How Long Does Ring Keep Videos

Ring, a prominent subsidiary of the Amazon conglomerate, has etched its name indelibly into the realm of home security and surveillance. Its arsenal of products, including the formidable Ring Video Doorbell and vigilant Ring Security Cameras, usher homeowners into a sanctuary of security and tranquility.

In the realm of digitized guardianship, these devices are the silent sentinels that bear witness to every event in your property, from the mundane package deliveries to the potential sinister undercurrents.

A question frequently echoing in the minds of Ring users is, “How long does Ring keep videos?” In our immersive voyage into this enigma, we will plunge into the complexities of Ring’s video storage, the intricate dance of factors governing video retention, and the reverberating ripples it sends across the sea of user privacy.

I. The Elaborate Weave of Ring’s Video Storage

1.1. The Enigma of Cloud-Based Storage

Ring’s video storage stands as a majestic citadel built upon the formidable foundation of cloud-based technology. Each time your vigilant Ring device captures a fragment of the world in video, it is ushered into the cosmic expanse of Ring’s cloud servers.

This ethereal repository of ones and zeros endows users with a treasure chest of advantages – unfettered access to their videos from any corner of the world, seamless redundancy through backups, and the gift of video sharing with fellow mortals.

1.2. Subscriptions as the Labyrinths of Video Storage

The heart of this labyrinth is the diverse array of subscription plans crafted by Ring, each brimming with its own peculiar pricing and characteristics. These plans, akin to celestial soothsayers, dictate the fate of your videos’ sojourn in the digital realm. The constellations of subscription plans typically include:

  • Basic: A free plan offering glimpses into the world of live video feeds, notifications, and interactions with visitors. But beware, it withholds the power to preserve your video memories.
  • Ring Protect Basic: A subscription that embraces a single Ring device in its warm embrace, granting 60 days of video storage in exchange for a monthly or annual fee.
  • Ring Protect Plus: This grand tapestry cloaks an unlimited number of Ring devices at a single abode and bestows them with the coveted 60-day video storage. It also offers the sweet allure of professional monitoring for the Ring Alarm. This gem, too, comes at the cost of a monthly or annual tribute.

1.3. The Ebb and Flow of Video Storage Duration

The span of time for which Ring cherishes your videos is tethered to the subscription plan you wield. Under the free Basic plan, the tapestry of Ring remains barren of recorded videos.

However, the Ring Protect Basic and Ring Protect Plus subscriptions stand as custodians of video footage, extending their protection for up to 60 days. Once the sands of time drain from this hourglass of retention, your videos, like distant echoes, are banished from the cloud realm, erased without a trace.

II. The Symphony of Variables That Shape Video Storage

2.1. The Subscription Plan Conundrum

As the sages foretold, the subscription plan emerges as the alpha and omega of video storage. The Ring Protect Basic and Ring Protect Plus subscriptions hold dominion over the fate of your video relics. Within their embrace, users can peer into their recorded past for a period of 60 days.

2.2. The Eclectic Array of Devices

The type of Ring device nestled in your abode emerges as a silent riddle in the tapestry of video storage. Most Ring devices, from the vigilant Ring Video Doorbell to the watchful Ring Security Cameras, gracefully waltz into the realm of Ring’s video storage.

But take heed, for this enigma demands that you seek confirmation of your device’s compatibility with Ring’s benevolent services before you embark on the quest.

2.3. The Cycles of Video History

The longevity of your video’s sojourn within Ring’s embrace hinges on the time when the video first graced its digital realm. Freshly minted videos bask in the luminous spotlight for up to 60 days.

Yet, as new videos emerge, older ones are unceremoniously ousted from the digital stage. It adheres to the ancient law of ‘first-in, first-out,’ where the eldest memories must make way for the newcomers.

2.4. The Dance of Account Activity

The chronicles of your account activity wield a subtle yet profound influence on video storage. If your subscription meets its twilight, or should you choose to seal the gates of your Ring account, the veil of obscurity falls upon your stored videos. Thus, the continuance of an active subscription and a thriving account remains the price of admission for those who wish to cherish their digital legacies.

III. The Ethical Enigma: Unveiling the Veil of Privacy

3.1. User Data and the Whispering Winds of Privacy

The siren song of convenience and security serenades Ring’s users. Yet, within the intricate tapestry of cloud-based video storage lies a conundrum of privacy. Ring’s use of remote servers to cradle your recorded chronicles awakens the specter of concerns about privacy infringements and unauthorized access.

The echoes of past controversies resonate through time and space as Ring has grappled with intrusions into users’ video feeds and concerns over the sanctity of data privacy. In response to these dissonant notes, Ring has summoned the guardians of security – two-factor authentication and privacy controls – to protect the sanctity of user data.

3.2. The Duality of Sharing and Access

In this labyrinth, Ring’s users can partake in the sacred ritual of sharing their video troves with others. This rite, a double-edged sword, unfurls opportunities for safeguarding one’s domain and extending a benevolent hand to neighbors and law enforcement.

