Can Someone Hack My Ring Doorbell?

When investing in a security unit, everyone wants to be certain about its flaws. Because Ring doorbells are so popular worldwide, concerns about their integrity are also a hot topic for homeowners. More often than not, people keep asking, can someone hack my Ring doorbell?

Just like most manufactured devices, Ring doorbells aren’t above hacking. There have been complaints from homeowners about Ring’s security being compromised.

Why is this an issue to raise concerns about, and how to put a stop to this? Let’s check out.

Can Someone Hack My Ring Doorbell?

There is no man-made product in this world that’s above hacking, and Ring’s no different, either. If someone is willing to put in the effort, Ring doorbells can be hacked using certain tools. For instance, if they mess with the Wi-Fi using a jammer, they can interfere with the network and control the device in their favor.

According to a piece of BBC news in 2020, Ring cameras were hacked and used for streaming police raids live. So, there’s evidence in favor of this issue too. It can’t be said that Ring devices are immune to hacking.   

How To Prevent Ring Doorbell From Getting Hacked?

Because nothing you install is one hundred percent secure, there will always be some way for people to hack your security cameras. However, you can do some things to make it hard for people to hack your Ring device.

Set Strong Passwords

The first thing to do for any type of security device is to set a strong password. Don’t use common things like a phone number, your date of birth, or your name. Use different signs, capital, and small letters and combine them with numbers.

This way, it will become impossible for anyone to guess your password. The elementary requirement for strengthening security is a strong password.

Enable Video Encryption

Even if someone tries to hack your device, your personal data will be safe if you enable video encryption. The bad news is that not all Ring devices are compatible with this feature. Some of them do support this feature, but you have to enable it from the settings.

You need to go to the menu from the Ring app and then press on video encryption. When you click on press on end-to-end video encryption by going to advanced settings, you will get an option saying get started. Click on it and follow the rest of the instructions.

The Ring app must be up to date for this to work. Note that there’s a downside to this setting. When you turn on encryption, you won’t be able to access the videos from other devices. The same goes for any shared users.

So, it will be inconvenient for you too. Nonetheless, if you are boosting the privacy of your Ring device, this is one of the best methods to go for.

Two-Step Verification

You must have heard about this practice in other accounts. Ring offers this feature too. However, because it is not enabled by default, many people are unaware of this feature.

When you enable it from the menu, it creates another barrier each time you want to log into your Ring account. An email will be sent to your registered email address every time you want to login into your account.

The email will consist of a six-digit unique number that you will need to enter in order to log in. The number will expire within ten minutes, so you have to be prompt about it. This, again, is a hassle to go through.

Nonetheless, if you want to boost the security of your device, you will need to go through these troubles.

Monitor Videos

As you know, Ring will keep recorded videos on the cloud for a certain amount of time. You can check our article how long does Ring camera keep video? to get more details.

Even though it’s a boring task to go through these videos from time to time, it will boost your security. Delete the videos that you don’t need. In addition, avoid sharing videos recorded by the Ring doorbell.

This way, your privacy, and data will be more secure than usual.

Invest In An Antivirus

Even when you’re taking all safety precautions there is to take, you need an antivirus to protect your Ring device. This will prevent any malware and viruses from entering, making your device more secure.

Also, make sure that your Ring doorbell’s firewall is updated regularly and provides enough security to the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Ring easy to hack?

Ring devices are not encrypted, which makes them more prone to hacking. If someone is willing to put enough effort to hack the device, they can. Nonetheless, Ring claims to have improved its devices after users’ complained about their devices getting hacked.

Q. Is Ring doorbell a security risk?

Almost all security devices are prone to hacking. However, by taking a few cautious steps, you can make your home security stronger than ever. So, whether you’re getting a Ring device or some other security device, make sure to enable all the features that will boost the security and make the device less susceptible to hacking.

Q. What is the safest doorbell?

If you’re searching for a doorbell that’s less prone to hacking, it’s better to get a doorbell that does not come with the video feature. Audio doorbells are not usually targeted by hackers, making them a safer option for your home.

Final Words

As you can see, the answer to your question is yes. So, instead of asking if can someone hack my Ring doorbell, you should up your game and boost the security of your device. Don’t stop after investing in a doorbell.

Check what features it offers. If there’s a video encryption system, enable it. Also, check if there’s an anti-virus installed and updated. Turn on two-step verification if available. Overall, use every perk that you can with your security device. This way you can secure the device that’s supposed to secure your home.

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