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Wildlife spotting is not the easiest hobby to take. Animals and birds are always on their guard, so they will spot you if you are lurking around and escape instantly. You can devote hours and days to wildlife watching, but without following the right strategy, it would be of no avail. In our Creative XP trail camera review, we will disclose how a trail camera can help you.

Creative XP has been a dominant name in the US hunting gear market since the beginning of its journey in 2006. Apart from its other offerings, the brand is well known for its top-of-the-line game cameras. Our article will highlight two Creative XP trail cameras and provide an in-depth analysis of both models.

Apart from that, we would also shed light upon the features you need to be looking at while buying any trail cameras. Got questions? We will answer some of the most common FAQs regarding trail cams. Overall, we will give you a total guideline to buy the best trail camera and explain how Creative XP trail cams are some of the best offerings in the market.

Quick Answer: Top 2 Best Creative XP Trail Camera

Creative XP GlassRaven 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera

Creative XP GlassRaven 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera

Current price Creative XP GlassRaven 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera

Creative XP GlassRaven 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera is not the cheapest trail cam in the market. But, when you look at the functionalities it has to offer, the price tag seems well worth it. 4G cameras can transmit real-time photos and videos of the observation spot to your smart devices. But, the high price and difficult setup process serve as a deterrent to many.

Creative XP GlassRaven addresses both of these issues which makes it a standout product in the 4G trail cam scene. It’s not cheap when you compare it with other trail cams, but when you compare it with other 4G cameras, Creative XP GlassRaven presents quite a cost-effective package. It boasts a 12MP camera and a maximum video resolution of 1080p.


  • Free SimHero Card: Creative XP GlassRaven 4G LTE Cellular Camera comes with a free SimHero card. It has 500 pre-included photographs and you also get a free 32GB SD card. The camera can send media to any US mobile number and e-mail ID.  
  • No Glow IR Camera: The camera features no less than 56 IR LEDs to account for its excellent night vision. The best part is, the camera does not glow. So, neither animals nor trespassers would be able to spot it in the dark.
  • Solar Energy Feature: The Creative XP GlassRaven requires 12AA batteries to operate, so changing them regularly could be expensive. As an alternative, you can use the Creative XP Solar Panel to charge the camera.
  •  110° Wide Angle Lens and 0.35s Trigger Speed: The 110° wide angle lens gives the camera a broad coverage of the landscape. This makes it a perfect choice for trail cameras. The 0.35s trigger speed is incredibly fast as well.


  • Transfers photos and videos to your smart devices instantaneously. File size doesn’t get compressed as they transmit to another device.
  • Sim Hero data card with cost-saving data plans.
  • Water and snowproof construction.
  • 57-IR LEDs for high-quality night vision. No glow feature keeps the camera location secret.


  • The battery life is not impressive.


Creative XP 3G Trail Camera PRO 3

Creative XP 3G Trail Camera PRO 3

Current price Creative XP 3G Trail Camera PRO 3

Creative XP 3G Trail Camera PRO 3 does not have 4G connectivity, but it is still a fantastic trail cam to consider with some magnificent features. It can capture photos at 12MP and record videos at 1080p, like the Creative XP 4G camera we discussed earlier. Of course, it doesn’t deliver content as fast as its 4G counterpart, but the content transfer rate is satisfactory.

The trigger speed is a bit slower than the 4G version, but the 0.04s shutter speed of the Creative XP 3G trail cam outshines most of its competition within the same price range. You would get the same wide-angle view in this version which is 110°, as you would get in the Creative XP GlassRaven 4G.


  • Full HD Night Vision: Thanks to the infrared LEDs, the Creative XP 3G Trail Camera PRO 3 has full HD night vision with an impressive 65-feet detection range. It produces detailed black-and-white photos and footage during nighttime shoots.
  • Sim Hero Card: You would be getting a SimHero data card with this model as well. It connects with T-Mobile and AT&T cell towers all across the United States and sends media to all US mail and phone numbers.
  • Solar Power Compatibility: You would require 8 or 4 batteries to keep the camera operational. To save frequent battery replacement costs, you can attach it to the Creative XP Solar Panel for solar charging.
  • 0.4s Trigger Speed: This camera has a remarkable trigger speed of 0.4s. That means you would be able to take as many as five snaps per second with this camera. The trigger speed would come in handy while capturing moving objects.


  • Affordable price.
  • Free 32 GB SD card.
  • 110° wide angle lens for a broad range of view.
  • Snow and waterproof.


  • Battery life is not satisfactory.


Factors To Look At While Buying A Trail Camera

Camera Quality

Depending on your intent of use, you would have to pick the quality of the camera. If the camera resolution is not good enough, you would not get the desired image qualities. Higher megapixels indicate better camera quality. So, go for high-megapixel cameras if you want superior image quality. Usually, anything between 10MP-20MP should serve you well.

Video Quality

Not all trail cameras have video recording. If you want a camera for property surveillance or monitoring game movement, you need to buy a trail camera with video functionality. Both of the Creative XP Trail Cameras we have gone over in our Creative XP Trail Camera review have 1080p video recordings.

Flash Type

For wildlife observation and security cameras, we recommend getting a camera that has no glow flash. For viewing objects at night, a camera has to illuminate the area within its range of view. A no-glow flash does it discreetly, meaning it does not produce any visible light to alert the animals or intruders.

Flash And Detection Range

Game cameras are mostly active in low light conditions because most animals prefer to move during dawn and dusk. So, it would be helpful if you get a camera with both high flash and detection range. If you are interested in bird watching, however, only a high detection range would do since birds don’t move much at night.

Battery Life & Power Option

Since the camera will stay outdoors, keeping it plugged into a power outlet is not an option. A camera that supports rechargeable batteries would save you money in maintenance costs, as it would minimize the need for frequent changing of batteries. Some cameras, like the Creative XP cameras we reviewed, can be charged with solar power.

Trigger Speed & Recovery Time

Trigger speed and recovery time are also crucial to look at for getting the most out of your trail camera. Trigger speed refers to the amount of time the camera needs to take a photograph. The faster a camera can take a photograph the better suited it is to capture a sprinting animal or any other mobile target.

Recovery time is the time a camera takes to prepare itself for taking another photograph. So, the less time it takes, the more photos it can take over a period. Therefore, for taking pictures in quick succession you would need fast trigger speed and low recovery time. However, these features would also increase the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Types Of Trail Cameras Are There?

We can categorize trail cameras into two categories-cellular non-cellular. Non-cellular cameras come at lower prices, but they also lack some of the special features offered by cellular trail cams.

Cellular is the high-end trail cam category that can sync with your mobile phones and send you photos and videos as soon as they are captured.

What Are Non-Cellular Trail Cameras?

As we have mentioned earlier in our Creative XP trail camera review, non-cellular trail cameras don’t have real-time wireless connectivity. After taking a photo or recording video footage, it stores the content on An SD card.

You can later collect the content from the SD card. The lack of remote access is the key drawback of these cameras.

What Are Cellular Trail Cameras?

Alike non-cellular trail cameras, cellular trail cameras also take photos and record videos when their motion sensors detect activity. These cameras offer the added functionality of transferring photos and videos on your smart devices. There is no need for you to physically go to the camera and remove the SD card to access the content.

Final Say

Creative XP is a prominent brand that has an impressive range of outdoor gear. Our Creative XP trail camera review features two of the company’s best trail cam offerings. If you are looking for a high-quality trail cam, Creative XP is definitely an option you should consider.

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