all be visible depending on where yours is installed).4. Use another Phillips-head screwdriver or similar tool to unscrew these four screws one by one until each has been removed completely from their respective holes in order to free up space behind them for removing other parts later on if necessary – remember not to lose them as replacements may be needed when reassembling everything afterwards!

5 Once completely detached from its mounting bracket, carefully pull away any rubber gaskets that could still be attached around edges of your Ring Doorbell before finally taking off its front cover/faceplate by gently pushing up on it until all clips have disengaged and released their grip – some models may require slightly more force than others but always take care when doing so as damage could occur otherwise!Finally, check inside for anything else that needs disconnecting such as wires leading into battery compartments etc., before properly storing away both parts separately until ready for reassembly; also make sure no dirt or dust gets trapped between surfaces during this process which could cause issues further down line! And there we go – with those steps followed correctly you should now have successfully removed faceplate from your Ring Doorbell 1 without too much trouble at all!

How to Remove Faceplate on Ring Doorbell


How Do You Remove a Ring Faceplate Without a Tool?

It can be frustrating when you find yourself in need of removing a ring faceplate, but don’t have the necessary tool. Without the right tools, it can seem impossible to remove a ring faceplate from an object. But fear not!

With some patience and ingenuity, you may be able to remove the plate without any special tools.The first step is to examine the material that your faceplate is attached with. Many times they are held on with screws or nails which can easily be removed by hand or using pliers or other basic tools such as a screwdriver and/or hammer.

However, if your faceplate is glued onto the surface then you will need to use more caution when attempting to pry off.If possible, try positioning two flathead screwdrivers underneath each side of the plate and gently twist them back and forth while gradually lifting up on each side until it loosens enough for removal. You may also try using dental floss wrapped around both sides of the plate and pull in opposite directions so that it cuts through any adhesive holding it down before trying either of these methods again.

Another option would be making sure both hands are securely gripping onto one end of the plate before firmly pulling outward away from its place – this should help break any sealant between them as well as loosen up whatever glue was used if applicable (just watch out for sharp edges!).You could also attempt heating up any glue residue left behind with a hairdryer; this should make removal easier once cooled down again afterwards due to softened adhesive bonds being weakened by heat exposure over time eventually leading towards successful detachment (be careful though – taking too long with heated attempts might damage underlying surfaces). Finally, if all else fails then consider purchasing replacement plates instead – these come pre-made so installation takes less time than having had gone through all those steps above!

In conclusion, removing a ring faceplate without specialized tools is possible but requires patience in order for success; depending on how much effort one puts into finding solutions there’s usually something that works best given their specific situation at hand regardless if traditional or DIY approaches are taken here!

How Do I Take My Ring Doorbell Cover off to Charge?

If you’ve recently purchased a ring doorbell, chances are that it came with a removable cover to protect the device. This is an important part of keeping your Ring Doorbell in top condition and ensuring its longevity. The problem is that many people don’t know how to take their ring doorbell cover off properly in order to charge it.

Thankfully, taking off your ring doorbell cover isn’t as complicated as it may seem.The first step is to locate the release button on the side of the Ring Doorbell. It can be found just below where the power cord connects into the unit itself and should look like a small tab or lever with “release” written next to it (depending on your model).

Once you have located this release button, press down firmly until you hear a click sound which will indicate that you have successfully released the battery pack from its compartment.Next, lift up gently on either side of the Ring Doorbell’s front faceplate until both halves come away from each other easily—this should allow access for plugging in and charging your device’s internal battery pack without having to remove any additional parts or pieces of hardware from inside of your device itself. After connecting your charger cable securely into both components, make sure all connections are secured tightly before attempting reconnection or replacement of any parts within the device itself—it is always best practice not to force anything when trying work around such delicate electronic equipment!

Finally, once everything has been connected correctly, simply press back down on either side of your Ring Doorbell’s faceplate until they snap back together again—you’ll know they’re secure if they make an audible click sound when closing them shut; at this point all that remains now is for you wait patiently while charging takes place! All told, removing and replacing your ring doorbelle cover should only take a few minutes at most – but by following these simple steps carefully every time you need replace/charge yours we hope that over time this process becomes second nature so nothing ever gets damaged during routine maintenance!


Removing the faceplate from your Ring Doorbell is an easy process that doesn’t require any tools. First, make sure you have disconnected the power to your doorbell. Then, press down on the tab at the bottom of the faceplate and pull it away from the wall.

You may need to wiggle it a bit to get it off. Once removed, you can then unscrew and remove all four mounting screws that hold in place the back plate and other components of your doorbell. Finally, take out these components carefully before re-installing them with fresh screws when you’re done!

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