Does The Ring Doorbell Have Live View?

Ring doorbells are popular for detecting, recording, and saving motions on the cloud. But that’s not why everyone wants them. Users also expect a live view from their doorbell that features a motion-detecting camera. So, does the Ring doorbell have a live view?

The Ring doorbells also offer a live view that you can access from your connected device. The good news is that Ring offers the feature free of charge. You won’t need to get the Ring Protect plan to access the live view.

To learn more about how you can access it, make sure to read the entire article.

Does The Ring Doorbell Have a Live View?

Many people have wondered whether can you use a Ring doorbell as a security camera or not. To use the doorbell as a security camera, you need to access the live view of the camera. You can easily do it anytime you want using your Ring app.

The best thing about this feature is that you won’t need to buy the Ring Protect plan. You can access the live feed for sure. However, you can’t see and interact with the live feed for more than ten minutes.

The Ring Protect Plan does not cost much. Nonetheless, it offers some exciting features that you can enjoy. For instance, the device records videos when it detects any motion. You can then download those videos and keep them in local storage.

Accessing the live feed is easy too. There will be an option for live view on your Ring app if the device supports it. So, what can you do with the live view?

Accessing the live view offers you a few options to increase the security of your home as well as make communication easier. When someone is at the door, the app will alert you with a notification. You can then open the live view to see who’s at the door.

You can also talk and interact with the person standing at the door. Ring’s website offers an elaborate explanation of how the live view work.

There are one or two drawbacks of this feature offered by Ring. The first one is that the live view does not last long. It can only stream a live video for about ten minutes. That can be a bummer for someone trying to use the doorbell as a security camera or a constant monitor.

Many users have also complained about their Ring live view wasn’t working. Even though Ring is constantly working on its products to better them, there will always be one or two flaws that you may have to endure.

Why Isn’t My Ring Live View Working?

If you’re one of the users who can’t access the live view on their Ring app, the possible issue is with the internet. Sometimes, the internet connection isn’t strong enough for the app to load live view.

In case you’ve checked the Wi-Fi and the internet connection and everything is working fine, the device may not be compatible. You should contact Ring support and ask for help.

How To Fix Live View Not Working

As we have mentioned above, the reason why the live view doesn’t work is always connected to the internet. You can easily check the signal strength using the Ring app. First, you have to go to devices from the menu button.

All your Ring devices will be listed there. If they say ‘Online’ in green, everything is okay with the signal. In other cases, the writing may be in red which indicates that the signal isn’t strong enough.

To fix the signal issue, there are a few things you can do. For instance, you can bring the router closer to the Ring device. Disabling any VPN that might be on also helps strengthen the network.

If these don’t work either, you can reboot your router. Resetting the network sometimes fixes whatever is messing with the signal strength. You can also try switching from 5 Hz to 2.4 Hz or the other way around to see if it helps.

If the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough, check the internet connection speed. You can also do this using the Ring app. Under devices, you will find an option that says device health. You can test your Wi-Fi from there.

Live view can also face troubles if the battery is not in good health. So, make sure that the device is charged and in good condition if the live view is not working. The power supply is one of the most crucial things for running the live view.

Last of all, if this issue is not caused by a weak internet connection, you can always try rebooting everything. This method includes removing the device from your phone and installing it from the beginning.

You can also try resetting the Ring device and then try the live feed. Ring also initiated an app for making the live view better. Unfortunately, the brand does not support that app anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you watch live on Ring camera?

Ring camera allows you to watch live what’s going on within the motion zone. Not only that, but you can also listen and talk using the live feed.

Q. Is live view free on Ring devices?

Fortunately, unlike most advanced features on the Ring devices that require a Ring Protect Plan, this feature is free. You can see the live feed and interact via the device without a subscription or payment.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article clears up any questions you have about does the Ring doorbell have a live view or not. This is one of the most attractive features of Ring doorbells that do not require an additional payment.

So, if this is determining factor for you before getting a Ring video doorbell for your house, you can undoubtedly get one. And if you are curious about enjoying additional features like recording videos and downloading them, the Ring Protect Plan does not cost much either. It’s a small price to pay for features you will be enjoying.

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