Can Burglars Disable Ring Doorbell?

Ring doorbells are popular for increasing home security, but they can also become a headache for some. One of the reasons why people get these doorbells is to protect their houses from burglars. That’s why one common question keeps popping up among people. Can burglars disable ring doorbell? 

Burglars can disable ring doorbells using different ways if they’re smart enough and willing to put the effort in. There have been many cases where burglars interfered with the Wi-Fi and disabled ring doorbells. 

This certainly needs some detailed discussion, so let’s get to it. 

Can Burglars Disable Ring Doorbell?

Disabling a Ring doorbell means interfering with the Wi-Fi signal that connects the device with the router and the app. Using a Wi-Fi jammer will easily allow burglars to mess with Ring devices. However, it’s a less likely situation compared to other methods burglars use to get access to a home without getting noticed. 

One common incident users often experience is spray painting the camera lenses. The issue with this type of burglary is that you can’t hold the brand responsible. There’s simply no way around this. 

Burglars can also smash the camera with physical force to disable the Ring doorbell. But more often than not, burglars will hack the camera to manipulate the videos. There have been a few incidents where users reported that their doorbells had been hacked. 

If the thief can interrupt the Wi-Fi network, it’s not a bothersome chore to hack the Ring camera and manipulate it according to their wish. Even though Ring has upgraded its security measures over time, the doorbells are still not beyond hacking. 

How Can Burglars Disable Ring Doorbell? 

A Ring doorbell will need to stay connected to the Wi-Fi because all recorded videos are recorded and then sent to the cloud. When someone uses a Wi-Fi jammer to create enough radio noise, it interrupts the home Wi-Fi you’re using. 

The connection between the Ring device and the Wi-Fi is disrupted. That’s why any video recorded during this period is lost. In simpler words, the process works a lot like when the internet connection is lost between a device and the internet source. 

As we’ve mentioned in a previous article about do you need internet for Ring camera , it’s a mandatory thing. So, once the internet connection is disrupted, Ring doorbells can’t offer you the security you bought it for. 

How To Protect Ring Doorbells From Burglars

There are a few things you can do to increase the security measures of your home. Not all of them are suitable for one particular situation. Go through them and see which ones are doable. 

Go For A Wired Device 

If you haven’t invested in a Ring doorbell yet, consider getting the wired model. There are very few available within this brand. For instance, the Ring Video Doorbell Elite uses an Ethernet connection for the internet, which amps up security. 

However, the price difference between this one and other wireless devices is significant. So, consider this only if you have the budget. 

Protective Frame

You will find protective frames for your router that make it less prone to hacking. However, if the hacker is using a more expensive jammer, they can still hack your Ring doorbell. So, be informed before going for a frame. 

Consider A Monitoring Tool

Monitoring tools will alert you when someone is trying to disable your Wi-Fi. Even though it’s a minor upgrade to the security system, it can still help with burglary if you are quick and cautious enough. 

Get Another Camera

Another pair of eyes will be helpful to catch a thief or a burglar when they try to disable your Ring doorbell. This is also effective for situations where thieves don’t go through the trouble of hacking. 

If someone is trying to get access using the old way, the second camera will help you get that on record. For instance, if someone is spray-painting your doorbell or smashing it into pieces, the camera will capture that. You can then use it as evidence. 

Use Enough Lighting

Burglars are more likely to target dark and secluded areas to avoid getting seen by anyone. So, sufficient lighting is a huge barrier for them. A Ring doorbell combined with enough lighting on the pathway will make burglars look for easier targets. 

Get Legal Help When Needed 

If someone tries to jam your Wi-Fi signal, it’s an illegal act to do. So, you can open an investigation if you have some information about the incident. Don’t hold back only because it sounds like a hassle. Catching an intruder will decrease the likelihood of such incidents happening in the future. 

Are Ring Devices Worth It? 

No matter what security measures you take, there will always be some holes. Affordable technology is far from perfect. However, devices like a Ring doorbell can reduce the chances of criminal activities. 

In fact, a lot of people have caught thieves and intruders using Ring doorbells. Considering the features you get from these devices and the price, they’re certainly worth it. Because no security measures are ironclad, Ring doorbells are as good as they get, at least at an affordable price range. 

If you don’t want to add any security device, that’s your personal choice. However, if you do get a device for your home or office, Ring devices are one of the best options to consider. 

Final Words

If you were wondering about can burglars disable Ring doorbell or not, they can. But no security device is strong enough to prevent intruders, burglars, and thieves. However, getting a camera or a doorbell from Ring will undoubtedly make it more difficult for burglars to access your house. 

Many burglars don’t even realize that Ring Doorbells have cameras in them. They mistakenly get caught on the recorded videos. Many people have caught criminals trying to intrude into their homes using Ring devices. So, you can say that Ring devices are security devices, with a few limitations, like all manmade products. 

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