How to Attach a Ring Doorbell to Brick

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If you own a home with brick exterior walls, you may be wondering how to attach your new Ring Doorbell. Although drilling into brick can seem daunting, it is relatively easy with the right tools. Here are the steps you need to take to attach your Ring Doorbell to the brick successfully: 

1. Use a hammer drill to create a pilot hole in the brick where you want to mount the doorbell. Be sure to wear safety goggles while doing this.

2. Insert a wall anchor into the pilot hole. 

3. Use screws (provided in the installation kit) to secure the mounting plate for the doorbell onto the wall anchor.

4. Snap the doorbell onto the mounting plate and tighten any loose screws. 5. That’s it! 

You’ve now successfully mounted your Ring Doorbell on the brick!

  • Chisel out a small hole in the brick where you want to attach the doorbell
  •  The hole should be big enough to fit the screwdriver through
  •  Insert a wall plug into the hole and tap it lightly with a hammer to make sure it’s flush with the surface of the brick
  •  Screw a screw into the wall plug until it is tight
  •  Affix the mounting plate for the doorbell to the screws on the wall using screws or adhesive strips, depending on what is included in your kit
  •  Snap the doorbell onto the mounting plate and twist it until it clicks into place
How to Attach a Ring Doorbell to Brick


Can Ring Doorbell Be Installed on Brick?

Yes, a ring doorbell can be installed on brick. There are a few different ways to do this, but the most common is to use an adhesive mount. This mount attaches to the brick with strong adhesive pads, and then the ring doorbell screws into the mountain.

How Do You Install a Ring Doorbell on Brick Without Drilling?

Assuming you have all the hardware and tools you need, installing a Ring doorbell on brick without drilling is pretty simple. First, use the included alcohol wipe to clean the surface of the brick where you’ll be mounting the doorbell. Then, use the double-sided adhesive tape to attach the mounting plate to the brick. 

Once that’s done, snap your Ring doorbell into place on the mounting plate. That’s it! Your Ring doorbell is now installed and ready to use.

How Does Ring Doorbell Connect to Brick?

Most homes have a standard doorbell wired to the electrical system and connected to a chime inside the house. On the other hand, a ring doorbell is battery-operated and wirelessly connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network. When someone presses the button on the doorbell, it sends a signal to the base station, which is then transmitted over the internet to your smartphone or tablet. 

You can then see who is at your door and talk to them using the built-in speaker and microphone.

How Do You Secure a Ring Doorbell Without a Drill?

Most people need to realize that you don’t need a drill to secure a ring doorbell. All you need is a small screwdriver and some patience. Here’s how to do it: 

1. Remove the battery cover from the back of the doorbell.

2. Unscrew the two screws that hold the faceplate in place. 3. Carefully remove the faceplate, not damaging the wires behind it. 

4. Find the mounting bracket that came with your doorbell and attach it to the wall where you want to mount your doorbell (typically next to your front door). Use the screws that came with the bracket to secure it in place. If you’re not using a frame, use drywall anchors and screws to ensure the doorbell is directly into the studs in your wall. Just be sure not to screw into any electrical wires!

5. route all of the cables through the hole in the back of the mounting plate or bracket, then reattach the faceplate(again, being careful to avoid pinching or damaging any wires). Secure the faceplate with its two original screws, then replace and tighten the battery cover.

. Andthat’sit!

How to Install Ring Doorbell on Brick Without Drilling

If you’re looking to install a Ring Doorbell on a brick surface without drilling, you can use a few different methods. The first is to purchase the special mounting plate Ring offers for this purpose. This plate attaches to the back of the doorbell using strong adhesive strips and provides a flat, stable surface for the doorbell to sit on. 

Another option is to use 3M Command strips. These are similar to the adhesive strips used by the mounting plate, but they’re designed for temporary attachment and can be removed without damaging surfaces. Apply them to the back of the doorbell and press them firmly into place on your brick surface. 

If neither of these options is feasible or desirable, you can always drill into your brick surface to install the doorbell more permanently. Be sure to use masonry drill bits and wall plugs rated for outdoor use to avoid damaging your home’s exterior.


If you’re looking to install a Ring Doorbell on brick, it’s a pretty straightforward process. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Use the drill bit with your Ring Doorbell kit to create a pilot hole in the brick where you want to mount the doorbell. 

2. Next, insert the wall anchor into the pilot hole and use a hammer to tap it into place.

3. Finally, screw in the mounting bracket using the screws that came with your Ring Doorbell kit. Once everything is secure, you can snap your Ring Doorbell into place and start using it!

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