How to Keep Ring Doorbell from Being Stolen

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If you have a Ring doorbell, you know how important it is to keep it secure. After all, your Ring doorbell is your first line of defense against burglars and other criminals. But what do you do if your Ring doorbell gets stolen?

Here are some tips on how to keep your Ring doorbell from being stolen.

How secure are camera doorbells?

  • Keep your Ring Doorbell in a safe place
  • Make sure that your Ring Doorbell is properly secured to your home
  • Be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for suspicious activity near your home
  • If you see anything suspicious, do not hesitate to contact the police

Ring Doorbell Anti Theft Grid Box

Most people are familiar with the Ring brand of doorbells and other home security devices. The company recently came out with a new product called the Ring Doorbell Anti Theft Grid Box. This is a small, lightweight box that attaches to the back of your Ring Doorbell and protects it from thieves.

The box is made of tough plastic and has a metal grid on the front that makes it difficult for thieves to pry open the doorbell or remove it from the wall. The box also comes with a keyed lock, so you can keep your doorbell safe and secure when you’re not home.

How to Keep Ring Doorbell from Being Stolen


Are Ring Doorbells Theft Proof?

If you’re looking for a doorbell that will deter thieves, the Ring doorbell is a good option. This doorbell has several features that make it difficult for thieves to steal. For one, theRing doorbell is equipped with an HD camera that gives you a clear view of who’s at your door.

The camera also has night vision, so you can see what’s going on even in low light conditions. Additionally, the Ring doorbell has motion sensors that will detect when someone is trying to break in and trigger an alarm. Finally, the Ring app allows you to monitor your home from anywhere and contact emergency services if needed.

What Happens If Someone Steals My Ring Doorbell?

If someone steals your Ring Doorbell, you can report it to the police. You will also need to contact Ring customer service to cancel your subscription and deactivate your device.


If you have a Ring doorbell, you’ll want to keep it from being stolen. Here are some tips:-Make sure the screws holding your doorbell in place are tight.

Loose screws can make it easy for someone to remove your doorbell. -Use security cameras to monitor your doorbell and deter thieves. -Consider getting a wireless doorbell so that it can’t be physically removed.

-Alert your neighbors if you see suspicious activity around your doorbell or if it’s stolen so they can be on the lookout.

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