How to Add Ring Doorbell to Google Home

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Adding a Ring Doorbell to Google Home can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With just a few simple steps, you can easily connect your Ring doorbell to your Google Home device and enjoy the convenience of being able to control and monitor your home’s entry points with voice commands. Before getting started, make sure that you have both the Google Home app and the Ring app installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Once these apps are installed, follow these four easy steps in order to connect your Ring doorbell with Google Home: First, open up the Google Home application on either an iOS or Android device. Then click on Add (+), followed by Set Up Device > Have something already set up? > Works with Google located at the bottom of the screen.

From here enter “Ring” into the search bar at top of page; this will bring up all available products from their catalog that can work with Google devices. Selecting one of these options will direct you towards another page containing instructions for connecting them together as well as any other requirements needed for successful setup completion (such as account linking).

  • Open the Google Home App: To add Ring Doorbell to your Google Home, first open the Google Home app on your phone or tablet
  • Select Devices: Next, select “Devices” from the bottom menu and then click on the plus sign in the top right corner of the screen
  • Choose Set Up Device: After that, choose “Set up device” and select “Have something already set up?”4
  • Search for Ring Doorbells: Finally, search for “Ring Doorbells” and select it when it appears in search results list

How to add Ring Doorbell to Google Home? [Does Ring Doorbell Work with Google Home?]

Can’T Find Ring on Google Home

If you’ve recently purchased a Google Home and are having trouble setting it up, you may be wondering why your Ring device isn’t showing up in the list of compatible products. Unfortunately, at this time, Google Home doesn’t officially support Ring devices; however, there is still a workaround which can help make the connection process easier.In order to get your Ring device connected with Google Home, you will need to use an additional product called IFTTT (If This Then That).

IFTTT is free software that allows users to create custom connections between different apps and services. For example, if you wanted to turn on lights when someone rings your doorbell then you would set up an “applet” within IFTTT linking your doorbell with the lighting app.To connect your Ring device with Google Home via IFTTT:

1) Sign into or create an account for both IFTTT and the Ring app. 2) Once both accounts are created/signed into navigate to ‘My Applets’ within IFTTT and click ‘New Applet’ button in the top right corner of the screen. 3) In Step 1 select ‘This’ – here choose either specific triggers from available products (e.g., motion detected by camera), or search for one using keywords such as “ring doorbell motion detected”.

4) After selecting desired trigger click on ‘That’ – here choose any actionable service like sending notifications or controlling smart home devices etc.. 5) Select Google Assistant as service provider then follow prompts given by Assistant in order complete setup process successfully .With this setup now whenever your ring detects movement/motion it will automatically send notification to google assistant so that user can get notified about activity occurring near their property even when not at home!

. Additionally users also have option of choosing other actions such as turning lights on/off , playing music etc based upon what they prefer!While connecting ring via ifttt does provide some functionality , it should be noted that due lack of direct integration many features present in natively supported devices may not work properly .

Moreover since its third-party solution there’s always risk associated with potential security vulnerabilities so use caution before attempting this method !

How to Add Ring Doorbell to Google Home


Q1: How Do I Connect My Ring Doorbell to Google Home

If you are looking to add a Ring Doorbell to your Google Home, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss how to connect a Ring Doorbell with Google Home so that you can easily access and control your doorbell from anywhere in the world.Before getting started, there are some things you need to consider such as making sure that both devices (Google Home and the Ring Doorbell) support each other.

You also need a compatible router and an active internet connection for both of them. Once all these prerequisites are met, follow these steps:1. Download the Google Home app on your phone or tablet if it isn’t already installed on it.

2. Log into your Google account within the app when prompted and select Set Up Device > Have Something Already Set Up? > Works With Google > Ring Video Doorbells from the list of options available within Devices tab at bottom center of screen . 3. Select Add Your First Device option on top right corner of next page which will redirect you back to original device set up page where now there is an additional option named ‘Ring’ under Works With Google box .

4. Clicking It will take few seconds while registering before taking us through series of steps where we would be asked about existing ring account details like email ID & Password or create one if doesn’t exist yet .5 Once done , tap Next button located at bottom left side followed by selecting WiFi network name which needs to connect our device with router for wireless communication between two devices i-e; smartphone/tablet & Router respectively .6 After connecting successfully , click Allow Access button located beside “Allow Access To Your Account?

section after which setup process finishes automatically without any intervention required from user end .7 Now head over towards main page again where new added device appears along with rest previously connected ones ; confirming successful installation completion !8 Finally , open google home settings -> devices tab -> ring video door doors section -> Select specific device name listed here whose settings needed alteration accordingly according desired requirement regarding its functioning behavior via voice commands sent out using google assistant interface only !

Now enjoy hands free controlling feature embedded inside our smart door bells thanks modern age technological advancements !!