Yet, it beckons an age-old question: who shall tread upon the sacred grounds of your video data? With the keys to the kingdom in your grasp, you must weigh your choices carefully and harmonize your sharing settings with the symphony of your privacy aspirations.

3.3. The Gavel of Legal Realms

In the annals of legal discourse, there arises a complex tapestry woven by law enforcement agencies seeking access to Ring’s video tapestry in their pursuit of justice.

Ring, too, has stood in the crucible of scrutiny, as its partnerships with law enforcement agencies cast long shadows upon the sanctity of user privacy.

To traverse these treacherous waters, one must don the robes of legal awareness and navigate the contours of rights and responsibilities when it comes to sharing video data with law enforcement.

IV. The User’s Pinnacle of Control: Privacy Settings and Beyond

In the land of Ring, users are granted the scepter of control, adorned with privacy settings and empowerment to safeguard their digital sanctuaries. The quintessential components of this realm include:

4.1. The Sentinels of Two-Factor Authentication

Invoking the arcane magic of two-factor authentication (2FA) erects an impenetrable fortress around your Ring dominion. With 2FA, a cryptic code descends upon your smartphone or email, serving as the celestial guardian that must be acknowledged for access to your video data. In this dance, the gates of unauthorized access are barred with unyielding strength.

4.2. The Veil of Privacy Zones

Privacy zones, akin to digital wards, allow you to blot out segments of your video canvas, excluding them from the annals of recording. In this symphony of privacy, you can shield your neighbor’s secrets while preserving your own sanctum.

4.3. The Brotherhood of Shared Users

Ring extends an invitation to a select few, trusted individuals, who are anointed as shared users. These chosen few may gaze upon your Ring videos and partake in the melodies of notifications. In this ritual, caution is your staunch ally; the keys to your digital kingdom should only be entrusted to those whose loyalty is unswerving.

4.4. The Tapestry of Video History

This section of the chronicle weaves the ability to revisit the annals of your video history, sifting through the memories and choosing which to retain. You wield the scepter of control, determining which recordings are worthy of a place in your account.

V. Exploring the Uncharted: Alternatives to Cloud-Based Storage

As the cosmic realms of Ring’s cloud-based video storage extend their tendrils, some audacious souls may seek alternative oases for their video data. These uncharted territories encompass:

5.1. The Sanctuary of Local Storage

Within some Ring devices, the sanctuary of local video storage is sought through the usage of microSD cards or external hard drives. This journey grants complete dominion over your video relics but beckons the demanding trials of management and accessibility.

5.2. The Oracle of Self-Hosted Solutions

For those who cloak themselves in robes of privacy and eschew the cloud, self-hosted solutions beckon. Here, you erect your own digital fortress, becoming the sole architect of your data’s destiny. Yet, in this arcane pursuit, one must tread the path of technical adeptness and invest time to unravel the enigma.

5.3. The Vagabonds of Third-Party Cloud Services

The wise may choose to wander into the domains of third-party cloud storage, beckoned by the lure of added flexibility and security features. Yet, such forays may come at the price of additional tributes.

VI. The Eloquent Epiphany: Navigating the Labyrinth of Ring’s Video Storage

Ring’s video storage emerges as a cornerstone in the tapestry of its home security offerings. The knowledge of how long Ring cherishes your videos and the dance of factors governing video retention is a treasure for users who safeguard their privacy and aspire to make informed choices in their home security journey.

In the ever-shifting sands of Ring’s offerings, a bouquet of subscription plans and privacy settings unfurls, catering to the diverse shades of user needs. But, like the keepers of ancient scrolls, users must remain vigilant to the whispers of privacy concerns and employ the tools at their disposal.

By navigating the labyrinth of available privacy controls, users can strike a harmonious balance between the fortifications of security and the sanctity of privacy in this era of smart home technology.


In the grand tapestry of Ring’s technological marvels, the orchestration of video storage emerges as the linchpin, a cog in the intricate machinery of its home security offerings. To navigate the labyrinthine depths of this enigma, it is incumbent upon users to fathom the profound mysteries surrounding the duration of Ring’s video retention.

In this tangled web of digital preservation, Ring presents an intricate spectrum of subscription plans and privacy settings as a symphony of options. The ethereal concept of understanding the temporal grace bestowed upon one’s cherished videos demands the contemplation of privacy’s sanctum, an emblem of our modern age’s paramount concern.

As Ring extends its benevolent hand to users, embracing the full gamut of privacy predilections and the multifaceted facets of their desires, an astute recognition of the shadows looming on the precipice of privacy is of the essence. With these tools at hand, users are entrusted with the Herculean task of balancing the scales between the bastion of security and the sacred mantle of privacy that drapes our lives in this epoch of intelligent dwelling.

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