Does Cold Weather Affect Ring Doorbell?

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Many users have reported having difficulties with their Ring doorbells when the weather gets cold. What causes this? And does cold weather affect the ring doorbell?

Ring doorbells are powered by lithium-ion batteries and will struggle to hold the charge in the cold. When the temperature is low enough, the device can stop working entirely. It’s a common issue in areas with extremely low temperatures.

If you have more queries about the issue and would like to know what to do in these situations, make sure to read the entire article.

Does Cold Weather Affect Ring Doorbell?

Even though ring doorbells can withstand normal weather conditions and are water-resistant. However, many people get confused between the terms ‘water resistant’ and ‘waterproof.’ Water resistance means that the doorbells will withstand the usual snow and rain. On the contrary, these doorbells should not be submerged in water or sprayed with high-pressure water.

In extreme weather, Ring doorbells may struggle to hold the charge and keep working. According to Ring’s website, the table below refers to the situations when the temperature is lower than usual.

Temperature in CelsiusTemperature in FahrenheitRing Doorbell Battery Performance
3o36oThe unit may require more frequent charging because the battery may not be able to hold the charge for long.
0o32oThe battery may stop charging entirely, even with hardware configuration.
-20.5o-5oThe battery may not work at all until the temperature rises.

What To Do With Ring Doorbells In Cold Weather?

There’s not much you can do to prevent the doorbells from shutting down in extreme weather. However, a few steps will make sure that the doorbell keeps working as efficiently as possible, even in the winter.

  • The reason why the device stops working is that the cold affects the doorbell’s battery. So, if you notice that the doorbell is not working, bring it inside. Allow the device to warm up a bit.
  • Charge the battery using a USB cord. Charging the battery will warm it up and help the device get started again.
  • Remember to charge the battery fully. Even when you charge the battery fully, it won’t be as efficient as it is in summer. However, a 100% charge will certainly help the situation.
  • When the temperature gets low, monitor your device. In extreme weather conditions, frequently charge your device to warm it up and keep it running.
  • Make sure to full-charge the battery before the winter comes. If you are prepared before extremely low temperatures, the device will do a comparatively better job.
  • If you notice that the battery is not charging, it may have gotten too cold. These batteries are designed in this way to protect the unit. In this case, you have to keep the unit at room temperature for some time.

Once the battery is warm enough, try charging it again. Resetting can also help in these situations.

Is It Worth Investing In A Ring Doorbell?

Because Ring doorbells have limitations, many people have second thoughts about getting one for their home. The thing is, it entirely depends on what you’re considering to be a priority. Cold weather can put restrain the efficiency of these doorbells.

Nonetheless, the benefits you get are also greater compared to other options. For instance, the Ring doorbell allows you to see, hear, and speak to people using your device. The 720p HD video quality will not only track the activity but also make your home safer.

Many people have caught suspicious behavior through these devices, which indicates that you can certainly make your home more secure with these devices. One flaw of these devices is that they can be hacked. So, make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to make the device as safe as possible. Choosing a strong password is a starting point.

The best thing about the Ring doorbell is that you can entirely control the unit from your smartphone. When security is so convenient that it’s within your hands, it makes you want to get the device as soon as you can.

Returning to the original question of whether the device is worth it or not, it entirely depends on you. If you live somewhere that often reaches low temperatures and there’s a possibility that the device will frequently stop, there might be better options for you.

On the contrary, if you judge the features and consider the price, it will certainly be one of the best options to secure your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. At what temp does Ring stop working?

Battery-operated devices will always come with a temperature range to let you know when they might stop working. The same goes for Ring products.

Ring doorbells can usually function from -5 degrees to 120 degrees F. But if the temperature gets more extreme than the mentioned range, the unit can stop working.

Q. How do I protect my Ring doorbell from the weather?

Ring doorbells are water-resistant but not waterproof. So, you have to make sure that the unit does not get submerged in water. Though it can withstand rain, placing it under a protective overhang will do the job if you want to protect it from unwanted weather situations.

Q. How long does a Ring doorbell battery last?

A Ring doorbell can last anywhere from six to twelve months on one charge. Of course, it depends on the usage, but that’s the estimated range considering everything is going under the usual circumstances.

Final Words

So, does cold weather affect Ring doorbell? It depends on the temperature. If the weather is extreme and crosses the temperature that the device can endure, it will stop working. You can take a few steps to facilitate the process, but those have limitations too.

So, the answer is yes. Cold weather does affect Ring doorbells. So, make sure that you’re going through the product specs before investing in a product. This will allow you to explore the alternatives and go for the one best suited for you.

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