Then, Open the Google Home App on Your Device And Tap Add > Set Up Device > Have Something Already Set Up

If you recently purchased a Google Home device and are ready to set it up, the process is quite simple. In this blog post, we will walk through the steps of setting up your Google Home device so that you can start using all its features right away.The first step in setting up your Google Home is to make sure that both your phone and the Google Home are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Once this has been done, open up the Google Home app on your device and tap ‘Add’ > ‘Set Up Device’ > ‘Have something already set up?’ This will bring you to a page with three options: Set Up New Devices, Sign into Your Account or Connect Your Phone/Tablet. Selecting either one of these choices should take you directly into the setup process for adding new devices.Once in the setup menu for adding devices, select which type of product you would like to add from those available (Google Nest products such as thermostats, smoke detectors etc.).

Then follow on-screen instructions until all necessary details have been entered – including name and location of where each device will be positioned within your home – before completing setup by tapping ‘Done’.Finally if needed return back into settings in order adjust any other preferences such as audio output levels or voice recognition accuracy before starting use of all available features associated with this new product addition. And now enjoy!

Select “Ring” from the List of Supported Devices And Follow the Prompts to Complete Setup

Setting up a Ring device is an easy process that can provide your home with improved security and convenience. Whether you are looking to buy a new device or upgrade your existing one, the setup process is straightforward and quick.Before setting up your Ring device, there are several things you should do to ensure that everything works correctly.

First of all, make sure that you have the right type of hardware installed in order for the device to work properly. This includes checking if your router supports Wi-Fi connections as well as making sure it has enough power outlets available for powering the Ring device. It’s also important to note that some devices require wall mounting or securing with screws – so be prepared beforehand!

Once all necessary hardware requirements are satisfied, it’s time to begin setup by selecting “Ring” from the list of supported devices on the app or website where you purchased it from (such as Amazon). After selecting “Ring,” follow along with any provided instructions which may include downloading additional software onto your computer/ mobile phone or signing into an account associated with its parent company (i.e., Amazon). Once completed successfully, this will activate the ring device and allow access through its application via smartphone/ tablet etc… The next step involves connecting this newly activated ring system directly into a Wi-Fi network using either Bluetooth technology or direct connection depending upon what model was purchased — again consulting any provided instructions here would be beneficial!

Finally once connected successfully then settings such as motion detection sensitivity can be adjusted within seconds— giving users full control over their own personal security systems!Overall setting up a Ring Device really isn’t complicated when following these simple steps; allowing users peace of mind knowing they have taken extra precautions when guarding their home against unwanted intruders and other threats without breaking too much sweat during installation processes!

Q2: Can I Use Voice Commands With My Ring Doorbell

The short answer is yes, you can use voice commands with your Ring Doorbell. With the help of Alexa or Google Home, you can control your Ring devices with just your voice. You can use commands such as “Alexa/Google, show me my front door” to view a live video feed from your doorbell camera on an Echo Show or Fire TV device.

You also have the option to trigger alarms and sirens when motion is detected at the door with a simple command like “Alexa/Google, turn on my alarm system”.For those who don’t already own an Alexa-enabled device or Google Home speaker, there are other options available for controlling your Ring Doorbell too. The Ring app itself has built-in support for Amazon Echo and Google Nest products so that you can control them directly from within the app without having to speak any specific commands into either device’s microphone.

Additionally, some third party apps offer similar functionality by enabling users to create custom voice assistant skills specifically tailored to their needs (for example: IFTTT).Voice command technology gives homeowners more convenience and peace of mind when it comes to monitoring and controlling their home security systems – especially those powered by Ring products! With just a few words uttered into either an Alexa-enabled device or Google Home Speaker, you now have complete control over your entire home security setup including camera feeds and alerts triggered by motion sensors around doors and windows.

So go ahead – give it a try today!

Once Connected, You Can Say “Hey Google/Alexa” Followed by a Command Such As “Show Me My Front Door Camera”

If you have recently purchased an Alexa or Google Home device, then you may be wondering how to use voice commands to control your home. These devices are incredibly powerful and can offer a wide range of capabilities when used with compatible devices in your home. One such command is the ability to show you what’s happening at your front door camera by simply saying “Hey Google/Alexa, show me my front door camera”.

This type of voice command is becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to improve their home security and safety. By connecting a compatible camera to either an Alexa or Google Home device, users can access real-time video feeds from their smartphone, tablet or computer screen without having to manually search for the footage on each individual app. This provides greater convenience and peace of mind that whatever happens outside their home will be visible in seconds – all from the comfort of inside their house!

To get started using this feature there are several steps that must first be completed:1) Install a compatible smart camera near your front door (Options include Nest Cam Outdoor and Ring Spotlight Camera).2) Connect it to either an Alexa or Google Home device through its respective app (Google Home App & Amazon Alexa App).

