How to Change Doorbell Sound on Ring

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Changing the sound of your doorbell on Ring is a relatively simple process and can add an extra element of personalization to your home. Whether you want to customize it for your own enjoyment or make it easier for visitors to recognize, this tutorial will guide you through all the steps necessary to change the sound on any device with the Ring app. First, open the Ring app on either IOS or Android devices and log into your account if prompted.

Once you’re in, navigate to “Settings” located at the bottom right corner of your screen. From here, select “Doorbells & Sensors” from within Settings and then choose which doorbell is connected to which device by tapping on its name. Finally, hit “Sound Settings” where you will be presented with a variety of different sounds that can be assigned as alert tones when someone rings your bell.

  • Step 1: Open the Ring App on your smartphone or tablet
  • Step 2: Select the “Devices” tab located at the bottom of the app
  • Step 3: Tap on the doorbell listed under Devices to open up its settings menu
  • Step 4: Scroll down and select “Chime
  • ”Step 5: Choose from one of several tones, including Ding Dong, Westminster Chime, Three Note Chime, Traditional Bells and more
  • When you have made your selection tap “Save” in order to confirm changes

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Change Ring Doorbell Sound Alexa

The convenience of controlling your home security with your voice is one of the most popular applications for Alexa. Now, you can add a new capability to your Alexa setup: setting unique ring tones for your Ring Doorbell. This exciting feature allows you to differentiate between visitors at the door and phone calls or other notifications coming in on your Echo device.

For those who don’t know, Ring is an Amazon-owned company that produces video doorbells and home security products. Their cameras are connected to Wi-Fi networks so that they can be accessed remotely via a smartphone app or from any supported Alexa device. The latest iteration of their product line includes the ability to set different chimes for each individual user’s account, meaning if someone rings your front door bell it will sound differently than when someone rings another family member’s bell.

Alexa makes it easy to change these sounds by allowing users to create custom chime profiles through their app or directly from an Echo device. To start, open up the Ring app on either iOS or Android devices (or access it through an Alexa enabled speaker) and select “Chimes” from the menu on the left side of the screen; this will take you into settings where you can customize each user’s chime profile according to their preference (e.g., classical music, movie theme songs).Once all preferences have been saved and everything has been tested out properly—you’ll want make sure all members’ bells are ringing correctly—it’s time to activate them!

All users need do is say “Alexa, enable my chimes,” followed by specific instructions such as “Alexa set my front door Bell tone as [insert chosen melody here].” You may also choose a song title if it exists within Amazon Music library using commands like “play [song name]”. Be sure not forget about others in household too; just repeat process above until everyone has own customized ringtone associated with each individual bell!

Having personalized tones for every person in house ensures no one misses important visitor arrival anymore! With seamless integration provided by both companies working together – what more could ask? Try changing ringtones today enjoy benefits having custom alert system without ever leaving couch again!


How to Change Doorbell Sound on Ring


How Do I Change My Ring Doorbell Custom Sound?

If you have a Ring doorbell, chances are that you may want to customize its sound or alert. The good news is that it’s actually quite easy to do so! Below, we will walk through the steps for how to change your ring doorbell custom sound on both iOS and Android devices.

Changing Your Ring Doorbell Custom Sound On an iOS Device 1. Open the Ring app on your device. 2. Tap on “Devices” in the bottom menu bar of the screen and select your specific Doorbell from the list of available devices.

3. Once selected, tap “Settings” located near the top right-hand corner of your screen. 4. Next, locate and tap “Chime Settings” – this should be one of several options listed under Settings for this particular device type (your other option would be Motion Settings). 5. From here, you can now choose from a variety of different sounds/alerts ranging from traditional ringing bells to various animal noises as well as music tones like chimes or xylophone notes!

Simply make sure whatever tone/sound you choose is checked off then press ‘Done’ when finished with selecting all features desired for this particular action item (the checkmark indicates which ones were chosen).Changing Your Ring Doorbell Custom Sound On an Android Device: 1 Open up the Ring app on your device 2 Tap Devices near bottom menu bar followed by selecting specific Door bell 3 Once selected, click Setting at upper right hand corner 4 Locate Chime settings 5 Similar to iOS version above ,choose among available melodies & sounds 6 After making desired choice(s) make sure they are indicated with a check mark before pressing done button upon completion .

Can You Change Ring Door Open Sound?

If you own a Ring Doorbell, you may have wondered if it’s possible to change the sound that plays when someone rings your doorbell. The answer is yes! You can easily customize the sound of your Ring Doorbell to suit your tastes and preferences.

The Ring app allows you to select from a variety of sounds for both motion alerts and doorbell notifications. If one of these pre-selected sounds don’t fit with your home aesthetics, there is also an option to upload custom MP3 or WAV files as well. To do this:

1) Open the Ring app on your mobile device and go into the ‘Devices’ tab 2) Select the particular ring device whose alert tones you want to change 3) Tap on ‘Settings’ in order to access different customization options

4) Scroll down until you find ‘Alert Tones’ section 5) Under this section are two tabs labeled Motion Alerts & Chime Notifications; tap whichever one you want to edit first 6) From here, choose either a selection from their library or upload an audio file from your phone/computer by tapping on ‘Upload’ at bottom right corner

Once selected, save changes and enjoy having customized doorbell sounds whenever someone rings! It’s important keep in mind that some audio files may not be compatible with the system due to format restrictions so make sure any uploaded file meets all requirements before saving it. Also note that for certain devices such as Floodlight Cam, Spotlight Cam Wired etc., chime notification feature will not be available since they cannot produce audible sounds directly but instead rely on external chimes connected via wires (e.g.: mechanical bells).

All in all, changing ringdoor open sound is quick and easy process which can help personalize how people experience ringing your bell – whether its something calming like bird song or upbeat jingle playing each time someone visits!


If you’re looking for a way to change the sound of your doorbell, then look no further! With Ring’s easy-to-use controls, it’s possible to customize the sound of your doorbell with just a few clicks. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps so that you can make sure everyone knows when they’ve arrived at your doorstep.

First, open up the Ring app on your smartphone and log into your account. Once logged in, locate and select “Settings” from the main menu options. From here, select “Chimes” which will display all available chime sounds for selection.

You can choose from a variety of preloaded tones or upload one of your own audio clips if desired. After selecting which tone is best for you simply click “Save Changes” and now every time someone rings your bell they will hear whatever custom chime sound you have chosen! With these simple steps now anyone arriving at your doorstep will know exactly who has rung their bell – be it family members or friends – thanks to this helpful customization feature provided by Ring!

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