Can You Install Ring Doorbell Without Jumper Cables?

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The Ring doorbell kit comes with a jumper cable that needs to be installed in your doorbell chime. But many people are confused about what the jumper cable does. Moreover, can you install Ring doorbell without jumper cables or not?

The jumper cable is for bypassing the existing chime coil and disables it. If you don’t use it, the Ring doorbell may not get enough power and stop working. So, you cannot install a Ring doorbell without jumper cables.

Let’s explain the issue in detail.

Can You Install Ring Doorbell Without Jumper Cables?

Using the jumper cable when installing a Ring doorbell has created controversies among the Ring community. One user reported that they installed the doorbell without the jumper cable, and it’s working just fine. So, it’s obvious to wonder about the functionality of the jumper cable.

Let’s explain what will happen if you use the jumper cable. Ring’s website demonstrates that if you have an existing chime unit in your home, you must install the jumper cable before installing the doorbell itself.

Attaching the jumper cable to the chime unit will bypass the old chime coil and prevent it from staying active. So, your old chime will not work after installing the jumper cable. Now, why is this an essential part to do?

Let’s say you haven’t used the jumper cable. This means the power will be distributed between the old chiming unit and your Ring doorbell. It may work fine, but the Ring device can’t perform efficiently. You may notice sudden disruptions in recording and lose important footage due to this.

So, it’s important that you disable the old chime so that the Ring doorbell can perform without interruptions. Another thing to note here is that Ring Doorbell Wired is not compatible and capable of working alongside your existing chime unit.

If someone mentions that their Ring device is working fine without the jumper cable, the first thing to ask them is what model they’re using. Some Ring devices will not require the jumper cable because they’re upgraded enough to work alongside the chime unit.

The jumper cable is a mandatory part of the installation, and you must install it before installing the Ring doorbell. You can always check our article on how hard is it to wire a Ring doorbell.

When Can You Avoid The Jumper Cable?

In some cases, the jumper cable is not mandatory. For instance, if you don’t have a chime unit installed, the function of a jumper cable is nonexistent. You can then connect the Ring doorbell directly, and the jumper cable will not be mandatory.

Another exception to this rule is when the Ring device is capable of functioning while the old chime unit is simultaneously in force. There should be enough power available for both of the units to run smoothly. For instance, if you’ve gotten Ring Doorbell Pro 1 or 2, you can skip the jumper cable.

However, if you’re investing in specific models, you may have to pay more.

Some Tips To Remember

  • Always check the user manual before installing the device. If you are having difficulty understanding the written instructions, search for videos that demonstrates the process with clarity.

If you are still unsure, you can hire a technician to take care of it for you. Many people go to security providers to install their Ring video doorbell.

  • If you’re installing the device on your own, make sure that the power source is shut off before starting. There will be multiple circuits on the board. You only need to turn off the one that’s connected to the doorbell.

In case you don’t know which one it is, you will have to call for help. But in no circumstances should you risk it.

  • Try to use the parts that came with the kit. If you are missing some parts, you can buy a spare kit to replace them. Parts like jumper cables are replaceable, and you can go with another one.

However, some parts, like the security screws, must be the ones provided with the kit for safety.

  • After installing the device, connect it to your Ring app and follow the rest of the instructions there. Check if everything is working the way it should.
  • If you face any difficulty after installation, you can always reach out to Ring customer service for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need the official jumper cable for installing the Ring doorbell?

If you have lost the jumper cable that came with the unit, you can use a separate jumper cable. It’s not mandatory for the unit that you use the official jumper cable. You can buy an extra one and install it to bypass the old chime unit. Also, you can get a spare parts kit for Ring doorbells at a very cheap price if you’ve lost the one that the doorbell came with.

Q.  Will a Ring Doorbell work without a jumper?

The Ring Doorbell Wired is not compatible with an existing chime unit. So, you need to bypass the coil for the Ring doorbell to work. It’s mandatory to use the jumper cable.

Final Words

So, can you install a Ring doorbell without jumper cables? It depends on the model you have and whether you have an existing chime unit or not. For some doorbell models, you won’t need the jumper cable because they’ll be compatible with the existing chime unit.

On the contrary, some Ring models are not compatible with the unit, and you must bypass the coil. If you don’t, the doorbell may not work at all. Even though some users have reported that their device worked well even without the jumper cable, there’s no guarantee that your doorbell will work without any issues.

Jumper cables are pretty cheap and conveniently available. Besides, you won’t need to use the one with the kit. So, the best option is not to risk it by installing the doorbell without the jumper cable.

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