3) Once connected, ensure that both apps are linked together so they communicate properly with one another (you may need additional instruction depending on which devices you own).4) Finally launch either the Alexa or Google Assistant feature found within each app’s settings menu before speaking out loud “Hey Google/Alexa” followed by “show me my front door camera”.The above steps should allow anyone who owns these two types of AI assistant devices full access over any compatible cameras placed around their homes; making it easier than ever before for them keep watch over any suspicious activity taking place around their property 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Q3: Does Using Ring Doorbell Require Any Subscription Fees

If you’re looking to add an extra layer of security and convenience to your home, then a Ring doorbell might just be the perfect solution. With its motion-activated camera, two-way audio system, and cloud recording capabilities, it can provide peace of mind for homeowners who want to know what’s going on outside their front doors.But does using a Ring doorbell require any subscription fees?

The short answer is yes: in order to access some of the device’s more advanced features — including video storage — users must purchase one of Ring’s Protect plans.The basic plan starts at $3 per month or $30 per year and gives users access to review recordings for up to 60 days (or until each clip reaches 10GB). This plan also includes 24/7 professional monitoring from the Neighbors app and optional emergency services with 911 Connect.

Additionally, users have the option of purchasing an optional coverage plan that will cover damage or theft protection at a higher price point ($10 monthly/$100 yearly).For those wanting additional features such as custom motion zones or activity alerts when visitors arrive at your doorstep, there are also other plans available ranging from $10-$50 a month depending on how many cameras are being used. These plans include 30-day video history (for up to five cameras), person detection technology, extended warranty coverage and more advanced features like facial recognition software.

Overall, while using a Ring Doorbell requires subscription fees in order for users to take advantage of all its features—from basic motion activated recording capabilities all the way up through advanced facial recognition software—the benefits far outweigh the cost for those looking for top notch security solutions around their homes.

However If You Opt-In for Their Cloud Storage Service Then They May Charge Additional Fees Depending on What Type of Plan You Choose

Cloud storage has become an increasingly popular way to store and access data, with many companies offering a wide range of options. While most cloud storage services are free or offer low-cost plans, some providers may charge additional fees depending on the type of plan you choose.For those looking for extra features and higher levels of security, opting in for a premium cloud storage service is often worth the investment.

Premium plans usually include more space as well as enhanced features such as faster transfer speeds, advanced encryption protocols and even unlimited file sizes. Depending on your needs and budget, it’s important to consider all your options before deciding which plan best suits you.When considering a paid cloud storage service there are several factors to take into account: cost per month or year; amount of space available; supported file types; backup policies; customer support availability; third party integrations (Google Drive/Dropbox); number of users allowed; mobile app compatibility etc.

Most providers also offer discounts if you opt for yearly payment instead of monthly payments so make sure to read through their terms carefully when making your decision.In addition to basic pricing structures like monthly or annual fees, some cloud storage services may charge additional fees based on usage size or other factors such as bandwidth costs incurred by transferring large files over the internet connection used by clients who access stored data remotely from outside locations. It’s wise to do thorough research beforehand so that you can be certain about what kind of additional charges might apply in each case before signing up with any provider – it could save you big money down the line!

Finally keep in mind that while paying more upfront can seem like a burden initially, having access to secure offsite data backups will be invaluable should disaster strike – not only financially but also psychologically speaking! Cloud Storage offers peace-of-mind knowing that whatever happens locally won’t compromise critical business information stored online – something no small business owner should take lightly these days!


If you’re looking for a way to make your home smarter, adding a Ring Doorbell to your Google Home is a great place to start. With this setup, you’ll be able to access the doorbell’s features directly from the Google Home app, so that you can keep an eye on who’s at your front door—no matter where you are! In this blog post, we’ll walk through all of the steps necessary for setting up and using your Ring Doorbell with Google Home.

First off, let’s get started by making sure that both devices are compatible. The Ring Doorbell must have Wi-Fi connectivity in order to work properly with any smart device—so if yours doesn’t have it built-in (or isn’t connected), then now would be the time to set that up. After that’s done, it should show up as an option when searching for compatible devices in the Google Home app.

Once everything is connected correctly and recognized by the app, there will be several different settings available within each device profile page which allow users more control over how their Ring Doorbell interacts with their other smart home products. For example: You can adjust motion detection settings or enable push notifications whenever someone rings your bell.Finally, after all of these steps have been completed successfully—you’re ready to go!

Now use simple commands like “Hey Google – show me my front door” or “Hey Google – what did my camera see?” in order view video feeds from your doorbell cam directly on any nearby display (like a TV or computer monitor). It’s never been easier (or safer) for homeowners everywhere to monitor activity outside their homes without missing out on important events happening right at their doorstep!

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